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After Prom me and my boyfriend are goin out somewhere then goin back to his house and watch movies and jus be together!
-- Unknown     Central Lafourche High   Raceland LA

Our After Prom is REALLY big. The parents of almost every senior/junior contributes at least 50 $ and then sets up huge inflatable courses (you know, velcro wall, giant slide, obstacle course etc) There are tons of prizes, (last year I won a printer!) and about 50 lbs of pizza is available. There are also booths to play carnival type games and a "gambling" area. The entire thing is a huge blast, it's almost better then Prom!
-- Angel     Air Academy High   USAFA CO

After prom we all go to the after prom breakfast until about 2 in the morning then most people go to the beach for the rest of the night through the next day!!
-- Megan     Terryville High School   Terryville CT

OK, well after prom me and my group of about 12 couples, we went to my house to change clothes, because we didn't want to be all in our nice dresses and all. Then we all loaded up in about 4 cars, and drove to Oklahoma about 2 hours away(trust me it was worth it), and when we got there we had a house boat waiting for us. in which we were there to party ALLLL night long. It was great!!
-- Jamie     Lake Highlands High   Dallas TX

go bowling
-- Margie Sturgis     Camden's Promise Charter School   Camden NJ

well,after prom me and a couple of friends are going out to eat. Then we are going just let time pass and have fun
-- Candace Young     James A. Shanks High School   Quincy FL

After prom our group of 15 is going to downtown Chicago dressed in our prom attire to eat and hang out, and the next day we are going to Six Flags!
-- Blythe     Reed-Custer   Braidwood IL

hey everybod!! im megan and im from aus!!! in australia we hav formal nights quite similar to proms i spose...i found this site since im looking for ideas for my formal evening with my boyfriend. afta formal we have hired a party bus...its guna travel round the city n down to the beach n everywhere, music, a lil alchol and alot of fun..after that will be an ''after-after party'' at a friends joint :P have fun at yur proms peeps!!!
-- Megan     Some School   Somewhere in Australia AU

After prom we probably will go grab a bite to eat and then off to an after party or anywhere else but home! it's prom night! we gotta live it up! our proms are always on a Sat. night, so maybe if there's a club open...we'll go club hoppin'. all i know is i'm out to look 4 some fun!!
-- Vivian     Boston Arts Academy   Boston MA

our grad class is piling onto busses who are going to drive us to a surprise place (so the party doesnt get broken) there will be music there and it goes all night (last year it was on the beach) SO FUN!
-- Chic     S   Victoria BC

After prom, a bunch of us are going to go out to a friends house and have a big house party! Everyone of my friends will be there!
-- Genevieve     California High School   Whittier CA

After 8th grade dance me and friends r going to eat then like bowling or movie and have a sleep over!
-- Mel     OGMS   Clearwater FL

I don't really have any official plans, as if right now. Go to like, Mickey D's and take pictures in the play place. My boyfriend and I don't have enough pictures together, I think we should go around taking pictures of us all dressed up, in random places. (In stores, in front of houses and fnny places.) That is my hopeful plan for now.
-- Nicole     Saguaro High School   Scottsdale AZ

After prom, we're going bowling, then going to my friends house. bowling in our prom dresses!!
-- Chicky     Some School   Long Island NY

after the junior prom in my school, everyone, for the most part goes to someone else's house, and they have a party, barley sleep, then the next day most of the kids go to six flags, hershey park, or dorney park.
-- Colleen     Some School   Some Place XX

We got some good rolls to trip on right before and then after all that go back to a hotel on the beach and have kegs mixed with red bull
-- Laila     Mandarin   Jacksonville FL

after the prom is done at about 2 a.m. my friends and i plan on going to the club and then going to eat and then going home.
-- Doreen     Erasmus Hall Campus   Brooklyn NY

we are going all night forewheeling with a bunch of his friends back in the woods.
-- Alisha Lockett     Menifee County High School   Frenchburg KY

our prom ends at 11, but ill leave like a half our early. Then I will go back to my friends house and change. Then its all about the after parties.
-- Cassie     Blackstone Valley Tech   Milford MA

well...since the senior prom is in waikiki i'm gonna stay at the same hotel that the prom is at. (hilton) i'm gonna be cruisin' with some of my frens!! woo hoo. we'll pbbly go walkin around and stuff. and ale that night surfing thing sounds fun! maybe i'll do that too. you all have fun @ prom a'oha nani*
-- Ping     Kamehameha High School   Mililani HI

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