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When I went to Prom with my boyfriend I was only a freshman. He was a Junior. I was sort of nervous since there weren't going to be many freshman there but I knew a lot of the upperclassman. I saw this AMAZING dress in November and KNEW I had to have it for prom. Even though Prom was 6 months later! Well in March it had gone down to 60% off and my mom bought it for me! I started crying when I saw it! It was the only one left and it was my size. I tried it on and it fit perfectly. Everyone thought that I had to have it altered because it fit THAT good. It looked exactly like the dress Gwyneth Paltrow wore to the Academy Awards.. you know the pink one? Well anyway, I got the perfect necklace and earings and had the perfect date. We had the most amazing time at dinner and prom and had tons of fun bowling at post prom. I wouldn't have changed ONE thing about that night. It was the best night I've ever had! He was such a gentleman and looked so wonderfull in his tux. He even washed his car for me! haha. We had matching flowers too. There wasn't one thing that went wrong that night. I can't wait for next year!

-- Heather Chicago IL

I had my senior prom a few months a go so this story is a but late. it was the most wonderful night of my life and i think i'll nevef forget it. I had been asked by my best guy friend to go with him and i had said yes he had asked me a few months earlier and over the few months i had began to like him more than a friend anyways getting back to my story it was wonderful my hair was perfect and i had the nicest dress it was ice purple with black ribbon that tied it up at the front and it was just brilliant my make up was done perfect and i looked great. so everyone told me ME and my date had decided to go in a limo even though thats what everyone does so i was outside waiting for him cause he had called me to say he was about 2 minutes away when i saw this horse and carriage pull up and he got out with a blue rose and helped me into the carirage he said he wanted this to be a night id never forget and that a limo was to normal and no one would be doing this. When we got to the prom everyone was ourside waiting for me (cause he must have told them) we had a great dinner and danced the night away we then went back to a hotel room where me and my best friend where going to spend the night (not have sex) cause we couldnt be bothered going home i saw on my bed there was a little box with my name on it and he told me to open it. in it was the most beautiful ring and he asked me to go with him to be his girlfirned cause he had developed feeling for me i criyed it was so sweet he then turend my most favorite slow song on and we danced the night away it was the most romantic night of my life and we are still together 4 months later and we love each other heaps

-- Katie Beverly Hills CA

well, this is kind of the whole story, the asking of the dates, the dance, AND graduation. so it starts i meet a cool guy from another school through mutual friends. that was the beginning of january. we hung out a bit... then on valentine's day, he asked me to his prom which was on june 2nd. well, after about a month i decide to ask him to my prom. in march, after a play he was in, a bunch of us went somewhere and carpooled. when he took me back to my car, i got out of the van and went to the window. i said "hey ryan, so, do ya think you'd be free on may 4th so you can go to my prom with me?" he says "yeah, i think i can pencil ya in" so now it's may 4th. we meet up with my best friend and her date who goes to school with ryan. we go, we have tons of fun, the best ever. then after- partied at my house. june 2nd rolls around and i've been out of school, but his school hasn't, i thought it would be weird going to a different school's prom, but i have so many friends from that school, it was just like it was my own prom. he was on prom court with another friend of ours.. they both lost but that's okay. had a really great time that nite too. the next day, the 3rd, was my graduation. it was a sunday, in the gym... boring ceremony except for one great speech by a great teacher. that nite a bunch of us gathered at a friends house and just hung out all nite. i know this story wasn't spectacular or "wow! i hope my prom is like that!" but i loved it and i guess i just want to say that to all you seniors this year, have fun! have as much fun as you can!

