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This didn't actually happen at my prom, because I'm only a freshman in high school and only juniors and seniors can go to prom. Anyway, I have an older sister, Christina. She is 9 years older than me. She went to her senior prom in 1994 with her boyfriend who was 2 years older than her and his name is Mike. Mike picked her up in his red VW Gulf (I'm not certain about the car because I was only 9 years old) and they headed to Hardings Restaurant. At the prom, they danced the night away and had the best time of their lives. The next day, at about 2 in the afternoon, my sister came home from a post- prom sleepover and confessed to me that she and Mike were engaged. She made me keep it a secret until a week later, when she admitted it to our parents. That was the most memorable prom experience, to date, that I've ever known.

-- Bruyere Lemoine PA

Well, I had been with this guy for 2 years and our 3 year anni was on his Senior prom. He invited me of course but the only big problem was he lives in New Jersey. I went anyway. I had the most gorgeous dress,it was sliver and low cut and really long. I got my hair done and got ready and was off to his house( i know sounds weird but I did) He looked so great, I'd never seen him dressed up like that before, he took my breath away. Well, they took pics and vidoes and we had to go vist 5 diff people before prom. But, anyway it was in a ballroom and it was beautiful. I really didnt know anyone there but I made lots of friends fast. We danced almost all night long, he asked the dj to play our song and to say that he loves me.I cryed it was so wonderful. We were right across from a beach and he insisted we went walking on the beach. So, we did it was a full moon and so romantic then all of a sudden it started to rain really hard. It was still romantic to me. I stayed the night with him and had a great post prom party at his house. About a month later I dumped him -that cheating bastard. It was still a great night and I'll never forget it.

-- Ali Manassa VA

I went to my Jr. prom with a Senior who had been head over hills in love with me for two years. We went as friends because I thought I would be nice and go with him. Imagine me 5'6 and him 6'5. He's this tall skinny SKINNy goofy shy guy that evrybody likes. So as he comes out on the dance floor during the song "Getting Jiggy With It" everyone turns to watch my shy date and I mean everyone! He wraps his 4 feet long legs around me and starts trying to dance like he looks cool or something. Sure this wouldn't have been that bad if he could dance but he looked like a big monkey!!! I was so embarrassed people started cheering him on and flashing cameras. Still to this day almost a year later people will not ever let me forget this horrible prom night!

-- Jen Summersville WV

Okie. it was my first prom ever. and i was like so totally siked. this totally hot dude asked me. and i am a nerd. and he is popular, so of course i said yes!! i said HELL YEAH! so anyways..prom night comes..and he isnt there. so like i wait..and like wait some more..and finally he shows up..3 hours late. we still went to prom though. even though there was only like 5 minutes left. it was great!! wh yhe was so late was because he was passed out. ha.

-- Shanon Chaumont NY

Prom is supposed to be the most elegant night of your life. Well, not for me!!! I had ordered my dress two months before prom. Well, it got lost in the mail. I was so upset because it was not there. It ended up getting there the day after the prom. So I had to wear my sister's prom dress which was almost 2 sizes to big. We did not have time to get it altered so my mom just put a few pins in it to try to hold it together. The dress I had ordered was lavender so me and my boyfriend got lavender crosage's. My sister's dress was a mustard brown. They did not go together at all. My Aunt who is a beautician was supposed to do my hair, but she had a stroke three days before and ended up in the hospital. So I had to get another lady to do it for me. It was terrible, it looked like a huge rats nest on my head, but that was all I had to work with. My boyfriend picked me up at 7:00 he looked nice, and he encouraged me and told me how beautiful I looked when I new I didn't. Well, we got to prom and we were really cutting a rug for almost one hour. Then they got up to announce the king and queen. They called my boyfriends name and then they called me! I jumped up and down and ran up to the stage I was so excited. Everyone started laughing and I thought they were just having fun. But it turned out that one of the pens my mom had put in my dress had fallen out. My boob was hanging over the top of my dress. I was mortified. I ran to the bathroom. It embarrassed my boyfriend so bad that he left me there. But that is when it started to get good. I ended up going to a party with seven guys and spending the night in the condo with all of them. It was terrible at first, but ended like a fairy tale.

-- Nicole Crossville TN

It all started when my date picked me up.He was the finest guy in high school.Well anyways,we walked into the prettiest prom ever.My friends and I went over to play twister.It was a fun.When the started to crown the queen and king I was filled with joy.I waited nervously to see who won.Then they called the name of the king,it was my hunky date.then they called my name,i was the queen.I jumped up and down with excitement.as they started to crown me i looked up and they dumped punch all over me,it was a terribile night.i wenty home cryting.

-- Heather Albertville AL

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