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Well.....I was in the 9th grade and i was dating a guy at a different school. At his school they have a 8- 7th grade prom, well he was in the 8th grade. Before i knew him he had already had a date to go to there prom. I didnt ask him or hint around that i wanted to go with him to the prom (i didnt even know about it). So one night he calls me and askes me if i wanted to go with him to the prom (of course i said yes), well i went shopping and got this really pretty dress, i got my hair down so pretty (i looked great) well when we got there i had found out that he told the other girl that he didnt want to go with her no more b/c he had a g/f and wanted to go with me, so she was there with no date, she even got her dress made! I was really upset about it. So all the girls thought it was my fought and none of them liked me! I was dancing and the guys would come up to me and start to dance with me, i guess he got made and came up to me and danced w/me! I just walked away and went in the bathroom! Some of the girls went in there and were talking to me and i said something about braking up w/him! so some of the gils went back and told him that i didnt want to date him anymore! (i know it was a stupid thing to do!! but i was thinking about it, but i wasnt going 2 do it there) so i just told him yeah it wasnt going to work out! i felt so BAD!! and the worse thing is that i had to ride home with him b/c we couldnt drive yet!! So i was at my softball game and he shows up and i couldnt even look at him! he told one of my frineds (he knew her thats how we got together) that she didnt even say hey to me!!! i felt even worse, and the worse part about it is that he looks so hot and i really messed it up!! but now i know not to make the same mistake again

-- Kayla Plymouth NC

well i'm a junior this yr. but last yr when i was a soph. i had the most interesting time preparing for my homecoming banquet (like prom). first i'll start w/ the dress. since i consider myself an original i have my dresses made so they'r not like any1 elses. the dress i chose 4 this yr would have made me look like a princess but my grandma who was supposed to help me make it didn't like it so she told meshe wouldn't make it, so i had so find a dress my mom didn't like any of the dresses i liked so i gave up & told her to pick my dress, it was hideous. any ways about the boys. i really liked this guy named "sphynx", he was one of my really good friends but he thought he was in love w/ this girl named bobbi (she can't stand him)so i knew he wouldn't ask me to homecoming. i knew colin wouldn't ask me so i set my sights on nick my ex who colin had told me to brake up w/ earlier that yr., then out of the out of the blue one of my other good guy friends named "yetti" asks me and i told him no which now i see was a big mistake cause he's lots of fun but we danced @ the banquet. then when i got to the banquet( i went by myself for the second yr. in a row) a bunch of the girls in my class were mad @ me & were giving me dirty looks one of them even called me a b****, i asked them y they were mad, they thought that i had stolen one of their friends dates, when it was really another girl named sue from a different school. then sphynx ended up telling l8r that night about how horrible things were going w/ bobbi it was so sad he was almost in tears. any ways me & sphynx have been going back & forth(liking eachother & not) since then, it's been quite interesting. that night was horrible i seriously hope this yr isn't a repeat.

-- Sue San Antonio TX

Hey, My grad night was the most wonderful thing that could ever happen to me! Well me and my boy friend had broken up a little before our graduation, when we broke up he asked me if i still wanted ot go to grade with him, i said yes, because if i didn't i wouldn't have a date and i had total intentions of still being his friend! Well we went to seperate schools so i went to his graduation with his best friend and he went with my best friend. One dance and he knew breaking up was a mistake, he whispered in my ear and told me how beautiful i looked and how i was dazzeling to look at. I wasn't allowed to go to the after grad party with him so i was upset that another girl would change his mind back. Nothing happened he still wanted me back. the very next day was my graduation and we all met at a friends house to get pictures taken and he gave me my crusag and i gave him his botinere. we got are pictures taken and they were really good, people thought we were totaly ment to be. Well after all are pictures were taken and we were off to the graduation, it was so well decorated the place looked wonderful. As we walked in he grabed my hand and held my hand as we walked into the gym. We had danced the night away it was so magical, Once again he whispered sweet things in my ear and touched my neck and back with his hands. I knew at that moment i wanted this to last forever. Well it ended just as wonderful as it started, except now we were together! we shared some great times together me and him! we broke up about 4 months later. we are now seeing other people but i still have strong feelings for him! See thats what a graduation is suppose to be like! although sex isn't a bad way to go either!

