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Well, after prom a bunch of us are going to the beach. We're going to rent a condo and spend the night. It's going to be a lot of fun.
-- Priscilla Juarez     Weslaco High School   Weslaco TX

Well for our after prom party for the prom 2003 the after prom party is taking place at Hard Rock Cafe. We are having casino night and I bet its going to rock. Then after we go back to our school and have breakfast and have door prizes. I can't wait for prom to come.
-- Sarah     Some School   Baltimore MD

we are going to a hotel party
-- Mekka     Millbrook High   Raleigh NC

After Prom we plan on hitting up the hop gymnasium and getting ill with ourselves. then we will move to the party where it will be time to hold hands and look into each other's eyes and say how much we value our friendship. Sparkling cider all around! wahoooo! it's gonna be ill. pong?
-- Nani & P-Town     Hopkins School Represent   New Haven CT

After prom my boyfriend and I are going to the hotel.
-- NoName     Some School   Central Islip NY

After prom we got a big group together and went to Denney's. we were there till like 3 in the moning it was so much fun.
-- Heather Valente     James Lick High School   San Jose CA

getting a hotel room with my boyfriend, and getting a tattoo and my belly button pierced. And i guess whatever else the night brings!
-- Rachel     Fossil Ridge High School   Keller TX

After Prom, me and my friends plan on going to the Post Prom Party held by the Junior parents. That lasts till 2:30am then we are all having a bonfire at my house, and then to my friends house to sleep. We will get up the next morning and go to breakfast.
-- Sara     West DePere High   DePere WI

After my first prom which was last year...me and my date went on a sailboat until all hours of the night just sitting there all night...then all the sudden we had the police after us!! It was really all funny because there was no way to explain to the cop what we were doing...it was really fun though and it was all worth it...
-- Heather     Columbia High School   White Salmon WA

we are going to cruise around and do something.. then we are going to go to some mad after parties.. and stay out till 3.. then crash at a friends house...
-- Danielle     Lacrosse Central High   Lacrosse WI

After our prom, which is a traditional evening of dinner and dance at a high-end banquate hall downtown, we are all to board a ship for our afterprom. this is like a huge club on a boat, which drinking, djs, like band, and a bunch of drunken graduates. its going to be so much fun. after the boat, we all rented out 200 rooms in a beautiful hotel downtown near the dock, where the party will continue all nite long. and we also have limos taking us from each location to the next. should be fun!
-- Jess     Westmount   Thornhill ON

After prom my boyfriend, a bunch of friends, and I are all going to go to this really great club in our formal clothing. I can't wait to see the responce we get. We're just gonna have a few drinks(we have a DD, don't worry), dance and then go home and crash in my bed (just me noone else is allowed to crash in my bed~lol~).
-- Waky Boodaky     BHS   B WV

Well, I live in a very small town. there not really much of anything to do. so picking a perfect after- prom idea was hard. but I chose to take my girlfriend up to the top of a hill which is like a mountain, and no one knows about it. go up there, and lay on a blanket under the stars. and we can talk. then, go back to my house to watch a movie or two. and i'll take her home at 5:00 or 6:00am
-- Dave     Cedarville High School   Cedarville MI

my last prom was on valentines day. me and my friends rented a limo and went to the fanciest restaurant in town. Then we had a blast at our prom, and afterword all of our friends and their dates came back to my house and we had a co-ed sleepover complete with a huge fondue and tons of chocolate covered strawberries! It was really fun
-- Lisa     Some School   Los Angeles CA

Well, I'm actually going to a prom in San Jose so this is for this one....we're going to a beach house in Santa Cruz after prom. Not bad if I do say so myself. :)
-- Maria     Flintridge Prep   Alhambra CA

Head into NYC for the rest of the night and next day go camping.
-- Lexi     Some School   Some Place NJ

Well what I plan to do is go to the prom with my other 3 friends. Stay for a little while just to sho off. After the prom we are going to the after-prom party. Which is Casino night. Then we will probably go Midnight bowling. I tend to have a great time.
-- Kiki     Chatham High School   Chatham VA

After prom, some of my friends are going dancing at a club, some are going bowling, and the rest of us are going to chill at a cafe in downtown Atlanta. Its going to be awesome!
-- Maravilla     North Atlanta High   Atlanta GA

In the hotel hot-tubbing, and in my room crusing with my date and my friend's dates. Some make out, and I had a great night after the prom until midnight.
-- Danielle Lee Soon     Academy of the Pacific   Honolulu HI

Me and like 9 others are going Camping for a week, its a fun idea!
-- Rachel     Some School   New York NY

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