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We all went to a friends hows got ready then are dates came over and we ordered piza's and then took pictures and then took a limo to the dance. It was a lot of fun!

-- Maggie San Francisco High School San Francisco CA

Before prom this year my date and I are planning on going to the mall and running around for a while then eating at the food court then going to the dance, but our mall is nearly an hour away, so we have to be quick. We're going to be wearing our total get up dress, hair, tux and everything.

-- Sassy Lake City High School Lake City MI

its on a saturday so go to the salon tan one last time haha... get pedicure, nails, hair, and makeup done... then go home have a little time and put on my dress... then my date will pick me up and we go to our friends house where we get the limo and take lots of pics!!! it will be a lot of fun cant wait

-- Britt PA

Last year i was a soph dating a senior so i went to prom. I got my hair done and my makeup, then i went home and changed really quick and went to take pictures at my bf's friends house (we were going together as a group) After the other two couples and us got our pictures done, we went in a limo to dinner at a fancy restuarant. We still had some time befor the grand march started so we cruised around town hanging out the sun roof with sparkling cider in our hands. It was pretty c old but we had a blast. The whole time we joked and told stories and made the before prom unforgettable. One thing i reccomend is go with people that you are comfortable with because it will make all the difference between having a blast and being bored out of your mind.

-- Kristen

Well, the plan as of now, is that I am going to another town's prom. I'm not sure how they do things. But my plan for my prom was to go out to eat at Taco Bell, walk around Wal-Mart all dressed-up with friends and their dates. Then I were to head to a building that was close to where our prom was being held and hop on a moped I had borrowed from a friend. Then I would circle laps in this bright red, nice moped around the building... honking and waving at the crowd. Then I would hop off and make a big entrance.. that was the plan but I'm going to another one and I'm just going to have to go with the flow.

-- Jessica Knob Noster High School Knob Noster MO

Before the prom I go to get my hair done with my mom. Then I go to my house and get dressed. When I'm all set my date comes over to take pictures and then we ride up to the place.

-- Heather LHS Lee MA

getting ready from the prom then meet up with all my friends on the lake front say a prayer before we go on our way for the rest of the night

-- Kizzy xaiver university prep New Orleans LA

At the moment the plan is:Some friends and I will get ready at my house, have the guys meet us at my house go to dinner,ride around town in a limo (before the dance starts) and then after the dance we will ride some more in the limo and just hang out.

-- IH East High Cheyenne WY

Our plans are to meet at my bestfriend's house and the limo is going to pick us up there. The whopping 12 of us. Two Ryans and two Robbie's all in one limo. It's pretty funny. Then we're going to eat ath macoroni grill, because it's my friend, kristin's birthday that night of pom. thenn we're all going to head to downtown san jose where our prom is. It's going to be a blast, all of my friends are going.

-- Holly MHS Milpitas CA

It's the last day of school and we get out at 10:30 from finals. The whole crew hung out and had a tailgate party. After an hour or so the gals left together and prepared. The boys went and bought stuff for the after party. Then the limo went around picking up every one and we meet with family at the park to take cluster pictures. Then off to Kickers bar and grill for preprom dining. Fashionably late it's off to prom

-- Amy John Glenn Westland MI

our town has Dutch Days festival every spring, and the parade is always the morning of prom. i guess this is kind of cool, but a pain for those of us in band. you spend your morning marching. then you get about 2 hours to get ready before the Grand March. very stressful. then everyone drives to prom where we all eat dinner, and then have the dance. afterward most people go to after prom with lots of games and fun stuff to do. it is a very crazy day.

-- Kim FHS Albany IL

A group of my friends and I went to dinner in a town about an hour away. Then, we went to a mall so the guys could pick up a few last minute items. Everyone was looking at us - it was so fun. After that, we piled into our cars and drove to the place where it was being held.

-- Stefanie Meadville Area Senior High Meadville PA

Before prom, my friends and I have arranged that we have breakfast after our hair appointments. Afterwards, I scheduled an appointment for make-up at the local Hudson Belk. Immediately following, I'll get dressed at home, and wait until the guests arrive because my mother, aunts, and I have arranged a pre-prom gathering where friends and family can drop by and take pictures. Afterwards, it's off to the photography studio, to the restaurant, and finally to prom.

-- Shantay Smithfield-Selma High School Smithfield NC

I didn't go to School the day of my first senior prom. At about 2 o'clock i walked down the street to get my hair done with a few seniors. I then walked back down main street in cargo camo and camo jacket, with my hair dyed and done and make-up all done. I must have looked crazy. I got into my prom dress and high-heel boots. Then I joined my friends when they came in the limo an hour later. We took pictures, and made sure we pressed every button in the limo!

-- Karyn South High Community School Worcester MA

before prom i hope to go out to eat at a really nice restuarant. and get all the love i want

-- Lorrie mount miguel high Spring Valley CA

Before Prom, I am spending the entire morning and afternoon getting ready. I plan to basically have a spa day, then about 2 and a half hours before prom starts I am going to my best friend's house and she is going to help me with my hair and makeup. Then I am picking everyone else up in my parents' minivan. Then off we go to prom.

-- Vanessa Radford High School Honolulu HI

I spend hours getting ready. My date comes to get me. We take some pictures at my place. Then we go to Promanade. It's hectic but fun!

-- Jennifer Bloomfield High School Puxico MO

at our school prom is on a saturday so we have all day to do a "day activity" this year we are going ice skateing then to dinner.

-- Daniel Jordan UT

Before Prom my girlfriends and I are all going to rent a hotel room at one of the local resorts. We are all going to get our hair done before and meet in our room to get our makeup done by a local makeup artist. We're all going to hang out and get ready together and have our limo pick us up there. After prom we're goanna come back to our room and crash!

-- Janet Desert Mountain Scottdale AZ

Before Prom, I plan to get my hair and nails done that morning. Afterwards, I will get dress and meet family and friends at the banquet hall. I will have refreshments(dinner) prepared. My date will meet me at the banquet hall to take more pictures, then we will head downtown to meet our horse and carriage.

-- Joanette Chicago Vocational Career Academy Chicago IL

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