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I was wearing a beautiful strappless gown. Though i couldn't wear a bra cuz it looked really bad if i did so i decided that i wouldn't wear any underwear either. You know just for fun, well it turned out to be anything but that! When i was dancing my crush stepped on my dressand it ended up ripping off! All the guys began to hoot and my crush gave my his jacket. IT WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EMBARISING! Though i happened to find out later that night that my crush was a very good kisser and i've kept kissing him for a while now! It's our 3 year anniversary! P.S none off the guys that were there have forgotten my night in the spotlight!

-- Chris     Dahlonega

I was with all my friends and we had just gone to see a play and eat dinner. So I had a realy nice dress on.So I told my friends that I needed to go to the restroom before we left to go home. So they all waited on me. And when I came back out I had the end of my dress tucked in my underware! I was so embarrassed

-- Lauren   Lumpkin High School   Dahlonega GA

It my first prom. I was a Freshman and my date was "the senior jock"!!! He was everyting and I couldn't find out why he was gioing with me. I was 75 pounds overwiegh! When the prom was over all of his popular friends (and me) went to this nice motel. We were going to stay for 3 days and 2 nights. He left the next day and left me to pay for the 222$ a nite motel. He also destroyed my car and dress! I was so embarrassed and upset!

-- Christina   Capital Plaza High school   Washington DC

Well, my date was a total loser. He was 19 and didn't even have his permit. I was a freshman, he was a senior. We went, and we had been dating a while. He still liked me, I detested him. I had a crush on his best friend. Our picture was horrible. His butt looked huge in it. Also my dress was strapless and I had to pull in up every five seconds while we danced. Luckily I broke up with him. Well,I went to the prom last year with this guy that is a genuinley great guy. He was so wonderful. Turns out, when we went to the hotel where the prom took place, my ex was working there as the punch refiller! He ruined the whole night and harrassed us the whole time. We eventually had to leave. He just wouldn't stop. It turned out to be the most horrible thing ever and the guy I went with wont speak to me because of things my ex said. It was the most horrible thing ever. Maybe my senior prom wont suck like the past few times.

-- Lauren   AHS   Maryville TN

A tip of advice: remember when you buy your shoes how tall your date is!! I went with a guy who was naturally about an inch shorter than me, only with heals on the night of the prom i wound up being several inches taller. Talk about awkward!!!

-- Lexie   THS   Tennessee

I was really excited to go to prom because i was nominated for prom queen! I was so happy when they called my name that i ran up the steps to collect my crown and flowers. When i got up everybody got silent and started laughing! It turns out i was so excited to be picked that when they called someone else for prom queen i got up instead. to make things worse, the b***** that won said" sorry honey u just weren't popular.

-- Amy     Los Angeles CA

Okay I was at my prom, I had a a adorable red dress with little straps. Anyway I had no date(loser) but I made the better of it and desidded to go with otheer friends who also didn't have a date. Ii ahd never washed my dress before anyway, It was rainning outside so we where trying to stay dry when I looked down and noticed that I had red steeks running down my arms I I lifted up my dress and noticed that my legs where red too, the same thing happend to my best friend so we went to a local lake and went skinny dipping and drank wine coolers all night. It was the best night of my life. You just have to make the best out of any and ever situation and don't let it bring you down.

-- Peanut   Bonners Ferrry High School   Bonners Ferry ID

my date for the prom was a little late, which wasnt the biggest deal, but he came in the most obnoxious yellow tuxedo that i have ever seen! and to make matters worse, he was the worst dancer! that was the most embarrsing thing that happened to me on a looong time!

-- Lindsey   Anoka High   Anoka MN

Ok it was prom night and my date was already an hour late. He finally gets to my house and his whole family is in the same car! We get to the prom and my dress(red with little flowers on the back) rips open on the side which then exposes my red thong and blue bra! I ran into the bathroom crying and my friends came in to see what was wrong. I told them about it and being the fashion police they are, they rip open the other side and put 5 pins in each side. It wasn't all that bad looking. But later on that night i caught my date and his ex making out in the hallway. So knowing me i went and got my ex boyfriend and we made out infront of him. He didn't take that so well...he went home crying and i felt so bad!!

-- Jackie     York

I was going with my boyfriend, and afterwards we were going out to eat with his best friend and his girlfriend, Holly. Holly and I absolutely hate each other, but we agreed to get along that night. I had a short, strappy dress on that fit really tight and was cut really low. Right before we took pictures, my boyfriend, Matt, pulled on the back of my dress and broke both straps, and my chest nearly popped out of my dress. We couldn't find any safety pins, so we had to staple my dress back together. Then, after we took pictures (you can see the staples in the pictures) we left the dance to go eat, and 2 of our other friends decided to come with us. Well, we all piled into a Honda Passport, and my dress straps broke in the back this time, but I managed to get a safety pin from Holly and left the other strap hanging. We had to eat at the nasty Waffle House, and while we were there, my boyfriend started flirting with Holly, which made me AND Matt's best friends really mad, and then our friend, Antoneo, spilled Sprite all over me! To make things worse, when we were about to leave, my parents show up out of nowhere and started asking everyone if they had seen "a little girl named Jillian".

-- Jillian   Cass High   Cartersville GA

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