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I was at my social i lost my shoe and then someone stepped on my dress and ripped it. i had a white dress then someone spilled orange soda on me. i went to go to the bathroon to get it off when i had to take my whole dress off. i had to use the boys bathroom because the girls was occupied. Well i had two football players walk in on me and the next day i had the whole football team calling me.

-- Krissy   North Attleboro High   North Attlebor MA

well it was my junior year prom and had gone to get my dress it was so pretty well the thing was that it was white so i had to ware a thong and since it was a strapless dress no bra but anyway, my boyfriend picked me up in a limo and it was about 30-45 min till prom night started so you know prom night is like lets get fricky well we did and i was retouching my make up and everything so we got off and me and my boyfriend are like the popular couple in school everyone were waiting for us to get there. so we did, we got off the driver opens the door and check the back and i had forgotten to put my thong back on and he call out and says you for got your thong everyone turned and started laughingi was so embarassed i didn't know what to do or say. but oh well nothing ever change with my popularity.

-- Brenda     Manasquan NJ

i was walking over the bridge to go out to get drink and fell right on my ass luckley it was early and not that many people were there yet and thats all that really happened

-- Aubrey     Elizabethtown NY

I was wearing this long white ball gown! It was soo pretty. I went with my boyfriend of three years. Normally he is an out going kind of guy. The nite started out good then we sat down for dinner at prom. Well my boyfrind telles a joke he is laughing soo hard he spilles his pop all over my dress. I almost cryed! When we got our pictures taken right after dinner u can kinda see it! That was my juinor prom. I hope my senior prom with him is better!

-- Jessica     Trenton MI

it was my junior year and it was time for my first junior prom ever and i decided to go with a date well me and my date got there everyone was looking at us and i didn't know why and my date and i didn't come together so we met up there and i was wondering why everyone was staring at us and i never looked down and my date had on a dress coat some tennis shoes and some blue jean pants on i was so devastated that was the worst prom i had ever had

-- Ashley     Gurdon AR

Well this story didn't happen to me....i am graduating this year. I have a friend who graduated last year and she is CLUMSEY! And on grad nite when the choir was singing there heartbreaking farewell song and all of the graduates were walkin out of the room in a perfect line, she tripped head over heals right on her face! Everyone in the room started to burst out with laughter, and when she stood up her face was a red as a tomato. She was sooooooooooooooo embarassed.But at least we have sumthin to look back and laugh at. Just hope nothing like that happens to me this year!!!!!!!!

-- Onie     Sudbury ON

The night of my prom I got my period and I needed to wear a tampon because u could see a pad through my dress. I had never worn a tampon, and I didn't push it far enough up at all! In the middle of the dance, someone came up and asked me what i had stuck to my shoe. i was wearing a thong and the tampon had fallen out! not only that, but my white dress was now red at the back!!!

-- Victoria   Northern   Toronto ON

it was my senior prom i looked hott and so did my date so we get there and we r having a great time but my boobs were poping out of my dress so my date was touching them which i didn't like.so i went to the bathroom to fix it and when i came out he was making out with another girl.I went home crying really hard.

-- Allison     Vernon NJ

Well, I was at my prom with the guy of my dreams and the perfect dress. My date and I had been friends for four years before we started dating eachother. He's the perfect guy' he has a face like Freddie Prinze Jr., a sense of humor like Matthew Perry, and a body one can only dream about. My dress, was a white satin two piece that tied in the back. So we were at the prom and had just finished dancing. We were both a little thirsty and decided to go and get some punch. As luck would have it, as we were walking towards the refreshment table someone bumped the table and the punch bowl tipped spilling red liquid all over the floor. My boyfriend slid in a puddle of red and trying to keep himself from hitting the floor he grabbed for my hand, missed and ended up grabbing my dress. I slid across the floor bringing my boyfriend down with me, unfortunately my white, now red dress didn't follow. My skirt flew up over my head, but I could still make out the flashes of at least three yearbook photographers. After my boyfriend and I managed to unstick ourselves from the floor my ex-best friend came over and started laughing at me. My boyfriend then tripped her and she ended up in the giant red puddle.

-- Athena     Richmond VA

i was wearing a water bra and my date went to pin the corsage on me and it poked a hole in my bra spraying water everywhere!!!!!!! i was soaked and my dress went see through! I WAS SO EMBARASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

-- Loser     Sydney ON

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