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after prom most people go to project prom at the bowling alley till around 4 or so, then to parties
-- Jane     PGBHS   Ashland KY

I will be going to San Antonio after prom to spend the rest of the week with my boyfriend and friends. i don't know what's going to happen, but whatever goes down, goes down!
-- Brittany     Madison High School   Missouri City TX

Well lets just start off saying my Jr. Prom last year was the best ever, even though there was alot of screaming after it.Well this is waht happend i went with the hottest guy my boyfriend at the time mike and we car pulled with my friend keryn and her boyfriend Rich well, well Keryn was driving there so me and her were following directions to this college and finally we get there and me and Mike were cool then we go to get pics taken and so do Keryn and Rich well then Rich's nose starts bleeding then Keryn and him get in a big fight then they end up fighting all night then me and Mike finally end up stopping them.So mean while me and Mike are having the times of are lives then the proms over so we end up leaving like everybody else and we get lost don't ask how it's crazy we went down 3 one way roads and almost hit 3 cars head on and killed our selves Well while were all fighting and yelling Keryn's crying it was crazy but it was fun. Well we never ended up getting home till almost 3 hours later and never went out to eat after the prom and that was my night It was really fun though because now when i think of it i laugh.
-- Jen Frye     Pennridge High School   Perkasie PA

We'll probably go across the lake and eat beignets in the Quarter,then we'll and up at my friends house and hang out and do other stuff!
-- Marie     Some School   New Orleans LA

The Dance ends at 12am so everyone leaves at about 11pm and they take their Limo or drive up to the Beach which is 45 minutes away. My friends have Booked this Motel so we'll be staying at this Place for the weekend and spend the Days at the Beach(working on our Tans) and the Nights partying!!! :P
-- Kelly     Beal Secondary High   London CA

We are planning to organize a big bash at one of our houses. Our theme will be "polynesian paradise" and the outside of the house will be decorated with hawaiian stuff. we will ofcourse have kegs and get drunk. or we might just get buzzed and go out to a club dancing, maybe tequilas.
-- Cindy     Poly   Fort Worth TX

-- Reshia     Bryan High School   Bryan TX

hanging out with friends @ a hotel room you know having fun on the beach!
-- Bricky     Some School   Pensacola FL

Our prom is in Waikiki and I love to surf. There is a swell coming to the south side (where Waikiki is) so my friends and I are going out night surfing! It is really really fun and the lights of Waikiki light up the ocean. It is really awesome.
-- Ale     Kamehameha   Haleiwa HI

hey! weLl after prom i plannin goin to sum party*s *&* PATYIN!! LOL! then prolly stn where i am or somewhere where my friends are stayin! its gointo be a blast!!!
-- Christina     Some School   Some Place AL

Renting a hot tub for 8 (how many were in our group)and chillin and watching movies at a friend's house.
-- Nicole     SSPS   SSP MN

going to my friends cottage in new hampshire
-- Nikki     Wakefield High   Wakefield MA

Well I got voted into having the after party this year at my house. So yeah looks like that's what happened. We played pool, danced, and all that great stuff
-- Morgan     Maranatha High   Kansas City KS

After prom we are going up to Fort Smith and either going bowling or out to the movies.
-- Bonnie     J.D. Leftwich High School   Magazine AR

I'm actually going to give my two friends a surprise after prom special! I'm going to take them to the beach where we'll drink some sparkling cider in nice plastic glasses, then I'm going to give my guy friend (my prom date) and my other friend a flower, thanking them both for a great night and how I wish it would never end.
-- Tiffany     York High School   York Beach ME

I plan to go to my boyfriends house and which television with him and talk. I don't plan to make-out and make love because I'm still to young to make love and think about having children and messing up my future!
-- Shayla     Natchez High School   Natchez MS

After prom, me and a whole bunch of my friends are going to one of the casinos out here in CT, to have dinner and to play in this arcade kind of thing they have in it. No one is going to a casino so we want to be a little bit different...
-- Didi     Hartford High   Hartford CT

Go out for Midnight bowling in your prom dresses and tuxes.... see how many heads will turn! Or even go to the extreme and trade clothes with your date, THEN go bowling!
-- Phoebe     Some School   Someplace WI

going to hollywood!!
-- Kate     Esperanza High School   Yorba Linda CA

Exit night club in NYC and Wildwood.
-- Lindsay     Some School   Franklin Lake NJ

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