-- Rikki Boise ID

Well, i was all ready and i was waiting for my date and when he showed up it was like majic.He was acting alittle funny the whole night and i finaly asked what his problem was and he asured me that there was nothing and i should continue with the night. He went over to talk to some buddies and i was in the middle of the dance floor were my friend were all standing and i asked them to go sit and talk but they insisted that we should stay there. Not thinking about everyones weird behavior i stayed. After about 2 minutes i heard a voice that i knew well talking over the microphone. I looked up and there was my boyfriend beet red in the face talking about how much he loved me.I belive he said something along the lines of him loving me with all his heart the last 3 years and that even though we were off and on that his heart still belonged to me.A song of Paul Brant came on and this was my favorite song.He walked up to me and got on onr knee and opened a white ring box and said "i promise to love you forever and be with you whenever you need me". I started to cry and i said i love you and we danced and stared into eachothers eyes all night long. This was my best moment in life so far.

-- Brandi MB

Well, I haven't been to prom yet. Because I had a stupid a** boyfriend who doesn't (still in present tense) know how to be a man. We had planned on going to his prom forever. I bought everything, and was so excited. About 2 weeks before prom, he decides he doesn't love me anymore so he breaks up with me. He promised that we would still go to prom. Then he said he couldn't afford it, so I told him I could pay for it. No, he wasn't brave enough to tell me he just didn't want to go with me. So I end up sitting at home, in my prom dress, crying my eyes out, While he goes to prom with another girl, because "she paid for it" ??? At the time I was a sophmore so I couldn't go to prom by myself. I'm going this year with or without a date.

-- Kristen Greenville SC

I was a Junior on prom committee, and was selected to be one of the few members on the prom court. My boyfriend and I had planned to go to the prom together, this one being the second in a row for us. The date of the prom was the last Saturday in April. I was a little dissapointed, however, because I play on the girl's varsity soccer team, and we were going to have an all day tournament the day of prom. Needless to say, this was the first of several problems that would occur. Just weeks before the big night, the biggest problem of all came. My boyfriend and I began to have a lot of difficulties in our relationship, and I couldn't be with him any longer. That's right, I dumped him 2 weeks before prom, just 2 days after he had rented a tux. I felt really bad about that. We agreed to go together anyways. Bad idea. While we put on fake smiles and made simple conversation, nasty comments resurfaced that both of us had been telling our friends behind each other's back. We had an argument right in the middle of the hall, and called the whole thing off. One week until prom, and I was dateless. Worst of all, I was on the court, and had a chance to be prom queen, so I had to be there! That weekend I went to a party, and tried to forget about the problem. All of my guy friends had dates already. But that night, I began talking to the Australian foreign exchange student, who seemed really cool. A friend of mine who knew him suggested that we go together, so we did. We talked a little on the phone to make plans, and I was incredibly nervous, it was practically a blind date! I never had one before. Ok, so prom day, of course, the soccer tournament. Not only did we play more games than I thought we would that day, our last one went into overtime and a shootout. It was in a town that was 45 minutes away too, so when the bus dropped us off at the school, i sped home. I looked at the clock: less than 1 hr until I was supposed to meet my date. Terrific. Luckily I had everything planned in advance so I finished up in time. I could have looked nicer, but I thought, screw it. We did all the stuff leading up to prom, and I got to know my Aussie friend a little better. It was strange because he had never been to a formal dance, but he really liked it. I spent a lot of the night explaining things to him, not only about prom, but about a lot of everyday American things. It was a good experience overall though, he absolutely loved it and we both had a blast. We had a lot in common and didn't feel like we had to hang around together the whole time, it was very relaxed. So that's my story, living through it was kind of hard at times, but now I definitely look back at it all and have a good laugh. :)

-- K.J. WI

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