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I was at the prom, and had on this really pretty light pink dress. I was sittin there drinking punch with one of my best friends when all of the sudden she was leaning over and saying that she didn't feel good. I said well would you like to go to the bathroom so we got up and started walking to the bathroom when all the sudden she looks at me and barfs all over me! It was really embrassing, I had to leave after that and go home. but now we just laugh about it.

-- Kristin     Morris AL

so i was all exited because i was a freshman going to a junior/senior prom and i was going with my senior boyfriend, Nick, who was a senior.my best friend was also going and a few other freshman friends on mine, so i was so excited! i bought this really pretty strapless dress that was blue with a lacey black beaded thing on top, and it was fitted, real classy. anyway to get to my embarassing moment i was sitting at the dinner table with all my friends and of course my date, he tu r ns around and asks me if i wanted to dance, of course i said yes! and so we start dancing and my best friend comes up to me and whispers in my ear something, but i couldn't hear it over the music so she had to yell it to me, and all ofa sudden she screams " Elly you have a piece of chicken stuck to your dress!!!!" and i turned around and on my butt there was this nice piece of chicken and i almost gave myself a heart attack. i was so mortified i ran to the bathroom and left myself in there cry i ng all night. once i got myself out of there, i saw my date and apparently he didn't dance for the whole night and just sat outside waiting for me to come out and we walked back into the dance floor, he stuck a piece of chicken on his butt and we danced to the last song of prom, it was so romantic.

-- Elliot   Lexin   Belmont TB

It was the first prom of my highschool career and i was a senior. I was sooooooo excited to be going because me and my totally hot boyfriend had been planning it forever!!!! Well i have to admit that i looked totally hot in my neon orange dress, i could'nt wait to show my borfriend. well we were at the dance and everything was going great, me and my boyfrined, who is 21 by the way, got caught fooling around underneath the float by our principal!!! well to make matters worse the cops man- handled me and ripped my dress off, exposing my matching bra and thong!

-- Anita   West Side High   Greenville WY

Well, my boyfriend of two years and I decided to go to our Senior Prom just for the fun of it. He TOTALLY surprised me when he showed up in a limo. We had planned on going out to eat, but he surprised me with a dinner in the limo. After eating the steamed lobster(!), we got a little frisky. I assumed we still had atleast 15 more minutes before we got there, so I had him put a condom on. Needless to say, we got there before we could do anything. Thinking my boyfriend had taken car e of "it", I got out of the limo. All of my friends were there, and gushed about how cute I looked. I was soooo happy. There was this girl, Katie, who doesn't like me. I was surprised when she left her date (my bestfriend's brother) to tell me how nice I looked. Thinking maybe everyting had changed, I returned the complete. Then I won Prom queen. As I was walking to the stage, Katie, who was announcing, says "She's not onlu your Prom queen, but she's ready to let EVERYONE here tonight tap it. J u st look at the back of her dress!!!" Mortified, I ran to the bathroom to see the condom hanging a little bit above the zipper. My boyfriend hadn't zipped my dress right, and he had assumed that I had taken the condom and thrown it away...I moved to another state.

-- SHeri   Too embarrassed   VA

I was allowed to stay out until 2 after prom last year, while my date had to go right home. Well we thought if we called his parents on the way home and asked them again if he could go out, that they'd let him, but they didn't and he was arguing with them the whole way home. So I wasn't going to leave him alone, so we went back to his house to watch a movie. But his mom wouldn't let me drive my car over there, and drive my self home, and she wouldn't let him come to my house, so she stayed up all night while we watched the movie (interrupting every 10 minutes), and my date was so mad that he fell asleep after about half an hour, and I was left with his mom who i hardly knew while he slept. I finally woke him up saying that I wanted to go home, and he got mad that I wanted to leave, so his mom drove me home while he sat in the back, and when we got to my house he wouldn't even walk me to the door, it was really really awkward and no fun.... but a month after that we go t together, and are still together 10 months later and going to our senior prom together, i know this year will be much better afterwards!

-- Adi   SHS   Amherst NH

so, we were all getting ready for prom at katie's house. katie's brothers came home, (they are sooo hott) and we still had our curlers in our hair!! it was sooo embarrassing. THEN, as if it wasnt bad enough already, we were so excited that we accidently put on eachother's dresses and didn't notice until we were already there! there were no bathrooms, because it was jungle themed, so we couldnt even change! at the dance, maggie and monica went to get drinks and when they came back , lauren and katie were makinbg out with their dates. (they should have known to not leave us alone, because we have liked them for SOOO long.) it was the worst night of our lives

-- lauren B, monica F, Maggie T, and katie W   palatine high school   Palatine il

when i was going up to accept my diploma i tripped over the microphone and fell flat on my face. It was the worst thing ever, to top things off i got my dress stuck in my car as i was exiting my grandfathers T-bird.

-- Holly   Harwich Raleigh   ON

It was my Junior Prom. I had the perfect dress and I had the best date I could ask for. I had my cousin come over and help me with my make-up. But she had brought some of her own too. Well, she wanted to use her base on me instead of mine and it turnned out to be way lighter than my skin. To make it better, I didn't even notice it untill I got my pictures developed. But, my boyfriend never said anything about it. He just kept telling me how beautiful I looked. And he and I are still together to this day. But I am still really embarrassed about the make up.

-- Diane     Houston TX

I went to prom with a supposed friend last year, well I find out 2 days before prom that she was going with my friend derick too! So it was me, her, and him all going to prom together. The day of prom, she picks me up like an hour and a half late because she was having probles with her hair, then we went to get derick and we all were taking pictures together when his mom asked who's date I was. I said the girls name and his mom was like "oh I thought you were so and so's date, yo u go and stand over there while we take pictures. I thought "well dang, this is already starting out as a great night." Then on the way to the resturant (we were an hour late anyways) we find out that derick for got his ticket at his house all the way on the other side of town! So we stopped in at the resturant, my "date" says hi to her friends and we get back in the car like 5 minutes later to go get his ticket. On the way back my "date realizes she lost her mom's earing, so we had to go back t o the resturant and get it from the parking lot. Then we got all the way back to derick's house and he searches for an hour and still never finds his ticket. (he still got in to prom though) So we get to prom at like 9:45 (it ends at 12) and we see everyone sitting down. Turns out that the DJ was awful and played nothing but techno and 80s rock all night (mind my school is mostly made up of minorities.) and then at the end of this awful night, turns out that they had gotten all their favors fr o m the dollar store! I just have to say that the prom last year was awful and I was home by 12:30 and asleep in my bed by 1.

-- Monica   Everett High School   Lansing MI

Ok it was my senior prom and everything was going to perfect. I had a gorgeous dress, a great guy, a long white limo, and the perfect updo. i had been waiting for weeks for the night to come! So the limo pulls into the driveway and all my friends jump out to come and see me, including my date. So i start walking down our stairs in these huge shoes and feel like i'm going to tumble any second! But I make it just fine and we all leave. So we get to where we were having our p r om and all my gush there are so many stairs everywhere. You'd think the organizers would keep in mind the 6-inch heels girls have on under their dresses. so it's half way into the night and i'm having an great time. Then I go for some more stairs to get to another part of the dance and I fall and fall and fall. It was horrible and felt never ending! I actually broke my collar bone it was such and bad fall and I was bleeding everywhere! I realized one thing from my Prom! Nothing is per f ect!!!!!! p.s. i still enjoyed it somewhat

-- Novalee   Madison high school   Roanoke VA

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