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When my boyfriend came to my house to pick me up we started to fight in front of my parents. Then it began to rain on us. My hair got wet. Then we get on the boat(our prom is on the Gateway Clipper Majestic boat) 2 other girls had my dress on. Me and my boyfriend fought the whole night. But this story has an happy ending. My boyfried and I have decided to go to prom. We both sat down and talked about last year. We both agreed that we are not going to act stupid or immature and let petty differances get between a happy night for us!

-- Tierra   Penn Hills High School   Verona PA

in the middle off the prom I had to go to the bathroom then i went to my table someone tapped me on my shoulder i tough it was my boyfriend i turned around and gave him a kiss but guess who it was my boyfriends best friend

-- Julie     Miami FL

it was so embarrising first this complete dork got up on stage and started to sing i love you i honestly love u and yeah u know the rest and then the principla caught me and my boyfriend cory making out under the float lol it was funny funny enough i am still with him today lol

-- Sarah   San Diego High   San Diego CA

i was walking in to school and it was raining and in fell in front of everyone...then i was in front of everone and i fell again...i did that about 3 to 4 times... it was sooo stupid

-- Misty   Brewer High   Lay Springs AL

you see this in the movies & on TV but i triped into the punch bolw !!

-- Clarisse     NY

My boyfriend of almost four years and I went to the prom, and he rented a huge limo for us. In the limo we got a little frisky. After I freshened myself up in the car, we went inside. As soon as we walked in everyone was laughing and pointing at me. I ran into the bathroom before anyone could see me cry. When I grabbed some tissue, I realized my thong panties were poking out of the zipper on my dress. I was so embarrassed.

-- Denise   Berkmar High   Atlanta GA

ok I got this real pretty dress but the prob was that I couldnt wear a bra with it and well my mom did not like that idea so she bought me this bra that u glued on well I as my boyfriend and I were dancing I heard someone say "oh my god someone lost something" and as I looked down there was one of the cups!! I was sooooo embarassed!!!!

-- Beany   Tuscola High   Clyde NC

I went to my prom with Lee Nevitte, who i had a crush on since grade 7!!! I was wearing a strapless gown, and i decided that I shouldn't wear a bra. So we get there and are dancing really fast. Then me and my friend Wendy decided to dance on the stage and it was really hot! It was like 100 degrees! Suddenly I felt cooler and everyone was laughing. I looked down and my boobs had popped out of my dress! Even Lee was laughing!

-- Carly   Hodgson   Toronto ON

IT WAS LAST YEAR AT our schools spring fling and we had to walk up our stairs in order to get on the stage my dress was so long as i was walking up the stairs my escort steps on my dress i had to grab my dress IT WAS STRAPLESS and he tore a hole in the bottom of my $200 dress my boobs were in my hand when i luuuked up my dress was mess up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOOOOOO EMBARRASING!!!!!!!C/O 2002

-- Valerie   OakHaven High   Memphis TN

well it was my prom and i don't have all that much money so we had went to a store that wasn't that excpensive .. i had gottin a great dress ..ok so well my date was on his way to my house and i had gottin in the car and closed the door bye ..we had gottin to the school and i had gottin out and realized my dress was dragin the whole way there .. well i had went the bathroom and tried getting it off i had gottin most of it off and then said things can't go wrong i went in the gym and my date asked me to dance .. as we started to date my strap most of broke and my left boob had started to come out i didn't realized until my date said,'' i didn't think i would see this that soon ..i ran out and went to his car..the next day at school every guy was sayin are you that quick with every guy ?.. i was so happy i wasn't going back..

-- Christy   Bathel School  

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