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well i won queen i was so happy that i didn't know that my dress was falling and when i got to the stage everyone was laughing. my date was so embarassed and i was crying but i won queen. and the girl that hates my gouts she was so mad because she tought that she was going to win queen. and the thing is that i'm cheerleader and the guys from the football team said why didn't i ever do that at the games. i was laughing because of what they said. and sad because the student body saw MY student body. well i laught about it all the time and the guy that was my date ask me out after that.

-- Monica     Redbank NJ

first of all i was wearing a white satin dress in my limo to my senior prom. i popped open a big red because the ride was long and it EXPLODED!! i decided to go to the prom anyway and when i got there i was crowned prom queen!! and my date was king. it was so great. when i got up on stage to recieve the flowers and the crown, it turns out my date was standing onthe train of my dress. so while everyone was watching me in my big moment, my now-tie-dyed dress ripped at the seems revealing my g- string and bra-less boobs. i just stood there in shock while everyone got an eyefull.it was so mortifying that i left the school after that.

-- Sheryl   Highland Park   Dallas TX

Okay, forever and ever I have a crush on this kid, Hunter Curtis. Things have alwayd been cool between us, but never anything more. That is why I was totally psyched when he asked me to Junior Prom. I got the most beautiful white flowing dress ever. The whole week before the prom I was freaking out cause I was so excited. Seems some things slip your mind. Right in the middle of a slow dance with my dream boys, he looks down and shouts, "OH GROSS! YOU"RE BLEEDING ON ME!!" I look down and burst out in tears and start running to the bathroom. To make matters worse, I step on the end of my dress, and the whole thing rips, exposing my bloodied thong to the WHOLE SCHOOL. It was the most embarrasing moment of my life!

-- Collete   East High School   Salt Lake UT

Alright. So I was going with this guy who is my best friend. He was staying at my house for the entire weekend because he is from a different city 45 minutes away. Well, this was going to be the perfect night. I sort of liked him, but we were mostly friends (and he was even my second choice to ask) Well. After me and my friend Rachael (who was from the same city he was from, and was my brother's dat) were all ready, we were standing in my kitchen getting all the boutineers on and coursages, well, I cannot because I have these really cheap nails on (I peeled them off after we walked out of the school when it was over) and so my Mom was doing it for me. Well, while she was trying, she snapped the rose right off the setting! But we were both laughing. Then I forgot to bring the tickets to dinner, and the restaraunt was 15 mintues away. So my brother and his date got a ride to the school with our friends who we met up with at the restaraunt. And I had to drive home with my date to my house. And it was really wierd because we were all decked out in formal wear, and I was the one driving, but since it was my parent's new car, they would have wanted me to be driving it. I was really embarrassed, but he didn't mind. We had a lot of fun, and we're even better friends because of it.

-- Dora    

it was my senior prom and i had been asked out by a reeeeally hott guy. It was time for him to pick me up and go out to eat. We went to a really expensive restaurant. I ate waaay to much cuz it was just so good! On the way to the prom my stomach started to hurt really bad i farted a few times and he didn't notice (thank god) but then he asked "what's that smell?" It turns out that i had diarria allll over me! i was soooo embarassed cuz i had a thong on and he of course rolled down his windows and broke up with me! I don't blame him! I go to therapy because of it!

-- Haley   Concord High   Concord NC

me and my boyfriend were on our way to the prom in a limo and me and him started making out and so we just got a little to out of hand but by the time we got to the prom my dress was still kind of un zipped but i didnt notice so i walked out of the limo and this bug jerk pulled it all the way down and it showed my boobs and thong. still to this day my best friend still bothers me about it

-- Betty   Coral Park High   Miami FL

i was at a dance, jumping up on the stage and then my date asked me to dance, so we were dancing and then i felt a little breezy so i looked behind me and my dress had slit all the way up to my cheeks, and my matching thong was showing, i had to run out of the gym holding my dress together. i had to tape it to last the end of the night then had grandma sew it up for me. quit embarrassing.

-- Megan   Woolsey High School   Woolsey SD

i was walking into prom and i was so excited that i took the first step onto the dance floor and i tripped and i ripped my dress right off me i was so embarressed!!!!

-- Courtney   Carthage Central High   Carthage NY

It was my freshmen year and this really hot junior named nate had asked me out. Well i was really excited because i was a freshmen going to prom. Me and my mom had spent a lot of money on my dress. So when he came to pick me, he said he was supposed to be renting a limo, but he showed up in a old little escort!! It was horrible and then when we got there he wanted to go in a corner and make out. I said i didnt know and if he could just hold on for a moment while i went to the bathroom. when i came back he was all over his ex girlfriend he told me to find my own way home because he wasnt taking me and the only reason he had asked me was because he heard i was easy. Well no one would frive me home so i had to call my grandma to come and pick me up it was the worst time in my life, but now im a junior so maybe this will be better

-- Ashley   Greenville High School   Greenville OH

I was at my Junior prom and me and my date were up on the dance floor "grinding." We were having a blast when I noticed people were looking at us with a disgusted look. We didn't pay any attention to them and kept on dancing. A couple minutes later a teacher came up to me and said that I must have dropped something and pointed to the floor. I looked down and to my horror there was laying a pad. My date was so disgusted he started screaming and ran out of the school. I went outside to find him and noticed he had left me there. To this day I can't even look at him w/o crying over that horror filled night.

-- Betty   Richmond High   Richmond IN

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