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My date and I are going to stay in this really nice hotel right around the corner from prom. We kinda wanted to rent a room by the beach, but decided against that because it would be such an inconvenience to drive all the way over there after the dance. The next day we are going to drive to the beach and have a nice relaxing and fun time before we have to head up the hill again.
-- Lynn     Victor Valley High School   Victorville PA

Well, it is going to be my last prom, so what my boyfriend and i have planned is that we are going to stay at the prom until 12 then we are going to a nice resaurant that we have reservations at. After we eat we are going to meet up with some friends and we are all going to rent rooms at the beach. We are going to go over good times, and have a lot of laughs. When we see the sun starting to rise we are going to go out side and watch until full daylight. Then we are going to share a passionate kiss together and come home.
-- Pat-Tay     Edinburgh High School   Edinburgh TX

My boy friend and i have to go do what ever we are doing the day before becasue he is in college and has to be back the day after. So we are going to go out and have our fun in the sun ...
-- Sarah     John Glenn High School   Walkerton IN

This prom, being my first..My friends and I (a GROUP of 16 people) will only be staying at prom for a short while..Were going to be going across the street to Center City Fest Live (Foofighters, everclear, wallflowers, Widespread..etc) and meeting the rest of the world there. Ending at 12am we have the limo till 1:30 am, so we'll end up driving around for a while or midnight bowling(Yes in our prom dresses!) Then were going back to our friends where everybdoy will be spending the night, swimmin and playin pool! Cant Wait!
-- Britt     Some School   Someplace NC

after prom my like 16 (two limo groups) are going to someones lake house, were we can, just hang out, watch movies, play cards, swim, boat rides, it will be a blast
-- Emilie     IUHS   Light WI

After my junior prom this year me, my date, and friends will be having a after prom party at a hotel then will be riding around and the will be going to the beach to just bask in the special moment.
-- Isaac     Carver Community Middle School   Delray Ba CA

Going to an after party to continue the fun.
-- Hunter     Old Dock High   Nakina NC

for your senior prom you are friends are probley driveing i hope well my bf dose and we are going to the coast and both geting a tat.
-- Heather     Some School   Whitney CA

After prom, I'm gonna hang out w/ my friends at post prom, and we're gonna have an absolute blast, especially me and my hott date!!!!!!!!
-- Emily     Some School   Someplace NE

we were thinking of going on a cruise and then that same morning going to six flags with a group of friends. what do YOU think?
-- Shalimar     North Bergen High School   North Bergen NJ

Bonfire by the lake
-- Christine     New Milford HS   New Milford CT

After Prom me, my boyfriend and several other friends plan to go midnight bowling, riding around in our limo, and then eating at Denny's (thank God for 24 hour places!).
-- Colleen     South Park High School   Buffalo NY

goin 2 a hotel with my boyfriend
-- Loulou     St. Mary's High   London GB

bowling party
-- Unknown     William P. Clements High   Sugarland TX

I'm getting a hotel at the beach and staying 2 nights over there.
-- Dani     Eustis High School   Eustis FL

Hey! Hope prom plans are going well for everybody. My friends and I are going to SNAPP(senior night after prom party) that is put on by the senior parents at our school,which is a way we can do something fun with out regretting it. The evening is filled with fun and excitement. and did I happen to mention PRIZES and I don't mean cereal box products either.
-- Katherine     Klein Oak High School   Spring TX

After prom we are going out to eat. then we are going to the lake front too take a nice walk. For we can talk about how the night went for us,and talk about the next day . if we want to go to six flag or go out of town for the day or something. Around 1:30am I will take her back home.
-- Brian     Thornridge High School   Dolton IL

We were supposed to have a limo for after prom, but someone forgot to order it, so that didn't work out. So, we all went over to one of the guys' house, and a couple of the guys played video games for a while. There weren't any good parties going on, so nothing thrilling really happened. But, I had a great time still, because my date was so wonderful! I think it matters more who you spend the evening with than what you actually do. ;-)
-- Stacy     Reed High School   Reno NV

in our school after the dance and the dinner and all is over everyone leaves for half and hour or so and goes and changes their clothes and then we all come back play games and hand out door pizes and just hang out until almost 5 in the morning!!! its great!
-- Jessica     Wohrt County R III   Sheridan MO

I'm probably going to a party with all of my friends.
-- Lauren     Monadnock High School   Swanzey NH

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