-- Same Geneva OH

Senior Prom 2000 A "Magical Moonlight" Night The theme to my Senior Prom "Magical Moonlight" held true to its name and fit perfectly in describing my prom night. Saturday, April 15, 2000 will always hold a special place in my heart and will be a night I remember forever. If there ever was a "fairy tale" come true, my Senior Prom was it. The making of this dream started months before my actual prom. Every girl asks this most important question "Who am I going to go to my prom with?" and for some the answer is easy and for others its a nightmare. I had no idea who I would go with or if I would even go. I knew that I wanted to go because being a very sentimental person, I didn’t want to miss out on this high school experience and memory. Finding a date to prom...not an easy task for a lot of people especially those of us without steady boyfriends and girlfriends. But what if for once everything goes right and fits together perfectly? Well that is what happened for me. A very good and close friend of mine from the Internet came out one day and told me that he would love to and be very glad to take me to my prom. When this idea first came about, we had not even met in person for the first time. But somehow, it seemed right and so perfect. I think we were both called crazy and out of our minds, but it didn’t stop us. Things worked out and we were able to meet face to face for the first time just a little bit over a month before my prom. That first meeting went really well and after that I knew I wanted to go to prom with him and nobody else. It was now official, he was going to come and take me to my prom, so we started making plans, getting ready, and counting off the days. He said he wanted to make it a night I’d remember forever and the best memory I had from all of my high school years. He told me that it was my night and he’d do his best to make sure I was happy. The weeks went by fast and as that time finally came near, I was both very excited and nervous. He took off from work, would fly to his mom’s house which is about a 2 hour drive from where I live and spend some time with there for a few days. Then he’d rent a car, drive down here, and take me to prom. He called me the Friday night before prom so we could work out some of the final details and then everything was all set. The time was finally upon us. I woke up prom morning with a racing heart and did all the things girls do- Hair, dress, shoes, makeup, I had to make sure everything was perfect for my one soon to be special night. As I was getting ready, the phone rang. It was him calling. He said he was running a little behind so he’d be a little bit late, but not to worry, he’d be there. He made sure he called me to let me know so that I wouldn’t be concerned. Now wasn’t that sweet? How many guys actually call to let you know when they are going to be late? :) He also called about 10 minutes before he arrived at my house to let me know he was almost there. When he pulled in my driveway, I could feel my heart start racing again, but I Just had to smile- the night had started. He also brought me a really special gift which I totally love and its so cool :) I'm a huge nascar racing fan so he got me (somehow, someway) an inflateable chair of my favorite driver, Rusty Wallace. Its those little things that can mean so much and I know he climbed a thousand mountains to get that thing for me because its not just something you can go out and buy off a shelf somewhere. Of course we did all of the usual pre-prom traditions. We sat down and talked with my parents for a few minutes and took some of those all important pictures to make the memory last forever. We should have taken more pictures, but you just don’t think about all that, everyone is just so caught up in the moment. Plus it was raining so that kind of put a damper on the situation, but nothing could rain on our parade. :) Then it was time for us to begin our adventure so after the hugs, "goodbyes," "love yous," and the "be safe and careful with my baby" from my parents, we left and set out on our own. I live in a small, rural area and he had told me that "it wasn’t anywhere around here to take a prom date for dinner." and he said he wanted to take me to some place nice to eat. So we had made plans to drive about an hour and a half to go out to dinner. Hey, yeah, I know, that’s crazy, but isn’t this whole thing crazy? :) But isn’t it also so sweet? :) And what guy actually wants to take a girl out to a nice place for a nice dinner? :) So I definitely took him on his offer, I wasn’t turning that down for anything. On the way to dinner, he drove, and we just sat close, talked, listened to music, and held on to each other. We still didn’t know exactly where we were going to eat so once we got to where we were going, we drove around a few minutes checking out the estaurants. He stopped at a gas station and asked for some more ideas. We finally decided on a place to eat- Ruby Tuesdays. We got to the restaurant and he went around and opened the door for me and helped me out of the car. Such a gentlemen :) It was still raining so he held the umbrella for me as we walked inside. Once in, we were seated in a booth and given our menus. We sat and talked and finally decided on our food. We both ordered steak and baked potato. We had a really great meal together and enjoyed every second of it. The food was terrific and getting to spend that precious time together was even better. We had several people including a couple of waitresses ask us if we were going to a prom or some kind of dance. When asked where, we had to explain that we were from out of town and why we were there eating, LOL. They all wished us a great and safe time. After dinner came the "big event." It was now off to the prom. We got to prom at right around 8 PM. Since I’m a Senior that meant we were in the "Grand March" or since they changed it this year to the "Grand Entrance." This simply meant that our names were announced and he escorted me down a walkway and back. We waited in line inside since it was still raining and finally it was our turn. The walkway was outside, but they did have a tent over top because of the rain and a carpet for us to walk on. Being a senior, that was a pretty special moment with all of the crowd watching. After the "Grand Entrance," it was inside the prom we went. By this time, I had seen some of my friends and teachers and introduced them to my date which of course no one there had met before (although most of them had heard plenty of talk about him). The atmosphere of prom was so wonderful. The place was really so beautiful and everybody looked so gorgeous in their prom outfits. The music was going, the lights were low, and everyone had a smile of their face and was having a good time. We mingled in the crowd for a while, talking and laughing with my friends. Everyone was full of energy and so glad to see everyone else there. It soon time for our formal prom pictures so we got in line. I also had a group picture with some of my friends. Of course this is when they had to announce it was time for the "senior dance" so I missed out on that, but that was ok, we had plenty more dancing left for the night. It took most people a little while to get in the mood for dancing and actually out there on the floor, but that time came around. When the first so song after the "senior dance" came on, people took to the center of the dance floor, hand and hand with their date. Of course that included me and my date :) Throughout the night was danced to just about every slow song they played and even a couple of the fast ones (or atleast I tried to anyway, fast dancing isn’t really my thing, LOL). One of the slow songs was "Wonderful Tonight" and while we were dancing, I thought how true that song was. We also danced to "Back at One," and a lot more that I can’t even remember, I was so caught up in the moment. Prom soon came to an end, but the night was still young. After a change into some more comfortable clothes, it was time for my school’s "After Prom Party" which served as a fun and safe alternative to drinking and other parties. After prom featured lots of great food, music, dancing, games, and good times. The decorations done by our art students were so magnificent. The country club looked so great and it actually looked like we were "Under the Sea." Everyone just loved it! We danced to some more slow songs including George Straight’s "Carried Away" and other great songs. Everyone attending the party got their picture taken for free so that was a really neat plus :) The food was really good too. They had lots of games including card games which were in a room. Then there was this other game room that had everything from "under the sea" trivia (that was the theme for after prom), miniature golf, hoola-hoop throwing, bingo, "pick up ducks," penny dunking (throwing pennies in a shot glass inside a fish tank), pin the tale on the donkey (with the targets being pictures of teacher’s faces), and a lot of other little games. There were going to be volleyball, basketball, and a lot more different things, but the rained forced everything inside and there just wasn’t enough room to fit everything in. Anyway, by playing the games, you won play "money" and this money was then used purchase merchandise from the "After prom under the sea store." I ended up getting a glass with our names written on it, a beanie baby fish, and a fish necklace with the money that we had won together. After prom was really fun and we both had a really good time together with each other and with my friends. We ended up getting back to my house around 7 AM on Sunday morning and to say the least, we were both totally exhausted. He dropped me off and stayed a few minutes and talked with my mom who was already up for the day. But he had to drive the 2 hours and get back to his mom’s house as soon as he could so he couldn’t really stay. The hardest part of the night was having to say goodbye to each other that morning. We hugged each other goodbye, neither of us wanting the night to end, but knowing we didn’t have a choice. To sum things up: My Senior Prom will be a night that will live on forever in my mind and in my heart. Senior prom is thought of as and meant to be a special and memorable night. For me, it was that and so much more. My senior prom was more special than I could ever describe in words or that I could have ever imagined or hoped for. Dreams do come true and there are real life "fairy tales" with real life "prince charmings" and my prom serves as proof to that. For a guy to fly to a different state (over 600 miles atleast) just to take a girl to her Senior Prom is so special and wonderful in itself. To know that a guy did all of this for you just to make sure you were happy....what more could a girl ask for? He did this for me, for me and only me. This actually happened to "ME." And to know that we had only met each other once before face to face although we had known each other online for over a year and had talked on the phone for several months. We were close friends, but given the situation, nobody could believe that he did this for me. I’ve had everyone including friends, family, and teachers shake their heads in disbelief and in amazement. People said "all I know is that you must be pretty special," and well in his eyes, he says that I am special. He told me that I deserved a great prom and that he’d do everything within his power to see that I had just that. He said he’d do anything for a friend and he did :) You’re only 18 once and you only have one Senior Prom and for me, I couldn’t have asked for more. For once, everything was so perfect and right with the world, and I enjoyed every second of the night we spent together. I didn’t want it to end, but I know the memories will never die. And I feel like I’m the luckiest girl in the world to have had a night fit for a queen and to have such a special friend. I believe this night was meant to be and I know there had to have been a higher power looking over me. This prom story had to have been written in the stars above. It was a true "Magical Moonlight" night. A nice dinner at a nice restaurant, a night of fun, dancing, laughter,friends, and good times, precious time spent with the person I wanted to and was so happy to be with, my first kiss, :) and one of the best memories of my life.

