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Since I'm on Prom Committee and our prom is on a Saturday night I get to get up early and go set up and then leave around 11 to go get ready for prom at 8 hehe. . . Hope I can stay awake all night

-- Beka Charlotte NC

Right after school I'm getting my hair done with my friends and then we'll all get ready together. Then our dates will come, parents take lots of pics of course, then we'll take the limo to the hotel where our prom is. Helpful hint: give yourself more time by getting your nails done a day or two before prom, that way you have more time to get ready and you can show your nails off at school!

-- Kaite Franklin High School Franklin MA

Go horse back riding for a few hours. Then Go to a movie.

-- Donja Lehi High School Lehi UT

Prom is a very big deal at my school. It's always on Saturday, and the day before is Senior Ditch Day (we usually go to the beach or some other fun place). Saturday is spent preparing for the big event, of course. At Saturday evening, we have the "oddest vehicle competition"-- guys have picked up their dates in truck, on horseback and on skateboard, and every year people find even weirder ideas. :) Then, we all gather at the small park by my school, for the photographs. Then there's the Senior Dinner, which is usually pretty good. After that we enter the gym, and have the Grand March, where each couple's names are called, and then the party begins!

-- Diane MS

Before prom i've decided to have a slumber party. Kind of like an old fashion type thing. I call it getting pre-beautiful. Homemade face masks, manicures and pedicures, and breaking in our dance shoes. I'm planning to do this 3 or 4 days before prom.

-- Kelli Rabun County High School Clayton GA

Ok before prom you go get your hair fix and then you go home get your bress on your make-up and then you went until he gets there and then you take pictures and then you go to his house and take pictures and you go get how ever is go with yall and then yall go eat and then you go to where ever the prom is and you have more pictures take and then you do what ever

-- Malinda Sand Rock High School Ft. Payne AL

Before the prom me my friend savannha my brother and his girl friend are all going on a limo tour through Seattle and then were going to the seattle center and going on roller coaster rides in our dresses and then were going to the space needle for dinner.it'll be great fun!

-- Aryn Bremerton WA

before prom all the girls go and get that picture taken with family and friends,Then we all; head over to the guy's house for there side of the family. Go to dinner, the dance.jsut to have a blast

-- Amy stevens point area high school Plover WI

Before prom, my boyfriend of 11 months and I were going to go by ourselves in a limo and out to eat, but the cost was very high for just the two of us. So, we are going in a limo and five other couples are riding with us and everyone is going to split the cost to lessen it for everyone. My boyfriend is in 10th grade and I am in 8th, but luckily, he gets along with my friends. We are all going to go to dinner in a limo. Then, we are going to go to the prom, and afterwards we are all going swimming at my boyfriend, Clark's!

-- Shannon Olive Branch Middle School Olive Branch MS

get hair done nails done

-- Raynesha merritt middle college high school Oakland CA

Before prom I'm gonna be with my best girlfriends...not sure about the guys yet! And we're gonna take a ton of pics as usual and go to dinner after we go to our job and show off our dresses to all our friends there! Then headed off to prom in the limo!

-- Candi South Caldwell Granite Falls NC

Before prom my date and i first get pictures taken at both of our parents house then we get school pictures done. After that we have dinner at the Nickel Inn.

-- Charlene Falconer Central School Gerry NY

Believe it or not, I had a Math final exam the day of the prom that counted for 50%. At 2 AM, I was wide-awake, tossing and turning in my bed. I didn't know whether I should be excited or bawling my eyes out, because I'm about to do the exam that could either pass me or fail me. I would've really liked to spend the night before the prom watching prom-related chick flicks (think Never Been Kissed or She's All That), but unfortunately, I couldn't give myself that luxury. Instead, I stayed the whole night at my friend's house to get tutored! Good grief! Anyways, after the exam was finished, I rejoiced, and I went home to eat lunch. I remember getting so many calls as soon as I got home. People panicking. People freaking out. Then my date calls me and tells me that he got me my corsage (umm, yeah, he's the forgetful type and was lucky enough to get one within 3 days notice). After taking a shower (without wetting my hair - very important you keep them dirty to enable the stylist to keep your hair in place), my dad drove me to the hairstylist. After my hair got styled, I went to the mall to get my make-up done. By that time, I had 30 minutes before I had to be home and completely dressed, so when my sis came to pick me up, I started running towards the car...until she reminded me about my corsage! I got home, got dressed, took pictures. Yeah, umm, here goes the embarassing part. My parents are driving my date and I there. He and I didn't really feel like spending any extra mula on a limo. My dress alone cost me a whopping 500 dollars over all (alterations and gloves included). Thanks, but no thanks. Anyways, I must really be living in the 21st century, because *I* was the one who ended up picking him up at his house. We didn't even bother taking pictures. All I remember was seeing his friend open the door screaming, "your date is here!" and his mouth was open when he saw me come of the van as he mouthed silently, "wow". Hehe. I said hi to his mom, then he went in our van. We started talking and exchanged corsages. "Here!" *hands out corsage* Yeah, it wasn't a very momentous occasion. I just do not see the whole point of taking pictures when you're exchanging corsages. Anyways, we got out, still holding our corsages in the boxes when we realized that we had yet to pin them on. So I pinned mine on while he tried pinning his, but he couldn't, so we asked the dude standing at the door to pin it for him. Hehehe. We arrived at the cocktails. My date brought me some drinks, then we took tons of pics (including some with the professional photographer) and basically socialized. Arm in arm of course! Then I remember him smoking the tobacco that his Mommy gave him. Hmm, he looked hot smoking that thing. I also remember him having this brown thing stuck in his teeth after he bit off the tobacco before prom started, and he had to pull out a thread from his jacket to floss it out. HAHAHA. No, I didn't hear any "You look so beautiful" comments from him (although from other guys was another story!!). He's said that to me before, but maybe he thought I looked butt ugly at the prom? I guess that's the only thing that kinda drove me *&^%%$!! Yep, that was my pre-prom story!

-- Kristy JXXIII

I plan to get my picture taking with my date. Of course. By each others parents. Then after we are tortured go out to dinner. I will have to wear extra clothes though because I'm a very messy person when I eat. No matter what.

-- Misty Larue County High School HOgdenville KY

me and my best friend Billie are going to get ready at my house in the morning. then our dates are coming over to hang out while my mom and sister fix our hair. Then my and 15 of my friuends are going to go to the mall to hang out then we're goimg to go to old country buffet. then off to prom.

-- Susie cloquet senior high school Cloquet MN

Well before the prom all my friends came with there dates and we took pictures and stuff. Then we all got in the limo and went to Red Lobster. It was so nice it was a long line and we didnt even have to wait the people was like we can seat you now. We felt like celebrities people was saying how pretty we looked. I'll never forget that night I know this year at my last prom this will be even more memorable.

-- Knoq Wilson Magnet High School Rochester NY

We get out of school early. Get my hear done, nairs, and eyes brow. when dat is done. I got to get my dress on. Then i got to get ready and then have to wait for people to come to house. Take pics. then go.

-- Toni High Point Regional High School Augusta NJ

We all met at my house for pizza and a little dancing and of course pictures.

-- Cassandra West HIlls High Fredericksburg VA

Before prom, me and all my friends are going to be picked up in a limo and go out to eat to Apple Bee's. There is a pole in the limo that we are getting so we will all dance on the pole, and stuff, going down the road. It will be sooo much fun that night! I can't wait!

-- Jamie Mckinney North High School (MNHS) McKinney TX


-- Meka Glenn Hills Middle School(G.H.M.S) Ft. Gordon GA

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