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Well for junior prom i was the only sophmore invited by my huncky sweet guy i was so hyped i went out and bought a pretty white dress that was long and frilly and cinderella like. well we get to the dance and i was being stared at really funny then my sister (who is a junior) walks up and whispers in my ear "is it that time of the month" totall horofied i ran into the bathroom i had forgotten to take off my read granny panties i ran and called my folks and had them bring me my WHITE thong.

-- Carly   Timponogus High   Provo UT

My Prom date never came for me. well he showed up to prom and all my friends where like were is veronica and he said i don't know, then they where like you didn't pick here up and he is all well i didn't know were she lives so thankfully my little brother was there so my date drove all the pack to West Covina from Orange County to pick me up and the he tells me why didn't you tell me you needed a ride i wanted to die.

-- Veronica   Covina High School   West Covina CA

I've never been a big fan of high heels or anything that involves 'high or big'.I had the perfect solution to this minor problem,i bought a real long dress.Why?? I wore my converse tennis shoes,it was brilliant!! I was comfortable and i was dancing my butt off all night. This very popular song came on that i had to absolutely dance to, i went on the dance floor and as i got up i tripped over my extra long dress and as if that was the worst it wasn't.I fell right on my butt and "impressed" everyone with my shoes,so much for elegant!My boyfriend sat their with his mouth open,in disbelieve that his girlfriend was such a cluts.i recently went to a formal dance...i went out shopping for high heels!

-- Nancy   Colton High School   Colton CA

I was at my friend's house before we were to leave for the prom, and as I was walking down her staircase to meet my date at the bottom, I tripped on the hem of my dress, feel down the stairs, slammed him into the wall, knocked the air out of him, and twisted my ankle. All of this was done in a strapless dress. It was a year ago, and my friends still nag me about it. No staircases this year!

-- Paula     Minneapolis MN

My senior prom was going to be great so I thought!! My boyfriend came and picked me up at my house and left for the dance in the nice limo that he rented, everything was going great. When we got to the dance our song was playing to he asked me to dance, we were having a good time then all of a sudden he pulled the top of my dress down ( it was strapless), he didn't think he had pulled it down that far but he did, my boobs were in my hand and my dress was down to my waist. Just about everyone at the dance saw. It was so funny cause no one knew what to do they were all stunned standing there with their mouths open.

-- Tiffany   Crown Point High School   Crown Point IN

Well I have been dating Christopher for over three years and we plan to get married. He asked me to marry him about a month before prom so I was still showing off my rock to everyone the night of prom. We showed up on my Harley and everyone was watching us. Well we started dancing like crazy and then all of a sudden I felt my engagement ring fly into the air. I was mortified and I had to go and get it. I started crawling on the ground and my boyfriend got up on stage and told every one to look for it. It turns out it had hit my principle in the head and gave him a big indention. He told me to get it sized and made me leave prom. After prom was a blas and I'm now happily married, and yes my principle came to my wedding. Peace.

-- Alyse     salina KS

I was really excited when I got asked to the prom by a senior (who had just broken up with his girlfriend) since I was a freshman. I picked out a strapless navy blue dress that was too tight in the butt, so I had to wear my only clean thong that happened to be this funky lime green color. Unfortunately, my date's ex was really pissed that I was there with him, so during one point when a lot of people were on the dance floor, she and her friends came up behind me and ripped the whole dress off! I was just standing there in my thong (and nothing else) and I just wanted to die.

-- Jenny   Blackstone High School   Jasper MS

Last years prom was extreemly fun.I thought that nothing could go wrong. After prom was done I rented a hotel room with my date. Everything was going as I planed untill I realized I had a very bad stomach ach. so I told my date that I was going to go to the bathroom. I was constipated!i was in the bathroom for a half an hour.I felt so stupid that night I could have died. My date was so grossed out he left and hung out with one of his friends in his hotel room. By the way he didn't even sleep in my room!

-- Ricci   Jefferson Sr. High School   Alexandria MN

Junior year prom was one of the most memorible times of my life...It started out where my date, Troy (who happened to be the starting RB for our Varsity team..and he was hot) came to meet me at this park where everyone else was at. So we get all lined up in our group and there was like 18 of us total...he thinks it would be funny to lift up my dress when the picture is taken.. wow.. to take someone by surprise..that sure did it..that picture has been duplicated so many times..it's sad really...But me and troy are just friends now.

-- Reese   Ft. Wayne Area H.S.   Fort Wayne IN

I was at my prom, and we went in a limo so i was excited because well.. it was prom, so my boyfriend and I were making out in the limo before prom, and when we got there everyone was looking at us like we were crazy, so when they announced King and queen, me and my boyfriend were queen and king so we had to get up in front of everyone, so when we came back down off the stage, one of my freinds came up to me and told me that my lipstick was smugged all over my face! i was soooo embarresed!!

-- Laura   THS   VT

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