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my friend was putting on her clip on push up bra. when all of a sudden she stepped on the dance floor and POW! her inflatable chest popped. Boys picked them up and started to toss them around and make slam dunks in the basketball goal with them. This was so funny she was imbarresed for weeks.

-- Bianca   north garner middle school   Garner NC

It was suppose to be the perfect night I had this awesome dress and the hottest i mean hotttt and popular guy to go with me to the prom so finally the dance arrives and their just about to annouce prom queen when the geek of the school starts singing about how much he loves me and they have police escort him off the stage. So after that embarassing moment they finally annouced prom queen and I was the winner and when I walked up on stage this person that didn't want me to win grabbed the punch bowl and hurled it at me. on top off that my date didn't get prom king and a person that i didn't want did and so we had to dance that dance together and he stepped on my dress right at the moment when the newspaper reporters were taking a picture of us!! AND ON TOP OF THAT it was put in the newspaper with a picture of me with my thong on!!!!!!!!! That is it!

-- Alexia   Honolua High School   Honolua HA

It was my first prom (i was a sophomore), and I was asked by this really popular senior in my business class. Everyone was like, your going w/ Tom? They couldn't believe it, and neither could I, oh, he was so hot, anyways... the big nite came on May 25th. I had the perfect dress, shoes, hair, everything. I was so excited. He arrives at my house and he made dinner reservations at a really expensive italian resturant in our town. I ordered Chicken Parm, cuz its like the best. Well after we ate, we left to the prom. We get there and i didn't feel so good. I thought maybe its because i ate so fast, or i was just so excited, so i tried to shrug it off. Well as we were dancing i really didnt' feel good, so i was like Tom, i need to sit down, and he's like why... and as i was about to tell him.... i threw up all over his tux, it was sooo embarassing. I ran into the bathroom and started crying. So after that night, me and tom never spoke again.

-- Stephanie   SHS   NJ

My boyfriend had just broken up with me and I had lost some weight. I brought a date from a different school who was pretty hot and my dress was perfect. What a night. Well my ex walks in, and of course his jaw drops, so I strut my stuff. But lucky for me, my high heel turned and my ankle snapped. I fell on the floor, embarrassed, and then tried to get up. My ankle popped and I started crying because it hurt really bad. My ex just stood there, staring and didn't do anything. My date picked me up and carried me to and I spent prom night in the ER.

-- Yikes   GHS   Fayetville OR

I was a junior then, and my buddy Eric invited me to the prom with him. Everything was going soooo well that night. I was wearing a long black, cows nick dress, with a long slit on the side. Everything was perfect, until me and my date got to the prom. We were dandcing that night when this guy Billy, who I know 4 a fact thats hopelessly inlove with me, asked me to dance with him. I was feeling very nice that night, since everything was going perfect for me, so I decided 2 dance with him. That night, there were a couple of crazy people who decided to tie up couples together while dancing. Unfortunately, they found me, and tied me up with Billy. I guess they tied us up too tight, I was squirming out of it since I dont really feel comfortable getting too close to Billy. Well, the thing is, I was trying to get out of it, when my ever so happy partner started jumping to a fast song. I slipped and fell on my ass. My skirt went up and we were in the middle of the dance floor. Of course my partner fell on top of me. Everyone was laughing! I was soo embarrassed! To make things worse, I still couldnt get out of the thing so I sat there in the middle of the dance floor. Eric decided to help me, helping Billy up first. Then it was my turn t get untangled, he was on his knees when some jerk kicked him forward, falling between my legs. People were hollering for me to do one guy a night. Worse than that..... they got it on video. Everything, including my underwear.

-- Chris     Baldwin CA

It was the perfect nite and i had on a long dress which was very very puffie. So i kinda looked chunky! well, mi date arrived and we went to the prom in a horse and bugiee! i was planned to be the perfect nite until we got out of the bugiee and the horse had to go and i mean really had to go so i had a very large ummm lets say numbero two lol. anyways i was walking around it and slipped on a puddle of ice and fell right into the horse droppings. So my date said he wouldnt walk in to the prom with me covered in poop and he ditched me for mi best friend and i went in to the prom covered in nice smelly ploop!

-- Brin     Toronto ON

I borrowed a dress from a friend of mine who was more top heavy than me. It was strapless, and you couldn't wear a bra. I was pulling it up every 10 minutes. I told a joke, and everyone burst out laughing. I thought it wasn't that funny. They date pointed at my chest. I looked down and saw MY BOOBS!!!!!! The dress had slipped down. I was totally showing my boobs to everyone in the room! I pulled it up, and had the hold it for the rest of the night!

-- Kateryna     Hanford CA

I had bought my dress a few months before the prom, and I didn't relize it, but I had gained some weight. When prom night came around, I went to put the dress on, and it was hard to put on. My date had arrived like an hour early, so I had to hurry, so I wouldn't keep him waiting. I finally squeezed the dress on, and headed down stairs to the living room. I could tell that he noticed the weight gain. Well we headed out to the prom, and when we got their, he asked me to dance, so we did. I didn't relize it, but he was standing on my dress, and as we were moving, it was slowly ripping. I had to use the restroom so I went to walk off, but when I did, the dress ripped off, and everyone seen my little lace thong, and my boobs. I was so embarrased!

-- Sarah   Biloxi High School   Biloxi MS

It was my junior prom and I was so excited my boyfriend of two years was my date and the night could not be more perfect. My date arrived at my door and of course my mom wanted pictures. I knew this was going to be the best night of my life. As we arrived at prom everyone was getting out of there cars. I felt a little nervous.As we walked up the side walk I noticed that my shoe was slippery but I didn't really pay attention to it. We got through the door and all the sudden I fell right on my face! I broke my nose in 5 diffrent places and my dress came all the way up over my head. My dress was a light yellow color. and the blood coming from my nose turned it brown. My date had to call the ambulance on his cell phone and try to calm me down. When the ambulance got there they had decided to name me and my date prom dork and king. I was so embarrassed.

-- Megan   ACHS   Clinton TN

My boyfriend and I were dansing and I really had to use the washroom. So I was just about to leave and my dates bestfreind came up behind us and began to tell a joke.It was hillarious! I couldn't stop laughing and all of the sudden I felt something running down my leg!(uh oh) Everyone on the dance floor turned around and saw my accident, My date left and hoooked up withh his ex. I was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo embarassed. It was the worst day of my life! I didn't go to school for 2 weeks.

-- Mila   St. Andrews   TX

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