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We went to the Ymca in neighborhood b/c we spent so much during the prom that we didn't have that much money left.
-- Amber     Eaton High School   Eaton OH

About 20 or so friends of mine and I are takeing water taxi's out to one of my friends camps on an island and partying untill the brake of day. Or we are going to go to the huge all senior party at a rented house that is amazeing and partying there untill its broken up by the cops or we just cant party anymore!! Either way it is going to be the best night ever and I will only have my friends and my date to thank.
-- Joshua Poisson     Deering High School   Portland ME

After prom we (me, my date and our group of 8 other people) will be going to a surprise location unknown to our female companions. We will have sparkling cider and many fun games prepared. We will make a toast to our dates and the wonderful evening we just had and then enjoy the limo ride home together.
-- Nathan     Temple City High School   Temple City CA

I'm coming back to my house with my boyfriend for a hot tub swim until I don't know... we will probably celebrate our 7 month anniversary here too.
-- Diana     Some School   Some Place NC

after the dance is done all the kids have and till one o'clock to check in at the "After Prom" When u check in, u can't leave till five. We then just play games all night. We have lazer tag, bumper cars, a moon walk sumo wrestling human velcro, human bowling, inflateable obstacle course, raffle and much more. It's a blast!
-- Alicia Lopez     Lake High School   Buena Vista SD

-- Brandi     King William High School   Aylett VA

we're goin up to my friends cabin by the dunes for our own little private party and then just chillin on the beaches the next day
-- Sara     Willowbrook High   Villapark IL

After prom i think my boyfriend and I are prolly gonna end up chillin with his friends at his house, then i'll try and talk him into going bowling ;) lol!
-- Aisha     Windham High   Willimantic CT

going to nuevo laredo, mexico night clubs and party all night long
-- Anon     Some School   Laredo TX

Well, my boyfriend was too old to go to my senior prom, so I went with my best guy friend. I really didnt wanna go the route everyone else was of going to hotels n drinkin and stuff, so we ended up making reservations at a comedy club. It was awesome, and its a night Ill never forget:)
-- Christina     Some School   Detroit MI

After prom, A bunch of my friends and I are planning on going camping! We are going to go to the campgrounds and hang out, and we might go swimming in the lake! I think it will be so much fun! It sounds really fun! Can't wait!
-- Justine Edwards     Washington High School   Washington MO

after prom we're going to drive around a bit in our limo and then head back to my friend's dates house where we are just gonna hang out and have lots a fun! we're not planning on going to sleep so whenever we get hungry we're gonna head out to IHOP for some breakfast! :) i cant think of a better way to wrap up prom night then just haning out with my best buds :P
-- Connor     HHS   Hopkinton MA

Well I'm on the prom council and we're having our prom at a hotel so all my gal pals and I are renting a room and getting into our jammies after prom and pigging out on pizza and other junk. We will also soak in the tub to help our poor sore feet and going home the next day.
-- Sara     Sweet Valley High   Some place OR

Just gonna hang out at Muh pool and eat and just spend time with all muh frineds till 8 in the morning!!! hehe
-- Amber     North Gaston High School   Gastonia NC

Goin to the after party ... there are 3 local schools with there proms that same nite so all he school are attending one house party.. the guy who is having it attends my school. His property is huge and he has a pool etc so there is gonna be like 400 ppl there and its gonna be a night to remember!!!
-- Niniqua     Villy   Ontario CA

My school's after-prom is taking place at Boomer's Fun Center. It has everything from video games to miniture golf to bumper boats to a race car track. I think it lasts until about dawn or so.
-- Keira     Mira Mesa High School   San Diego CA

After Prom My friends and I are gonna drive off in our bad ass limo and we are gonna go to the best prom after party around and have lots of fun until 4a.m cuz after that we have to go eat breakfast at a friends house at 5a.m!!!! C-Town!!
-- Christina     Clint High School   Clint TX

After prom we are all going bowling in our prom dresses and then we are all going to my house !
-- sally     Sheboygan Norht High School   Sheboygan WI

Our group of 14 is going to Long Beach Island because my date's parents have a house there... we are gonna be up all night partying away! WHOO HOO!!!! Then we are going to spend the next day on the beach enjoying the hopefully nice weather!
-- Tara     Brick Memorial High School   Brick NJ

Me, my friends, and our dates are going to a party, but if it turns out tobe lame then we are going to go to the after-prom the school sponsers. I think it will be fun cuz they have a hot tub
-- Michelle Winebrink     Big Rapids High   Big Rapids MI

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