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I had a on a beautiful spaghetti strap dress and I thought I looked great. My date, Max, looked hot too, and I was really phsyched. It turned out I wasn't good enough for Max, so I caught him making out with the all-time slut of the school! And they were on top of each other and feeling each other up too. I was devastated. They were caught red-handed by me, and the slut's date, Josh! So me and Josh dumped punch all over them, and it turns out she was wearing a clingy white dress! Josh and I have been together since!

-- Cari     CA

Okay my most embrrasing time was At junior year a senior guy had asked me to prom he was fine so i got my prom dress it was strapless so when we go there we dance he picks me up and my whole dress falls down all of it showing everything my bra, thong even this boy was looking and the girl slapped him for looking but my date helped me lift and danced again to top it off my date said i liked your boobs and he asked me out( not just for my boobs)

-- Shikina   Sultana High School   Hesperia CA

A group of about 10 poeple all met at my boyfriends house before the prom so we could all go together. His mom decided to take pictures of everyone together so we had to walk downstairs. I started down right after my boyfriend but my dress was too long and I tripped and fell into him, since he was right in front of me. He turned around and hit his friend cuz he thought that his friend pushed me but his friend told the whole group about how I had just feel in front of everyone. The day after the prom my boyfriend broke up with me for one of the girls that was in our group and watched me fall down the steps.

-- Shana     MD

Well I was all hyped up because this was going to be my senior prom and all. So I got this real pretty dress and got this real nice looking hairstyle. My date was supposed to come at 8 and he was late it was now almost ten and i realized he wasn't coming so I decided to go there by my self. When I got there this boy who had a crush on me for 4 years spilled the drink he got for me down the front of my white dress. To make matters worse i saw my date kissing this other girl in the corner. You know I wasn't having that so i went up to him and kicked him in his balls and hit him over the head with my shoe. I got kicked out of the prom and was not allowed to go to the graduation cermony.

-- Alyissa     Baltimore MD

When my date came to pick me up, I thought it would be cool to do the dramatic walk down the stairs. You've seen it in the movies I'm sure. Well, on my way down the stairs I was so focused on my date's reaction to my appearance that I wasn't watching my footing and took a longer step then I should have and fell all the way down the stairs! It was awful, my parents ran over to see if I was alright, and sadly I had ripped my dress up one side. I still went to the prom, but I had to explain the rip and the bruise on my forehead to all my friends :( (My date found it quite amusing!)

-- Valerie     Chicago IL

I went to prom with my best guy friend, but he wasn't much of a date, so I spent most of the night dancing with this other guy. Well, I had just colored my hair the morning of prom, and while I was dancing with this guy and getting all sweaty, my red haircolor got all over his white tuxedo shirt, and he had to pay a fine at the rental place!

-- Sheryn   Tampa Bay Technical High School   Tampa FL

I had gotten this really beautiful and classy sort of dress for prom. It was white and it had black felt-like roses all over it. I only tried it on a few times to show my family. The big night arrived and to my suprise, I had black fuzz all over my underarms. It wasn't horribly embarrassing, but I did keep my arms down all night long.

-- Myrisha     MD

This happened to one of my freinds... My freind had this great dress that had these beaded straps... and she had gotten one of those stick-on bras to wear under it. To start the night off, her bra wouldnt stick, so she duct taped the bra to herself. Then, on the way to prom, she rode with her date and another couple... on the way one of her straps broke, and the beads went ALL over the car, she couldnt re-string them, so they stopped at a store to try to find something to hold the other half of her dress up. At this point they were looking all over the store for some ribbon or something, but couldnt find anything. Finally her date realizes that her purse strap kinda looked like her dress strap, so they bought some scissors and super glue. They cut off her purse strap and super glued it to her dress! The arrived wicked late and almost didnt get to eat the dinner that our school always provides. Halfway through the night her other strap breaks and the beads scatter.. and then because of the extra weaight on the super-glued strap, that one breaks too... soo she ended up super-gluing her dress to her skin! (it wouldnt stay up as a strapless.. it just didnt work...) thank goodness for super-glue!

-- I'm Glad It Wasn't Me    

Last year was my ring dance, and I was really excited! Only problem was, my (now ex) boyfriend was being a total jerk! He wouldn't dance with me, talk to me, or even stand next to me in pictures. I spent the whole eveing with my best friend Jeremy, and when Jeremy hugged me goodbye at the end of the night, the strap ripped on my dress and my left breast flew out! The whole ride home, my date was yelling at me for wearing "a cheap dress." Now Jeremy's taking me to prom... guess I'll have to get a dress with really strong straps ths year!

-- Ooops     Virginia Beach VA

at the prom i was taking pictures with my date. as we were leaving from taking pictures, we were heading to the dance floor and this girl name ashley who really hates me because i go with her ex- boyfriend. she bumped into me and spilled some of her red punch on my chest and it went all the way down my dress and it flowed down my leg to my shoes.as i was turning around to tell my boyfriend everyone started laughing, and one boy shouted out "look she's on her period".then they laughed even harder.then i ran out and i slipped on the red punch that fell to the floor.THAT WAS THE WORST DAY OF MY LIFE.

-- Amber   E.B. Erwin High School   Birmingham AL

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