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Hey and thanks for wanting to read my prom story. Last year I didn't really want to go to the prom. The boy I had a crush on told me to go because it would be fun. So I changed my mind and went and bought me a knee length black sleeveless dress. When I got to the prom I met up with some of my friends and we hung out and took our pictures. See I have never been the 'popular' type. So I didn't think I was going to dance with anyone. But that's not true I danced with more people than I thought. It was dark and beauitful the music was banging really really loud and I just had the time of my life at my first prom sixth grade prom last year. Now that I am in the seventh grade and my popularity is rising because my best friend is one of the most popular girls in the school. I think I'll have triple the fun I had than to the last prom I went to.

-- Heather Lumberton NC

My Junior prom was really fun. I went with my bf of A year and 4 months, my best frien and her date and another couple who I was good friends with. WE kind-of got everything together at the last minute so we didn't know if we would be able to get a limo or not. We ended up finding one but had to pay a little more. This was fine b/c we really wanted a limo. I made a hair appt. way in advance so I could get a good time. I found a hair style that I loved and the lady did it perfect (I got a lot of compliments on it). I then got my make-up doen at perscriptives and it also looked really good. I came home and got dresses im my black satin strapless dress with matching long gloves. My bf picked me up and we drove to my friends house to take pictures. One of the couples was late but it wasn't that big of a deal. We ate at a really nice resturaunt in downtown atlanta (I actually tried frog legs!). After we ate we drove around downtown for a while so we could realx before the dance. When we arrived everyone looked so beautiful. We took are pics right away so our hair wouldn't get messed up. We arrived in time to see the Senior Walk and cheeres for all my friends (my bf goes to another school). We had the dance at fernbank's ball room which was two stories and had a high vaulted ceiling with stairs painted on them. We watched the quenn and king get crowned above the dance- floor on a balcony! It was beautiful. After prom we headed back to Holiday-Inn and had a blast. We partyed then finally went to sleep. I hope my senior prom will be as fun- the only thing that sucks is that my bf and my prom is on the same night, so we have to go to both.

-- Amy Duluth GA

My Junior prom was good in a way but bad in others. I went with my boyfriend of 7 months. We rented a 8 person limo and had 3 other couples go with us. We had a great time in the limo even though we were smooshed. We went putt- put golfing, which let me tell you was quite intersting. ( I had so much fun, Im going again this year). After that we went out to eat, about 1 1/2 hours away. None of us had ever been to this place, it was okay but I wont go back. Then we headed to prom. At prom My "Boyfriend" would NOT let me dance with my guy friends, which I didn't appreciate, but I made the best of it anyway. After prom, our school holds a bowling party, we went to that and my boyfriend wanted to leave early because he wasn't having a good time. This year I SWEAR to make this Prom the best prom ever. Im going with a freshmen ( even though Im a senior, I know I'll have a good time) and with one of my best friends. We have decided no matter what, Prom 2000 will be the best.

-- Jess MI

Freshman year, I went to prom with a guy that not everyone liked. So when he asked the dj to play one of his favorite songs, he had to ask almost the whole night. We were about to leave at 11:30 because the dance was starting to get boring when his song came on. Everyone started backing of the dance floor because most of them did not know how to dance to anything that was not super slow or dance music. But my date went out in the middle and started dancing anyway. Since he was the only one dancing, all of our friends and I went out there with him. I was the only girl there who could really dance in 4 inch heels!

-- Stephanie Richmond VA

My friend was hard up for a date for his senior ball, so I went with him. I was excited because I few of my other friends were going with their senior boyfriends (we were juniors) and it was going to be cool to be with them. The guy I was with at the time wasn't too thrilled about the whole thing, but he didn't start a fight. Well, the hair dresser ran a little late so I was a little pressed for time when I got home. My make up was minimal but ok. The hair dresser did a good job, so it was all good. Only real problem was the fact that will my dress I couldn't wear any support (ie bra). So that minimalized dancing. Then the guy was kind of freaking me out because he was too touchy feely, and I felt bad about not dancing much with him. But he was acting like he wanted it to be more than just us being friends. The food was good. The dance floor was really small. The pictures were pretty good. But the most fun I had that night was dancing in the windows with my best girl-friends. It was really funny because people were watching us from the hotel across the street and from the side walk. I hope I didn't ruin his senior ball, and I'm really looking forward to mine in a few months. It's not even Feb. and I'm already dress hunting. Guess you can't start too soon. :)

-- Karisse Los Gatos CA

Prom is a big deal in our town, and everyone tries their best to look good and have a great night. My junior prom was horriable. I loved my dress and the gym was decorated great, but I had a date from hell. My senoir year, I swore to myself, that this prom would be the best night of my life. I found my dress and everything was going great. Eight couples went to eat with us . We went to a very fancy restraunt. There was a piano player. Anyway to make a long story short, MY boyfriend of only 3 months ask me to marry him. I said yes, and he did make it the most special night of my life. We aren't together anymore, but I will remember it for the rest of my life. So have a great prom 2000. Wish I could go.

-- Kendra Leitchfield KY

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