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Prom 2001. I was a freshman, there was a senior guy, we were pretty good friends, he wasn't going to prom because he didn't have a date, and he didn't have fun the year before. I told him since it was his senior year, he had to go, little did i know he was going to ask me. It sounds like i had it all planned out, but i swear i didn't. Well, he was kind of a nerd, but since we were friends, i went with him. We didn't have reservations at our restaraunt, so we had to wait like 30 minutes. By this time he was really getting on my nerves. Luckily my best friend and her date were with us. Since we had to wait so long we got to prom in time for one dance and to wait in line 30 minutes to take pictures. Needless to say, Prom sucked!!! We went to an after prom "get together" (there weren't enough people there to call it a party) well my best guy friend was there, and this other guy that had liked me for a long time. I ended up ditching my loser date and kissed about 3 or 4 other guys, i felt bad afterwards though, my date didn't say a word to me on the way home. But he was acting like an 8 year old, i had to get rid of him.

-- Adhley TX

So, prom was on May 6, which was also my 16th birthday. I began getting ready during the afternoon, and my boyfriend still hadn't called me to tell me Happy Birthday or to even tell me what time he was picking me up. By 5pm, I was so pissed cause I hadn't heard from him, I took off my dress and got into comfy clothes. I WAS NOT GOING. The around 5:30, he calls my Mom, asking where I am. He thought I was going to get dropped off at the park or something. Freak. You ususally pick up your date. He came to my house to pick me up, and to his surprise, I was in jeans, and I firmly stated: "You asshole, I am not going." I continued to tell him off while he gave me lame excuses. Then he left. Then he calls me on his cell phone, crying, saying he loves me and wants to go to prom...blah blah blah. My Mom insisted I go, so I got dressed and went. As I get his little flower thing, he realizes he forgot my flowers at his house. Freak. The entire night, I was angry, and I rarely talked to him. Good thing that there were other people around to talk to and stuff. To top it off, my boyfriend looked horrible...his tux was ugly. Freak. We went to a really lame after- party, and I was still angry, so I insisted on leaving. He took me home, and I just went inside, without saying a word. I planned on breaking up with him, but I didn't. It was really weird for him to have acted like this. He is usually the sweetest guy...but prom was just odd. Well, I ended up cheating on him during the Fall with a friend (who by the way, is awesome, and will probably come with me to my prom) and he and I have been going pretty steady for quite a while. As for my ex? He has taken a turn for the worse (drugs and I think he has an eating disorder), and I don't talk to him anymore. I vow to myself that my prom this year will be the best it can be. I'm going to be a princess!!!

-- Christine Sun Prairie WI

I went to Prom of 2001 but it wasn't my senior year. I in fact was only a junior but I knew a lot of seniors and was good friends with many of them. I'd had a dream to go with my good friend that I'd had a crush on for oh a good six years. He didn't know I liked him that way since we had been friends for seven years. He got a girlfriend in February of 2001 and let's just say they ended up really liking each other and the inevitable happened. They went to Prom together. Meanwhile I was asked by a friend of mine (we were ok friends not really close though and I had no feelings for him other than friendship)and I went with him. It was a great night for me yet also one of the hardest in my life because I had to see the guy I had always dreamed of going to prom with, with his girlfriend. I ended up dancing with a lot of guys but the guy I went with asked me out halfway through the night and I turned him down. I couldn't go out with him because I really cared about someone else even though I knew I had no chance with him. Pretty much the moral of the story is only go to Prom with someone you really care about if you want to have a great time and go with someone you are ok friends with if you want to have an ok time. I'm hoping on my senior prom in 2002 I will go with someone I really care about.

-- Kristi Portland ME

I went to my junior prom with my boyfriend at the time, who was a senior at another high school close by. Our prom was on April fools day. My boyfriend kept telling my mother that he was going to play a joke on me. I begged and begged my mom to tell me what it was and she said she it was really nothing and not to worry about it. Well about an hour before my boyfriend and his friend (who was going with my best friend) were supposed to get to my house my mom came in my room all upset and told me that my boyfriend was going to be running a couple hours late....I started freaking out forgetting that it was probably a joke. Half an hour later my date and his friend pulled up in his mom's white mustang convertible. Both of them looked great. We went over to my friend's where the limo picked us up and got pictures. The prom was great, other than the food which totally sucked. After prom a bunch of my friends slept over my house. It was a great time.

-- Mandi Philadelphia PA

Well, this was my first prom. It took me forever to find the perfect dress and everything to go with it. I'm a junior this year and I was asked by a senior. He's a good friend of mine, so, I couldn't turn him down. His friends kept telling me just how much he liked me, so, I guess I thought that spending a whole night with him would show me if he was boyfriend material. Anyway, he showed up exactly on time and bought me a gorgeous corsage. My mom was very impressed with him. Even now she tells me how great of a guy he turned out to be. We went to a nice restaurant for dinner. Well, I guess we weren't the only ones. The place was packed and we had to wait 2 hours for dinner, which made us miss the first 1 1/2 hours of the dance. There was a small mishap. The waiter spilled some ice tea on my back, but luckily I was wearing a backless dress, so, none actually got on my dress. All through the night, my date kept telling me how beautiful I looked. He practically showered me with compliments, which was really nice of him. The dance was really great and I was really impressed with everyone. I've never seen all my friends look so beautiful. I danced all night and we took several professional and regular pictures. I got to dance with most of my guy friends. On the way home we got a little lost, but found our way soon. There was no good night kiss, 'cause my mom was waiting for me and she came to the door to ask how things went. But I realize now that it wasn't meant to be for us. We're great friends, but nothing more.

-- Hanna Fresno CA

Last year was my date's junior prom (i was a sophomore) and it was absolutely awful. I am blonde and very pale and the dress I ended up getting was white- I was like a ghost. My hair was a mess... I wanted cute ringlets- what I got was Shirley Temple gone through a meat grinder... My makeup didnt turn out well and I looked totally washed out. I went with my ex who I was still really good friends with even though he is a total jerk (i just didnt realize it). Anyway, we went and it wasnt anything special... The guy I like's girlfriend from florida flew in and made me jealous... Hmm... Anyway. We leave after prom to go to the afterparty. Well my stupid date forgets the directions (he didnt write them down because he "knew" he would remember them) and we dont get there until like 2. He is yelling at me the whole time because i was upset that we were lost and didnt know where the party was... i got to the party, was miserable, and went to sleep. Thats about it. I woke up sick. This year is my junior prom and i realize that the guy is a jerk and can't stand him. I like the guy whose girlfriend came in even more (he broke up with her a week after prom) and guess what?! he asked me to prom!!! i am sooo excited! my dress is really fun- not so much pretty and romantic, just plain fun. Its an attention grabber. Its a VERY bright pinkish orangish redish color and just really simple. I have cute sandals and I am not really sure how i am going to do my hair. prom is in 2 days and i can't wait. even though my date asked me to go in january (its on may 5) i still cant believe he asked me!! this prom will definitely be awesome. its the last time i'll be able to go to a dance with my guy bc he is a senior and graduates in less than a month. :o( Oh well, ill still have a blast!!!!

-- Len Orlando FL

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