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The prom was on my 16th birthday 7th may and me and all my friends were so excited i saw this most beautiful pink dress in a magazine who this celeb woz wearin an i just had 2 hav it so i took the pic to a designer an she made it for me it woz so beautiful but i neva had a date and the day before the prom this guy called shaun who i woz mates wiv asked me! THen on the day i got all my makeup dun professionnly and I spent $100 on my jewellery and my hair woz curled with little pink roses in and wen i got there out of the limo shaun gave me a bunch of pink roses and then we all were dancing all night it was so good i just loved it then suddenly my teachers all made me and shaun go on stage and we were crowned king and queen and i got a little tiara and i was so happy becase i'd neva reely been thought of as been pretty before and everyone was so nice to me afta it there was a huge party and shaun asked me out we hav been goin out for over a year now and its all cos of the prom!

-- Courtney TN

Dress, Hair Jewls, Makeup, Shoes, diamond Tatoo, Gloves, Hand bag...You name is I had it. I was so excited because my boyfriend was taking me and I was a sophomore, and he was president, and captain of the football team! I could not have wished for more! My dress was everything I had wished it to be. My boyfriend was everything I wished him to be...until i found out about "her". We will keep "her" nameless. Even though he knew I was all ready, I looked beautiful, I had spent soooo much money, and I was ready to "prom" he still decided to tell me he had been cheating on me for 6 months, and he was taking his new gf to prom and yes she was in the freakin car waiting while he broke up with me. Talk about devistated. Just recently have I been able to forgive him. O, and to make it worse!...He moved in with her after he graduated. And shes pregnant now! So ya my 1st experience of Prom was not wonderful! ...You may think im making this up because its so devistating..but i swear im not. This really happend!..im even known for it now. But i did have guys turn on him though..even teachers. My dad doesnt live with me and my mom, and my brother was at college at UCLA so ya he couldnt take up for me. I almost decided not to go to winter formal this year because i was still mad, but i decided to forgive him. Which i think is the best way to forget about it.

-- Jinnae Trimble KY

Our junior prom was set for the first Saturday in April and I had had a crush on my best guy friend for over 4 years only to be told by him that he didn't want to lose me as a friend. Him and I worked together and we made a pact that if we didn't have dates we would go together. Well January came and I knew the only person I wanted to go with was him, so I asked while in the parking lot after a basketball game. He told me he would think about it but I was still excited at the possibility of him going with me. Three weeks later he told me yes and I was ecstatic! I had a dress before I even had a date and it was beautiful. I had the right makeup and jewelry and shoes also. About a month before the prom things started going badly. We had been set-up to go in 2 different limos before we finally got in one. He had told me that everything was up to me because he didn't really care, well turns out he did. One day I asked him to tell me what was going on and we got into an argument in the hallway at school and I started crying. This was 2 or 3 days before the prom. I went home crying and ready to find a different date. Well my mom talked me into going still. Prom night finally arrived and everything had been going perfect. Except we hadn't been talking the day before the prom. He arrived and was the perfect gentleman during the pictures and everything. There was a screwup with my corsage but everything worked out even though the corsage was huge...it went from my like the middle of my forearm to almost my knuckles. But it was very pretty. We left in the limo and went to dinner and that went good and then we arrived at the prom...still good. Until he left me in the lines for pictures so he could go dance and talk to his friends. I think he danced maybe two dances with me before he left me. I didn't see him for the rest of the night until we had to do the promenade around the cafeteria. After the crowning (he got prince) we went to the limo and they brought me home. He didn't even say goodbye or walk me to my door. So basically after my prom I went home while he went to someone's house and made out with one of my supposedly good friends who never even told me she liked him. So even though my date ditched me and I lost one of my good girl-friends I had a great prom night. I will definitely never forget my prom! I managed to forget him and still have a good time with my other friends and hung out with a guy who went stag. And it was one of the best night's of my life!!

