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At last years graduation a friend of mine got her period last minute. All of us started panicking and examining her dress from head to toe.. Luckily there were no spots. We rushed her to the bathroom to put on a pad and when she walked out we were all so releived. Later on, walking down the aisle my friend candice noticed that there was a thin line of period blood on the bottom of her dress!!! it must of slipped into the toilete while she was sitting. Come to think of it it's not that funny. She cried for days.. :( (lol)

-- Alicia     Toronto ON

I was at my prom with a guy named David. He said he had a g/f that went to school in another county but I didn't believe him. He must have told her because when i made prom queen and he made prom king she walks in and wrips off my crown and dress. Then all of a sudden I was on the floor and I was being hit repeatedly over and over and over. I was in so much pain. After she realized that she had done enough to me she stands up and jumps and david and just beats his ass DOWN! Its funny now cause me and her are best friends. We joke about it all the time. I know not to make her mad cause i know that she can take me and just about everyone else.

-- Tiffany     Memphis MO

it was the night of the prom and my friend ( not mentioning any names) was getting ready for the prom at my house cuz we were going to the prom together,so anyway we looked realy good, andthe wost thing happend we got out of the limmo and her dress got caught in the door of it and ripped the bottom right off !!!!!!! and every1 saw her nickers ( he he he ) :):)

-- Emma   The MountBatton School  

ok here it goes: first of all i thought it was going to be awesome. i was only a freshman and a hott senior asked me. i went shopping and found the perfect dress! it was white with rhinestones and strapless. we got there did the grand march and pics. the works. then when dancing to a fast song, my dress ripped open at the crotch and exposed my yeah because i couldnt waear underwear with my dress. after we fixed it i was walking out and slipped in someones spilt soda broke on of my heels and when standing up my dress fell down to my ankles. it was the worst prom experience i hope ill EVER have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Lacey   Brookings High   Brookings SD

I went to prom in April. I was going to go because dances always turned out bad for me. I got a date. He was a friend of mine and just started dating someone else a few weeks before prom. When we got there it was as if I wasn't there. Hardly anyone talked to me and all. What's even worse is that my date was with his girlfriend. He never let go of her that night. Not to mention that he never danced with me. Now they know why I don't like dances and prom. I cried as soon as I got home and went to sleep.

-- Melissa   Moberly High   Moberly MO

Ok, the night was going great, and everything was perfect. I have a long red, strapless dress on, with long black gloves...everything looked stunning. Well, the people who put prom together decided to put candles on the tables. Well, as luck has it, i bumped into the table, and the candle tummbled right on to me, spilling all the hot wax all over my beautiful dress, and shoes. They were both reuined..It sucked pretty bad! And everyone wass laughing, but i had a good time.

-- Courtney   Liberty HS   Bakersfield CA

well i was at homecoming and i was with my date and all my friends and a really good song came on and i start to dance with my close friend and he was joking around and thinking about unzipping half of my dress and the zipper got stuck so you could see the bra and half of my under wear so if was really embarassing and everyone start to laugh even my date but he didn't care he just went dancing with my friend and didn't ask me if i was ok or anything but thank god my friend got it back up for me

-- Dina   central reginal high school   Seaside Heights NJ

I was really psyched because my crush asked me to go to the junior prom with him. Since i was also nominated prom queen, i decied to wear this kick but dress that was long, stapless, and red. When the winner was annocnced, i was surprised that my name was called. The only problem in this fairytale is that as i was walking across the stage to get my crown, i tripped on the hem of my dress. i fell down and completeley exposed my breasts. when that happened, my crush looked at me strangely. the judges also looked at me strangely and thought that i meant to do that so they took my crown away and gave it to the first runner up and i was unpopular for the rest of my high school years.

-- Abby   Laurier   London ON

well it was my first prom ever it was my junior year i had to take my uncle because i didn't have a date my dress was a aqua strapless long dress my ex boyfriend was there and he went around prom telling everyone we were incesting so i felt really embaressed when my ex comes up to me he says hi incest and my uncle hit him and knocked him out and we got kicked out of prom it was the worst time of my life but the party afterwards made up for it the next week of school made up for it also him coming to school with two black eyes

-- Hollie   Hamburg High School   Hamburg AR

I went with my boyfriend,derek, to prom. he drove, but then his car broke down. there we were stranded on the freeway. the tow truck came and i had to call my friend to come pick us up. when we arrived, we were just in time for the anouncement of the king and queen. i got crowded queen and my ex, tony was crowded king. as we took our dance, i could see derek was mad.he knew that i went out with tony for 3 years. Then derek broke me and tony apart and punched tony! they started to fight! tony ended up getting suspended.since derek didnt go to our school, nothing happened to him. but i ended up breaking up with him because i didnt want a boyfriend who was so jealous. i was so totally humilated on a the supposedly "best night of my life".

-- Alyssa     San Francisco CA

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