-- Darleen VA

remember the day like it was yesterday I wolk up with butterflies in my stomach and a big smile plastered on my face. At 11:00 most people would be getting ready for the big event by laying out there clothes and having there hair done. I was mowing the lawn cause all my friends were meeting back at my house. At 12 my best bud and I went to pick up the boutiners and then headed to get our hair done. I think mine came out pretty good just that it took 3 hours to get done. Since it took so long when we got back we had literally 20 minutes to get ready and if your a girl you know we need more than that. So everyone arrived and me and my bud were supposed to answer the door together and have our dates come in but she was late in fact she was the last one to get there. When she did we put our boutiners on our dates. I was so impressed when i got it the first time i announced it outloud only to be embarrased when everyone turned around to watch me try to pull my hand away only i couldn't cause i pinned my glove to him. But all went well we left in a white limo. We got it for a good deal so you could say it wasn't in the best condition but we just laughed it off. When we got to the prom it was beautiful and we all danced and hung together. Afterwards we went to the after prom party it was a blast we acutally went bowling at first i thought oh my gosh bowling but it was really fun cause i was with all my friends and my date. So anyways it was a great night and even though there were a few problems i still had a blast and i can't wait for this years prom it's in less than a month. Hope all enjoy there's as much as I did and don't worry if a few things go the wrong way it's not the end of the world. I should know!

-- Lora Pough NY

Hey everyone. Well, our prom is Senior/Junior. Prom is on a Saturday and that friday most of the girls get out of school early to get their nails and hair done and that night they kinda do a thing where they get together with friends to make final plans. Then Saturday morning everyone gets up and the girls go and get hair and nails done, then they all go home and finish getting ready for prom. that night they go out to dinner and after dinner they go to the school for the actual prom. that lasts until 12:00. after that the school holds an "after-prom-party" at one of the Hotels. most people go to that or they go to another party at someone's house. everyone stays out all night and a lot of people go down on the beach and wait for the sunrise. then everyone goes out to breakfast then back home to sleep for the rest of the day.

-- Courtney Manteo NC

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