-- Ashley Conklin NY

Mike's Crazy Prom What else can I say? Since the very beginning, everything was going wrong. I didn't formally start planning for prom until I paid for prom tickets, in April. At that point, I had no idea who was going to come with me, but I knew that somehow I would get a date. Little did I know exactly what was to come... Anyhow, since I didn't have an actual date, I made up a name for my prom date...and submitted a permission slip for "Jackie Damadakis." So far so good. After a few days, Seemant contacts me, inquiring about how much I would be willing to pay to get in a limo. After finding out that it was about $150 person, I said I could pay, and waited for more news. But, for a few days, there was no news. Orignally, Seemant, Sudip, Isaac & co. were all going to go together with Greg Feldman and whoever he invited. However, at some point, that large party broke up, and we all felt that getting our own, separate limo would be a much better and cooler idea. However, under circumstances that I still haven't really figured out, the two groups got back together and decided to get a Hummer. The choice was between a Hummer and the larger Excursion, but the Hummer was chosen because it was just much nicer, inside and out, than the Excursion. However, with this choice came some problems...more people were interested in getting in that limo than there was actually space for. So...some people got left out. That included me, Ivan, Nannan, Louise and Ken. I was pretty disappointed upon finding this out, and more disappointed when I found out that certain people didn't want Ivan's presence in the limo, or preferred to have other people in the limo and not me. I know my friends stuck up for me and as everyone knows, everything is cool now, but at that point, I was pretty damn pissed. At the same time, Ivan, who had just returned from Russia, found out in his ICY folder that he was not included in a prom table. Eugenia had not included him in the prom table request form, and the table already included me, Isaac and Mark Xue...three of Ivan's closest friends. Ms. Reifer told Ivan that Liz Tharakan, who was signed up at our table, was also signed in at another table, so Ivan was able to take her spot, and Liz was apparently OK with that. However, there was a misunderstanding, and Eugenia and some others felt that Ivan had kicked Liz out of the table. Liz and Eugenia are close friends, and understandably was upset that her friend was not at the table anymore. It took a few hours of arguing for everyone to come back on the same page. At the same time, I had asked a girl from New Jersey if she wanted to come to prom with me, and she said yes. However, the very next day, she realized that her senior trip to White Water Rafting was on the very same day, and she wouldn't be back until 8 P.M. that day. So...she wasn't able to come, and I was stuck with the extra prom ticket. Two more girls that I know also said they would have liked to come, unfortunately both live rather far from New York, and wouldn't be able to make it. I was getting pretty uneasy about what to do with the prom ticket, and started considering selling it to Joe Wang (who wasn't originally going to prom) or to Mihai (who as we know, left school in January after his battle with the Social Studies Department). In the meantime, I found out this crazy bit of information: the hummer apparently burned down. (see the article and photo here and here). The way I found out was also crazy (not to mention the fact that I was first to find out, without actually having a spot in that limo). I had gone to my ICY project at the Mayor's Office of Research and Media Analysis to finish up some hours because I wouldn't go after Monday, the week of prom. The only thing to do there on Sundays is the weekend press digest. So while I was looking through the Staten Island Advance, I noticed the article about a prom limo fire...which ended up being the very same limo rented by Seemant, Greg Feldman & co. Had I not gone to work that day, people may not have found out for much longer. The large group was now left with no other choice but to rent the Excursion. The Excursion, as I said before, was larger but not nearly as nice as the Hummer. However, people felt that more than 24 people could not fit in the limo, except for Isaac, who said if me and Ivan pay, we will get in. With that knowledge, on the day of carnival, me and Ivan left school and went to the Burger King on 86th street to get some lunch. While I was standing on a never-ending line for about 15 minutes waiting to order, my cell phone rang, and it was Seemant, telling me there was no space in the limo and that me and Ivan had to come back to school. So I got off the line at Burger King, starving and pretty annoyed. On the way back to school I spoke to Greg and Alex on the phone, trying to straighten things out, but to no avail. When we finally got back to school, I was in a nasty mood, and Ivan started arguing with Alex over what turned out to be a big misunderstanding...their attitudes toward each other. Then we started arguing about whether we fit or not, while some people tried to stay out of the argument altogether. I called the limo company and asked the guy how many people the Excursion fit, and he said 30. However, some others still were stuck on the number 24. In the end I was pissed, Ivan was pissed, and we weren't in the limo. We had to start planning a different way to get to school. I called Mihai but he wasn't sure if he would be able to make it (I still had the extra prom ticket, too). Then I asked our favorite teacher, Mr. K, if he would like us to pick him up and take him to prom. He was flattered, and loved the idea. Ivan then asked George Tan and George Eng, but both already seemed to have other plans, so they couldn't also come with us to prom. And there was still the