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What a night! I total disaster was saved by my quick thinking. It was senior Prom the MOST important night in my school's social life. I of course got all the trimmings together. My hair, my shoes , my make up and whoa you should have see my dress it matched my mocha brown skin perfectly. Did i mention that I was head cheerleader and Junior Prom queen? Well anyway i was nominated to be Senior Queen it was me against my arch enemy Chrissy. My boyfriend the point guard (captain) of our Basketball team Jalen picked me up in his new convertible and we were off. Jalen all decked out in a tux and me in my fairy tale brown dress we looked everything the King and Queen of the prom. We arrived to the Monet Hotel where we were having our prom (it is the largest hotel in our country) anyway Jalen parked the car and all eyes were on us, as i came out the car the look on my best friends face went from anticipation to sheer anguish and horror. Of course I immediately gave my perfect outfit a look over. Latisha my best friend raced towards me and uttered words I will NEVER forget. She told me that my main adversory, the girl I competed with thorough-out my entire High and Junior High school life Chrissy was dressed in the exact dress that I was. AHHHHHHHHHHHH I of course panicked and went totally crazy. I went into the hall where Chrissy was surrounded by her friends. Of course the hall went into a loud steer everyone's eyes were on both of us. Being the resourceful person i was i quickly ran out of the hall called my older sister who brought over the gown i had worn to her wedding 1 week before. I looked Da Bomb and of course won Senior Queen and as for Chrissy she got to see what the dress should have looked like. P.S Chrissy if your reading this i still love to think of the look on your face when i re-entered the hall in my other dress and the look you gave as me and Jalen danced the King and Queen dance. Guess I win again Chrissy.

-- Missy Trinidad West Indies

~*¤My prom was on June 18. It was at a wonderful resturdent called Dantes`.I had a beautiful red halter knee length dress.My friend Kevin kinda hook me up with this cute guy Mario(the one I'm crushing on).I met him there...I went by my godsister's mom's car. The prom was 4 hours long(cuz I'm only in the 8th grade)but I had a wonderful time.I danced with Mario...and some other guys. I danced with these other cute guys Victor, Peter, and Ramon( I wanted to dance with Kevin also...but he didn't want to.cuz I used to have a crush on him last year)The prom was fun.I wish it would go on forever.I got homw by 10:30pm.It ws a magickal evening for me.^-^I can't wait for my senior prom in High school. Then it would be better.It would be longer.I could then get a real date...and have a magickal evening all over again....<3¤*~

-- Sherry Jackson Heights NY

In canada we only get one prom. There are no junior or senior proms just ONE NIGHT to do our thing. Well anyways my ONE NIGHT just happened to really suck! i had no date and the after party was really shitty! My booze had gotten warm by the time i left the prom and i cant drink warm booze! anyways about 2 years after i had graduated high school i met this amazing guy! about 3 months into our relationship i told him about my prom and how it wasnt the magical night i thought it would be! at that time he never really said anything! but two months later he showed up to my house in a tux and brought a dress for me (my sister helped him pick out). He had signed us up for chaperones at his brothers prom! I had so much fun even though i spent half the night in the girls bathroom helping drunk grade 12's! we danced alot and had our pictures taken! it was the sweetest thing anybody had ever done for me! so anyways the moral of this story is Prom may suck but you will have many more special nights! and to "D" if you read this, thanks for giving me my "ONE NIGHT"

-- Asha Vancouver BC

Well I got asked to go by this girl (im a soph. shes a senior at another school) I have been liking ever sense I met her the year before at work... and out of nowhere she called and asked if I wanted to go to prom with her since this guy asked her and she said yes but she didn't wan't to go. We didn't plan much but we decided to meet at my house to take pics and then go with her friends in limo to eat and then prom, which is what we did. The restraunt was good, and limo was awesome, and we dropped two of the dates off at the dance adn drove around in limo for awhile while waiting for one of her friends dates to get home, and it was pretty nice, sitting so close to her and talking and all that... and then we went to the dance for like the last hour and 30 min, it was good, im not a good dancer but she is, so it was fun! :) Then we went to projecct prom, I didnt know anyone but had fun being with her... and then she came over to my house and we watched a movie and slept, then went to her friends for breakfeast and then came backa nd kayaked, watched The Mummy and then she left, shes off at college and i wish we had something, but I don't know if we ever will :/ but atleast prom was fun!

-- Ben Houston TX

Well I didnt have plans to go to prom this year #1 I am homeschooled so I have to be asked in order to go to prom well My best friend gos to school and she had a friend that gos to the same school as she dose and he didnt have a date and Shes sugested me and that is How it all got started. It seemed to take forever for prom to get here I made my dress For prom and I thought it looked great well the day of Prom I was Alittle Nervouse and when my date came to pick me up also My friends date was with him so we bolth got picked up and my house My dates head bobbed back and He was Like WOW you Look Good! those words Just put a smile on my face! Well The weather was so bad That we didnt wanna Go out so my mom ended up making dinner for us wich was Very Good... and when we got to prom we Got our pictures taken right away and After a while we started dancing and I think I was on the floor with my group of friends for just about every dance When it was the last dance My date Held my hand and asked me in a very low voice If He would Get my last dance he said it so low Just like he didnt want anyone else to hear it but me.... Then we Went and got our jackets and The night was over it was sad But I Have so many memories to last me a lifetime!

-- Therese Necedah WI

I didn't have a boyfriend to go to prom with and I wanted the night to be special. I wanted to beable to look at my prom pictures and remember good times with someone, not just that night. So I asked my best guy friend. Of course he said yes, as a friend. He did everything right. Dinner and the dance were so much fun. Slow dancing with your best friend is so much better than with a "boyfriend", we spent the night laughing instead of trying to impress each other. I would recommend anyone to go to their senior prom with a good friend that you share memories with.

-- Kelly Anchorage AK

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