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Ok last year 1999 I was a Freshman in High School...... And I was asked to go to our schools Senior Junior Prom........I was so Scared!!!!! I didn*t know what to do or how to act Because I never been around any of these people....I thought I would look like such a geek... a freshman going to a Senior Prom thats crazy! But my best friend got asked by a senior too... so I was at ease... It was the best night of my life...... The love of my life Jody took me to this place called the Walker Street Bridge which is gorgeous... and I love Big Bridges,I had the time of mylife and 7 months later that same guy took me back to the same place and gave me my promise ring...:) Have fun at Prom everyone its a trip

-- Keri Cleveland TN

In my school, the junior class buys all the decorations, hires the DJ and photographer for prom. Everything actually looked nice - for my class! I wasn't really excited about the prom, in fact I had spent the last 15 hours crying because my date was in the military and couldn't come home from California, so I didn't have a date. This was especially disappointing because I had ordered wings made from real feathers from a magazine to wear with my dress that I got for $7.99 and my shoes for $0.35, but couldn't go down the Grand March without a date. Well, while we were all standing around waiting for the photographer to finish, one of my friends asked if I would go down the grand march with him because he didn't have a date either! After the Grand March, we went in to the dance because it was supposed to start then. Well, the DJ we hired forgot some of his equiptment at their studio an hour away, so someone ran to the other gym and brought in the CD player while the DJ ran back to the studio. (luckily we had left some cd's in the gym from finishing decorating that day) We played CD's until the DJ arrived THREE HOURS LATER! Then, one of the pillars by the punch bowl fell over! Everyone laughed and helped try to put it back up. We danced for only about two hours, but I actually think that the DJ being late helped, because more people were ready to dance by the time he got back. Then we had a half an hour until the after-prom-party started at our town's legion hall. We have games, food and an auction to bid on prizes. It was so much fun! After that, I went out to breakfast with some of my friends and didn't get home unitl after 8am Sunday morning! It was the funnest prom I have ever been to even though I expected it to be an absolute disaster!

-- Carrie Wakonda SD

MY Junior prom was Awesome. It went over so well. The guy I went with was totally good looking, and really sweet. I was on prom Committee, @ school, Therefore, anyone that has done prom committee before, knows what I am saying is the truth. IT was massive work. I was at school every morning for a week at 6 am licking invitations. Other than that it was great, Our theme was Kiss From a Rose. Our colors were red and Silver, and WOW did we ever do a good job with the decorations. My date and I never left the floor. We literally danced the night away. When we danced the last dance, We all hugged, dried the tears, and got ready to stay up for the rest of the night. We had a huge after prom party back at school, My date, two friends and I all went back to the house and changed. We then went to school, All chilled out and relaxed in shorts and T's now, We had a blast, and I will never forget anything that went on that weekend.. I only hope that this year is just as good, Better is always an option... Thanks for reading this..

-- April KY

Our 1999 prom was so much fun. I had the best time.I got asked by this really sweet guy who i had been friends with since we were like 4. I had found the perfect dress--it was pale purple with purple beads embroidered all over it. It was so gorgeous. And Brandon, my date looked super good in his tux. The day started when i woke up and went to the mall to get my hair and make up done. heres a word of advice to everyone who wants there nails done--do it at least a couple days before--it will be very beneficial to you. But i got my hair done and it looked gorgeous. And my make up looked so awesome wiht my dress. well i got home and got into my dress and waited for my date to come. he came and looked more fabulous than i had ever seen him look. we got into the limo he had rented from his dad who owns the local limo service and went to the prom which was at one of the fancier hotel. as we walked in "our song" was playing. we went out on the dance floor which was covered in pale pink and silver balloons and he took me in his arms and told me that i was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen and that he didnt know why it took him so long to realize what a great girl i was and asked me to please go out with him. my heart melted. we went back to our school where afterprom was being held and spent the whole night in each others arms. we got back in the limo and drove to the beach where we sat and talked till the sun came up. then he kissed me like i had never been kissed before. it was the best night of my life. i mean how many girls can find the man of there dreams and have an incredible night surrouned by your best friends at the same time? prom 99 was the best.

-- Jessica PA

i'm a senior...been to three proms, and something has went wrong at EVERY one. my sophomore year prom story...*sigh*...my first prom. i was so excited. had the perfect dress, got it dry cleaned. well, the saturday of prom, i went to get my hair done with two of my best friends, and we were going to pick up my dress after we got out hair done. me, with all the hair, took the longest, and it was 2 before we got out of the salon. went by the dry cleaners, and lo and behold, they had closed at 12. i freaked. i was crying. we went back to their house in search of a dress. i had to wear jinny's, and jinny's was a size 5. i'm a size 9. but it fit! barely. if it had been an inch shorter, it wouldn't have worked. my flowers were blue, the dress was black. my date didn't even notice. my junior year....two proms. #1...owensboro....friday afternoon...all was going well until i went to a penecostal beauty parlor. my hair was in a beehive, sticking up about six inches, with a lot of hair spray. i was crying, again, but my mom managed to straighten it out. prom went well, then afterprom came, and i realized i had forgotten my clothes. so i had to borrow my date's sister's clothes, and she was just a tad bit bigger than me. but, i managed to get home the next day without any permanent embarrassment. prom #2....murray. well, i didn't get to go to MY prom, courtesy of a few threats of my ex-boyfriend. so, i went to my date's prom, which was on the same day. he didn't really want me there, because he was scoping out a new chicka. i tried to hang around him, but he told me to "go make friends." the nerve!! this guy invited me, then tells me to get lost. i'm thankful my best friend was at the prom. but she wasn't there for the afterprom party. at that, he started making out with a chick right in front of me!! i just ignored him and fell asleep in a chair. hopefull this year, i won't have icky luck, and i definately don't have a bastard for a date!!

-- Liz Dawson Springs KY

My boyfriend and I hadn't been going out very long, but he asked me to Prom. I said yes, but my parents totaly freaked, and I hadn't told them we were going out, but they had never met (I had known him for a long time though). They barly let me go, but since we set up my best friend and his best friend to go to Prom together they let us go. We were so excited. We got our hair done together and then came to my house and finished getting ready. my boyfriend's friend fell heads over hells for her that night, even though they were going "as friends". He brought her a dozen roses and paid for the whole evening. At Prom her and I left to go to the bathroom and then had a really hard time tring to find the guys again, so we gave up and hung out with eachother after a hour or two of searching. The whole time she was being hit on by one of the girls there. Anyway after we finaly saw the guys we ended up trying to convence this guy there only the guys knew, not to kill himself or get wasted. We then went to after prom.(my boyfriend's friend and my friend were flirting all night and we though that we had done good by setting them up) When we were done there all four of us went up to look out Mt., were the two of them fell asleep basically sitting on top of eachother. When we went back to my house she told me how she didn't like him and that she never wanted to see him again. Whicc she didn't in fact she didn't even call him, and when he called she said she had too much homework or something so she couldn't talk. P.S. She since then has done that to five other good friends of mine (all of them would have or did treat her like anangel, but she only gave them a week or two at best). v

-- Danielle

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