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Well I thought prom was going to be one of the best days of my life but it wasn't. I was a sophomore when I went to my first prom and my date was a senior. I really didn't want to go but my mom told me to go cause it might be fun. The guy was shy around me so he asked my mom if it would be ok for him to take me. So I thought we had to plan for this prom but he never called me and never tod me anything. So a couple of days before he was telling me that he was planning a limo and the works. So I was getting excited. On the day of the prom I was supposed to get my hair done but the person that was supposed to do it went out of town. So I had to do my own hair which wasn't a problem. So I got dressed and he was a hour late so I was getting mad. Then I saw a Lexus pull up and I thought it was him but it was only his brother. Then I saw his mother hooptie pull up and he was in it. So we took pics. and I thought we was going in the Lexus but to find out that his mother was driving us to the prom in the hooptie. So then we got to the prom and he left me by myself. And since I was a sophomore I hardly knew anybody there. So then he introduced me to this girl and told me if I could take pics of them two together, and I was mad. So I talked to this junior and we talked and danced. While dancing my date interrupted us and told us that we had to go take prom pics. He didn't have enough money so I had to pay half of it and when he got them he didn't give me none. So then he told me that we had to leave cause his mom was waiting for us in the car. So then we went out to eat and instead of going to a restrauant we went to eat at Burger King. Now I'm a Junior this prom is going to be much better. I got a new date (Someone that I like) and me and him are planning the prom together. So I hope this one be better.

-- Melissa   I.C. Norcom High School   Portsmouth VA

well my first prom wasn't a complete disaster. i went with my WONDEFUL boyfriend of a few months. so, my pissed of ex kept watching me all night, (kinda a stalker btw), which weirded me out. b/c i went to prom with my BOYFRIEND instead of HIM. ..jerk.. and then there was the fact my b/f disapeared for quite a while..but anyway. that all got fixed. the embarassing part was this: see, i had my older (shorter, and fatter) sister's prom dress on from a year ago, right? well it fit me really nice in the stomach, but i have a little bit bigger boobs than her. so i was wearing my strapless with the dress, but i couldn't breath in a whole lot or the zipper in the back would break. so everything was fine, and we went to a garden to take pictures, and dinner, and Hastings (movie store) and some other places. well we went to the dance, and it was SO much fun! = but see my boyfriend is taller than me. so he likes to pick me up and spin me right? well he decided to do that, and as he spun me in circles, my back bent sideways, and my dress busted!! it didn't fall off or anything, but the zipper popped, so i couldn't fix it myself. I froze, left my babe on the floor, and grabbed my two girl friends. we rushed to the bathroom, one of them holding my dress together, and the other laughing her head off. well we unzipped the dress, and zipped it up, several times. and finally got it fixed. had to unzip it about an inch for safety. but it was ok. my b/f was so sweet. he didn't mention it the whole night after my fleeting moment.

-- Meg   FHS   AZ

Our school's prom is seniors only or to be invited. Well, I was a junior last year and i was invited to go to prom. I was so excited. Dinner was great, when we got to the dance everything was fine. I started dancing with my date and i, just then, found out that he can't dance AT ALL! it was so horrible! i wound up dancing with the guy that i was "dating" at the time (I had lost my virginity to him), for the rest of the night i was avoiding my date!

-- Valerie     Washington

My friends and I have the worst lluck with dances! First this one friend of mine, total forgot her period and she wore a white dress to prom. That didn't go so well for her. I am even more unlucky than that though. I like this kid, Micah, so I asked him to the prom. After many rumors at school that he was going to say NO, he said Yes. So things were sorta strange to start with. I got this dress that was beautiful. It had a train on the back off it and everything, it was so elegant. So, I get to the dance and everything is going great. My date and I are dancing to the Boot Scootin Boogie when he runs behind me without me noticing and jumps on the train of my dress. The whole things rips off and leaves me standing there in my see through bra and thong. That had to have been bad enough and then my date high-fived his friends and yelled," Who would go on a date with you,UGLY!" It was the absolute worst embarrassment and heartbreak ever!

-- Lisa   East High   Salt Lake UT

I went to my Halloween dance in this really cute, very short baby blue dress. There was one guy I wanted to dance with, and he asked me to dance. Of course I was sooo excited! We started grinding to a fast song. He put his hands on my legs, and then put them up my skirt and accidentally flipped up the back of my dress, to show of my matching baby blue thong to the entire crowd of people dancing around us and of course the yearbook cameras. I was sooo embarrassed that I left the dance floor. In my hurry with my heels on I tripped and fell, but the adorable boy I was dancing with ran after me and helped me up. Even though it might have been a horribly embarrassing night, it ended up being the start of an awesome relationship.

-- Kristen   WHS   MA

It was my year 11 ball and i was wearing a bright yellow satin dress and huge heels. I got bell of the ball and as i was walking up onto the stage i stepped on my dress, tripped and fell flat on my face. I got up and walked on to the stage and as i was dizzy from the fall i lent back and the heal of my shoe snapped of and i broke my ankle! i was so embarresses by the whole incident, but all i could think about was my ankle . so there i was lying on the floor in tears with the whole school laughing at me not knowing that i had broken my ankle.

-- Sara   GIrrawheen Senior High   Perth WA

ok you think that your stories are bad so i get a new dress thats all set i go to get my hair done all set then im on my way to prom i get there my $50 shoes break i had to duck tape them back together and they my grandmothers pearls break all over the floor not to mention that i was wearing the same dress as the girl that i couldnt stand! so my night was virtually ruined but i hope that this year will be much better~!!

-- Ali     Milford MA

I bought this killer dress and had the best date. Everything was going fine until he came to pick me up. He was driving an old banged up burnt orange pinto. It broke down on the way there, so we had to call my mom to come get us. She brought us to the prom and just as i thought things couldn't get worse I got homecoming queen! As i was going up to the stage somebody got mad that i won and she pulled my strapless dress down. Everyone was laughing! But i got her back! I pulled her hair and we got into a big fight. Me butt-naked and her fake hair on the floor the principal broke us up! I won! My date handed me my dress.

-- Taryn   Athens High   Athens AL

It was my first dance ever. and i wore a tight fiting sea green dress, it looked cute. i was on the dance floor, my date had left me, and i was dancing with some old friends. limp bizkit came on and my friend, tyler, picked me up and was holding me in the air. the slit in the back of my dress ripped up past my butt to mid back. i was almost in tears. the whole dance floor was starign and laughing, even the dj pointed me out. but tylers sweet side showed up, and excorted me to the bathroom, walking behind me so no one would see, got some pins and pineed up my dress. i didnt find out till this year that the reason my date left me was, two other people told him i didnt like him and didnt want to be there with him. WHICH WASNT TRUE!

-- Meridith   Central High   Junction CO

Ihad just bought the prittiest prom dress ever and i tried it on and it fit perfect, in the dressing room. this dress was purple and srapples. i was a little ify on if i wanted to were the dress to my first prom of my high school career. April 9th came and all was well untill my date and i were dancing in the middle of the room and i raised my arms to put them around him and my dress came tumbling down! i was embarrased beyond belief!! The guy in the corner that i had had a crush on for 4 1\2 years was watched in astonishment to my horror. i thought my prom night was rounined but my date got a kick out of the whole thing and he helped me hold the top part of my dress up for the rest of the song. so we danced the rest of the night and from then on we had a night that we wouldn't soon forget.

-- Kristina   Buffalo Senior High   Buffalo MO

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