matter of after-prom to deal with... Every night, me, Mark Pimentel, Sudip, Seemant and Ivan were discussing after- prom ideas, and no one could agree on anything. Caroline's was considered, as was a jazz club, the beach, or renting a cottage upstate. Support wasn't very warm for most of those ideas...in a group of 26 people, there was no way to reach agreement on anything. Finally, I thought I had THE idea. People that wanted to go to the beach or somewhere romantic would take the limo and go...wherever, but first, the limo could drop off everyone else that wanted to go somewhere like Caroline's or somewhere else in midtown Manhattan. People all thought it was a good idea, and I fell asleep that night happy that there was finally some agreement. Except their wasn't. Not many people wanted to go to Caroline's and no one had enough alternative ideas for what to do in Midtown. And the couples couldn't decide what they wanted to do, so my great idea fell flat. In the end, me and Ivan decided to reserve at Caroline's anyway, and see who would come. However, that also fell flat for two reasons. Everyone except me and Ivan decided they didn't want to go to Caroline's anymore. I was pissed off because I couldn't get in touch with anyone, I was pissed off because I had a prom ticket I couldn't give to anyone due to lack of interest, and I was pissed off that no one could possibly agree on anything. That night, unable to sleep from being so pissed off, I stayed up until 4:30 AM watching "My Cousin Vinny," drinking, and then watching Russia- Tunisia go at it in the World Cup. Before I slept, I made sure to set my alarm to wake me up for Spirit Day, however. Guess what? My alarm did not ring, and I finally woke up at 9:45 due to jackhammers drilling outside my house. Realizing I had missed Sprit Day, I went back to sleep. Fortunately, no one was home to also realize that I missed the trip and get pissed at me. Missing Spirit Day also meant there was no way to speak to anyone that whole afternoon about after-prom plans. Anyhow, I was sitting around at home when, in circumstances I cannot reveal, I found out that a friend of mine, Rheanna, apparently caught wind of the fact that my prom was coming up and I was dateless, and she apparently was interested in coming. I was elated. I was even in the mood to go and get a haircut at some place about 10 blocks from my house. Along the way, I spoke to Ivan and told him we have an extra passenger for the limo, and that we should just go ahead and book Caroline's. However, the fun was short-lived. That night, Ivan and others disappeared from the internet, obviously making communication difficult. I couldn't get in touch with anyone, and Rheanna was not home (later I found out she had gone bowling that night) so I wasn't even completely sure if she would be able to come, one night before prom. I went to sleep, pissed off at everything that had happened and also annoyed that I had to trudge my ass in to school the next morning. Before going to sleep, I e- mailed Rheanna and asked if she got my message and if she would still like to come to prom with me, despite short notice. I waited around for a reply for a while, and then fell asleep. I actually got to school on time the next day, and Comp Sci was cancelled. So I hung out in the computer lab until Psych, 2nd period. I took the opportunity to check my e-mail, but I only checked Yahoo mail, where I can also check POP mail for my media.net.gr e-mail account. Seeing nothing there, I surfed around online. However, just before the end of the period, I decided to check my hotmail account, where I can also see the POP mail from my RoadRunner e-mail account. Lo and behold, Rheanna replied! And she wanted to come! I immediately replied back to her, and ran to class, the happiest I had felt in a long while. So it was a damn good thing I missed Spirit Day. That meant I had to wake up early on Thursday and go to school, and not stay at home and sleep until the early afternoon. Had I done that, I would have never seen Rheanna's reply in time, and would not have had a date to the prom. Thank god for unreliable alarm clocks!!! After psych, I had some more free periods, so I logged on, and opened AIM, and Rheanna was online. I spoke to her and made final arrangements for prom, and obviously thanked her for coming to prom on such short notice (she found out from her sister that very morning that I had called...so Rheanna pretty much had 9 hours notice). The rest of the day went by fast, and I went home and began to prepare for prom. I had taken care of the car service bit the night before, but had to add one more stop to that list, Rheanna's house. I also had to go and order a corsage from the florist quickly. And I had to shower and dress. I managed to do all that in less than four hours, and the time had come for prom. I got in the limo, made a quick stop to pick up the corsage, and then got to Rheanna's house on time, despite the traffic that was choking the Grand Central Parkway and Astoria Blvd. Then, more traffic made it difficult to go up to Pelham Bay Pkwy. to pick up Ivan, but we got there. During the ride, I was chatting away with Rheanna, and she found the prom story (basically everything you have read so far) really funny. When Ivan got onboard, we kept talking and making good conversation. We got to Mr. K's building right on time (7:30) and his presence in the cab made the conversation even livlier, because Mr. K is a lively guy. And...we got to the International Toy Building right on time, at 8 PM. We were among the first people there, and got to enjoy the full cocktail hour. I also told Rheanna about "Jackie Damadakis," so when she signed in, she was sure to say that she was Jackie, lol. I was having fun, I'm sure Rheanna was having fun, Ivan was having fun, and we got to see everybody as they came in. Naomi and Eugenia