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I was getting ready for prom when I decided to go with no underwear, just my stockings, to give me more comfort. So as we were standing in line to get in, I felt dripping down my leg. I looked down to find out that my cycle kicked in, my white dress was slowly getting a red stain around my no no area. I was so embarrassed I stayed in the bathroom for the rest of the evening untill my mom came to get me.

-- Amy   Rich West   Park Forest IL

it was prom night and i had bought this fab dress!! it was white and pink and had one strap. my date picked me up right on time and he had buaetiful flowers and evrything was absolutly perfect i felt like i was a in a dream!! until...... they annouced prom king and queen!! it was me and my absolutly stunning date!! could this night get any better? well maybe not for me but yes for my worst enemy !! i walked up to the stage and the first thing that went wrong was that when they put the crown on my head it broke!!!! so i had to walk down the stais holding this half broken crown which would have been bad enough but then while i was walking i tripped and fell smack down all the stairs!! nobody even laughed it was that bad!!! so i finally managed to get up and through all of this falling the pad i was wearing had moved out of place so when we were doing our dance in the middle people started giggling because there were red dots starting to appear on the back of by dress. i deciding that i had to go and on the way home by date who still was actually being so sweet tried to kiss me and right then i sneezed and almost gave hima bloody nnose!!!! talk about bad!!

-- Becky     CA

Two weeks before my junior prom, I decided to try something new and dye my hair, a day after I got a relaxer. WHY WHY WHY did I do that? My hair came out just as I was conditioning. My mother was very upset with me, all I could do was cry. But I got over it, because my hair was always cut short anyway. The thing about it was, I had to wear a wig to prom. I wasn't used to wearing one and I don't think I pinned it on right. So as I went to get something to drink, one of my friends pushed me playing around and knocked my wig off. Right into the punch bowl! And everyone laughed at me and my messed up hair. Some people even said, "now I see why you wear that wig." I called my mother to pick me up, and I cried until she got there. That was the worst month of my life. But this year I look better than ever and I'm nominated for prom queen!

-- Paula   Brooksville Academy   UN

i was talking to one of my best friends and he was telling me how this girl he doesn't like kept hinting at grad and asking him to ask her but he kept making up excuses and apparently that made her really sad, but i've been crushing on him for a while now, just nvr realised it, and then i said, well if we're both single by then y don't we go together but then he was like no, i think i'm gonna go with rebecca instead. I felt so incredibly stupid :(

-- Anon   Elmer High   Los Angeles CA

i was at my prom and i was wearing this white sparkly dress and it was sooooooooo pretty and myy prom d8 came but he didnt get me a limo and his watch snagged my dress so that my strap broke and my boob popped out and i was wearing no bra so he could see, like, everything and he thought that i did it on purpose so he started to get a litle "frisky" and i had to tell him no we got to the pro,m and i was shaking my thang with my gfs and i went to the bathroom and my friend said oh my god you have sumthin on ur dress and i said ohmy god cos my makeup had rubbed off on the neck so we washed it off but i had a wet patch and when i came out my date had told everyone that i was a lesbian cos i didn't get with him! then whitney-sarah the biggest beatcha eva tipped punch on my dress! it had this big red patch on it! it looked like i had my period! and then i had to walk home cos my date took the bus and i woz too embarrsed to get on. it was the worst nite veva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Brittany   Sun Valley High   Los Angeles CA

At my homecomming, I had this really cute date and a nice dress and everything was going fine until dinner. i had this new straplless bra that broke, and i didnt notice until i looked down and i could see my padded bra outline on my stomach (my dress was snug). so i jumped up and literally ran to the bathroom and threw it away. my date thought i was on my period or something because when we got to a friends house he sheepishly asked me if i needed anything special from my purse. i laughed my butt off and said i wasnt having those problems. he still doesnt know why i ran off though.

-- Laura     San Antonio TX

I was so excited because it was my senior prom. I wasn't able to go to my junior prom because my boyfriend never showed up... And I had bought the cutest white tube top dress! I was so happy because since last year I have lost over sixty pounds and I wanted to show off my curves. Well John, my date, decided that a limo would be the sweetest and most romantic way to take me to my first and only prom. After we got there, my friends met up with me. They were telling me how cute I looked when suddenly I had remembered that I had totally forgotten to bring my feminine products. White dress equals a huge show. It had turned out I was picked for prom queen, and when it was announced... I had to walk up infront of everyone...with a huge blot on my dress... My date wouldn't even let me borrow his jacket. What a jerk.

-- Hayley     Dover DE

My prom was great ..... Until after prom.. After prom i was walking up the stairs at my boyfriends house and i tripped on my dress, i thought nothing was wrong untill i noticed that my hand was bleeding because i cut my hand when i tripped and had to go get stitches, When we were leaving to go to the hospital my dress got stuck in my car door and my Slit in the back of my dress slited all the way up to my butt.... I didn't know what to do when i got to the hospital i had blood all over me with my Butt hanging out.

-- Leighann     NH

I was chosen to sing karaoke at my Junior Prom, but I wasn't on key and was embarassed. They chose 8 people, 7 good singers and then there was me. At the end, people clapped, but I think it was because they were glad i'm over.

-- Bear   Mililani High   Mililani HI

It was my JR Prom. My date was a sophomore. I had left to go to the bathroom, and when I came back everyone was laughing. I thought they were laughing at me. But what had happened was my date was booty dancing with a friend of mine. And he split his pants from the front to the back. I'm so glad we put down the insurance on his pant, when we rented them.

-- Laura   Columbia High   Lake City FL

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