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*Me*, Southwest Horizon, Unknown MB
Thank ya so much Scott 4 takign em 2 prom and buying me that beautiful rose, i had so much fun! thank u!

Lisa J. Shearer, Central Jr. High, Oroville CA
I would like to thank my best friend (nothing more) Andrew Buckminster Freeman Wicklas I, AKA my Bucky. I love you so much you don't even know Bucky! You have always been there for me whenever I needed you, from me crying to you giving me a friendly punch on the arm. You are awesome, and I thank you for everything. I am deeply troubled because we are going to be seperated in a matter of days. I will miss you more than you could ever imagine! I love you Bucky! Your gurl, Lisa J Shearer

Lisa J. Shearer, Central Middle School, Oroville CA
*TO ANDREW WICKLAS* My Dearest Andy, I'm not sure if you think of me the same way I think of you, but oh well. You have been my best friend through thick and thin for the past two years. You have been the only person I could ever really trust in my whole life! You know exactly when to be sweet and sensative, but then again you know when to treat me like "one of the guys" and I thank you for that! You ae the most wonderful guy in the world, and I am sorry that we will be going to different high schools. I just want you to know that I love you Bucky, and I will ALWAYS keep you in my heart! Love, Lisa

Tatum, Whittier Voc. Tech, Haverhill MA
To my baby, my one and only love forever, I hope this is the best night ever for you, and I hope that I make your dreams come true! I love you with all of my heart and soul, you are my everything...thank you for being the amazing person that you are. I will always love you and we will always be high school sweat hearts! "Your my favorite" :) 7-22 forever! "Heaven"

a n ish a 'kC', KES, Kuwait XX
I jus wanna thank everyone. goes out to Anwar, Carin, Saad, Karen, Shiv, Thessa, Abs, Aaron, Keith, Kris, Swati, n everyone in class of 2003. also wanna thank my kink 4 evrythin. love u loads. Naimul n Krupa love u peeps too. thanx 4 everythin ya'll. pe@ce!

Sheka, SWEHS, Rock City NC
I dedicate my Jr. Prom to my baby because without him, my Jr. Prom couldn't be ... So thank you baby... To my Class of 2004 I'll time has come...So thanks for to everybody you supported Jr/Sr prom @ SWEHS.... Class of 2004 HollaBack Sheka -n- Brandon

Garry Cameron, Westbury High School, Westbury NY
I just wanted to say congratulations and thank you for everything that you have done for me. Thank you for always being there and caring also. Love you alot from me your wife Trina

Sheka, Rocky Mount Sr. High School, Rocky Mount NC
Thanks for everything and everyone for helping me with my Jr. prom. To my baby Brandon Thanks for every Together for ever one love Class of 2004 Sheka love Brandon

Tiffany Williams, I.C. Norcom High, Portsmouth VA

Secret, Clayton High School, Newcastle Under Lyme GB
Well i spose i just wanna say thanks for every thing, to everyone at Clayton the last 5 years have been a blast, i love you all and wish you all the best in life, love, and all that comes in between. :)

Meaghan, HHS, Hurrican WV
To my friends...well, it's been a rough year. Let's make this prom a great one! To my date, Brady...We've had our ups and downs, but here we are...another formal. Hopefully it will be as cool as winter formal was. You better dance this time! You can't go to prom with a dancer and not dance!!

Meaghan, HHS, Hurricane WV
Mike--Sorry things didn't go as planned, but thank you for trying anyway. I told you it wasn't do- able! You always know how to cheer me up. I can't wait til we get to see each other in RI in a few weeks. Always remember...everything happens for a reason...even the freaky way we met. Coincidence? Hopefully not ;)

Kat, San Gabriel Mission High School, Los Angeles CA
To all da seniors going to their prom THIS FRIDAY...this is ur night u guyz...have fun!! live this day to da fullest (whatever that may mean 2 u guyz-wink wink, nudge nudge!!) i wish u all da best of luck next year, and i hope u guyz k.i.t wit me...thanx for being da coolest u guyz..to me...a freshman!! thanx for all da memoriez

Luisanna & Genise, Alfred E. Smith High, Bronx NY
to our friends and everybody in school,and our boyfriends wilfredo and hector , and all our teachers.

Shayna (lady brazy), Grossmont High School, San Diego CA
to my one and only lover and best friend thaddeus, i'm very sorry i amnot going to prom with you , i just wanted to tell yo that an dthat i love you with al of my heart and all of the love that i possess, your # 1 shorty shayna

Danielle, Athol High School, Athol MA
I would like to thank everyone who helped me get ready for this prom. like mom-thanks for the hair and make up time, krista well what can i say EVERYTHING!!!! it going to be a GREAT time. and mostly to my date thanks for everything. it going to be a blast. to my class advisor and class offciers, this couldnt have been put on with out you guys...thanks!!!

Jess, Westmont Hilltop High School, Johnstown PA
Matt I am so happy to be going to the prom with you. You have been the best and we have made it through so much. I cant wait to spend my senior prom with you. Lets have fun. I know I will be in heaven everytime I am in your arms. You are the best boyfriend in the world and I am so lucky to have you. I love you with all my heart. And thanks for always being there

Faith Kenworthy, Oskaloosa High School, Ozawkie KS
I just want to give a shout out to my senior girls Missy and Niki!! I love you guys like sisters! This is our last prom together lets make some awsome memorys together!! CLASS OF 2004 ROCKS!!!

Karen, Mendenhall High School, Mendenhall MS
I would like to dedicate this years prom to my boyfriend Mitchell because I love him so much. He has made my life wonderful. I love you, baby!

Suzanne, Tallmadge High School, Tallmadge OH
to suzanne hey girl wuz up i just to tell you have a great time at the prom this is our last year we are going to make this the best night ever we are going to be the bestest friends ever. we are going to have fun we are 2003 and we are going to partaaaaaaaaaaaay girl we are going to have a blast when we are out of school.

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