came and sat with us in the cocktail area, and everyone got along fine. We also went and met up with some other friends of ours, and I introduced Rheanna to all. I also got in touch with Seemant and Sudip, and apparently their limo was having problems. They couldn't find Sudip's house, and ended up showing up at around 9:10 to prom. In any case, I enjoyed the cocktail hour, and then we went into the main room to party. By then, everyone showed up, and the fun was just beginning. After socializing for a while, everyone introducing their dates to each other or just meeting up and checking each other out, we sat down. The salad they served was weird, but afterwards, we all actually got up and danced, and that was fun, even though there were so many people on the dance floor that we barely had room to move. Dinner was alright, and afterwards we danced some more and then sat around and took lots of photos. Everyone was having fun but it was obvious that the night was flying by. And, the fun came to an end at 12:05. That's when the moment of truth came...what would people do after prom? No one could agree on anything, and an invitation to Lindsay's after- party in the Hamptons quickly fell through. Rheanna had to go home, since she had a senior mass the next morning at 8 AM, so I decided to go home with her (Ivan would come along, by virtue of having no ride), and then come back into the city, and surely by then people would have come up with something. So the ride back to Rheanna's house went smoothly, she was pretty tired, but she seemed happy, despite catching some zzzz's on the way back. After dropping her off, we called Seemant and found that they still hadn't agreed on anything. So me and Ivan decided to go to ESPN Zone if they didn't come up with any ideas. However, when we got into Manhattan, we found out that a lot of them went to Merchant's, on 62nd and 1st. So that's where we went. The owner didn't seem to happy with our presence and he made it clear that he wouldn't serve any alcohol. So we went up to the lounge area and basically sat around. Seemant and some others had gone to check out ESPN Zone, so me and Ivan were thinking of going there. No one was ordering anything, and the manager was obviously tired of our presence. Then Ivan brought out the 16% Russian sweet red wine. That immediately made him a pretty popular character there, and people enjoyed the wine, except the owner. He noticed the wine and began threatening us, so we decided to leave. However, ESPN Zone was apparently closed, so the limo came and picked everyone up, and me and Ivan went to the Ritz Diner, across the street from Merchant's. While the limo was there we took a look inside and I have to say, people had a point. It was pretty cramped in there, so we stayed out. We decided to go to the diner and keep in touch with everyone, and take a cab should people end up somewhere else. However, it turns out that some people just went to a jazz club that turned out to be a *gay* jazz club, while others checked out some clubs that were all closed for some reason, so they ended up driving around. They also ended up at a diner, so basically, people did the same thing me and Ivan did, except they had to dish out $90 more than we did, for the transportation. The night sucked, it was raining, and at around 5 AM when the rain had almost stopped, me and Ivan left the diner and decided to walk around the quiet streets of the Upper East Side. Seeing the peaceful side of New York City was fun, though I was feeling a bit tipsy from the wine, but me and Ivan always find something to chat about, so we weren't bored. Me and Ivan agreed...Rheanna's presence at the prom vastly improved the evening. It backs up what I felt before prom: having a friend to talk to that was independent of all the others and the prom-decision mess would be great. And Rheanna had made great company and I appreciate that. Anyway, by 6 AM, we ended up at Burger King at 86th Street. We decided to stop in for some breakfast, and this time, there was no line. I got a sugar rush from the Cini-Minis I ate, but Ivan caught a good half hour of zzz's while at BK. At 7 AM, we finally left and took the train to school. We were the first people there, except for some teachers, but within a half hour, people began shuffling in. Seemant, Sudip & co. milked the last minutes of their Excursion sitting inside it, outside of school, while we got to see everyone hung over and tired from staying up all night. I wasn't in the mood for breakfast, but I did pick up the souvenir wine glass...ironic, after all that had occured with Ivan just a few hours before, hehe. I found out that John Tierney was in school that day, speaking to Ms. Curtis' economics class, so I had to go, being an HCS/Minitrue member and all. I slept through the speech, but at least managed to physically stay in the room until 9:40 AM, when I finally had enough and went home. Sleep was sweet. 11 AM to 9 PM, and 2 AM to 2 PM the next day. I have to say this...with all the shit that occurred, this was still a night I will absolutely never forget. And in a strange sort of way, this whole situation was probably meant to happen. What would a Hunter prom be without confusion and some bitching? Everything turned out to be fun...well maybe except for the unlucky few that ended up at that gay jazz bar. I liken our prom to senior year...we go in with enthusiasm, then everyone started to get tired and stressed out (like the college process), there was some compromise (college admission/rejection letters), then we relaxed and had fun (second semester), then stuff all became strange and disorganized (after-prom...end of second semester). But when you look back upon it, it was all fun and something to remember, and it flew by FAST!!!! I wish prom had lasted much longer, but like senior year, it seemed to be over in an instant.

-- Mike New York NY

well,I went 2 the prom of my boyfrined. it was really good i neva tho it was goin 2 be like that.You get 2 do alot of things like i got of class early at 10am and then went 2 the mall and got my hair done my make up and then go get my nails done and in the end home put ur dress on and wait untill the limo comes 4 u and go 2 the prom take pic's with ur frineds and everyone in the prom go in the prom and dance all night long and then we went 2 eat and just talked with every 1 at the restaurant.I got home untill 2:30 am I had the best night thanx my my ex boy frined because we broke up but thanx justin

-- Anakaren Freehold NJ

I always been so busy working i never have a chance to go to a homecoming my high school career. I was able to go to my senior prom. I was on the fence and was not sure if i wanted to go. But my friend she talked me into it. She was dateless so i asked "her in the proper manor". I had to get measured for a suit which was not bad because the store had a ton. SO the days leading up to the prom was excting because i had know idea what to expect. I day finally came and all of us had a nice dinner at a local resturant. Then we went to the dance. which was in our gym. The junior class did the decorating it look awsome. So my date and I danced the night away. I really had a great time. Then we went to after activies. 2 things i want to say. I know girls you like dressing up, but i think you just waste your money. All girls are pretty no matter what there wearing. Girls please dont just order a salad at dinner. I felt so bad when my date just ordered a salad. Every have a safe prom and homecoming.

-- Tom Bridgeport WV

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