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i hated our prom. we always have a combined prom ( junior and senior) because our school is not big enough to have them separtly. i wore a almost white dress that kinda drug on the floor a little. it was poufy and beautiful. i was ready to have fun. we bought oiur tickets knowing it was being held at the convention center in the next town over. but we thought it would have been decorated a lot and you would never have noticed. well, we got there and the floor was horrible. it was soooooo dirty. all the girl usually buy cheap shoes cause you usually take them off to dance anyway. well i bought cheap shoes, thinking i would dance a lot. they hurt my feet a little but i figured that i would be ok because i would not have them on for long. well... the floor was so ucky i did not take my shoes off. i was only wearing a 1/2 ince heal. just enough to have my dress float over the floor. i had a choice, take the shoes off and have the dress ruined or keep the shoes on. i kept them on, but to no surprise my dress was black on the bottom before we left the prom. i was sooooooo pissed. the music sucked the food sucked. i actaully feel asleep on my boyfriends shoulder. no one was dancing at all. it was soooooooooooo boring. i had more fun afterwards trying to gett all the bobbypins out of my friend kellys hair than i did at my senior prom. oh and my dress. thankfully i took it to the dry cleaner and they were able to remove MOST of the GREASE from the cuff of my $300 dress!

-- Missy Hatboro PA

I know it has been a couple of months now since prom, but It was a night I will never forget :)... Well, my senior prom was on May 1st, 1999. But preparation came a long time before hand. It actually began in September of 98. I am a big fan of the movie "titanic", so I had decided to make myself a gown from the movie. Took me the whole 8 months to do it, but it was accomplished! I was sooo happy! Well, then I needed a date, and I was afraid to wait for someone to ask me, so I took matters into my own hands and asked my friend, Steve (who was a junior at the time) to go with me, well, I asked him 4 months in advance too. He said he would :). He also humored me, and bought a tux with the tails and all, so we could go as "Jack and Rose". Meanwhile, about a month before the big day, I had developed a relationship with another guy. I had an interesting problem. I wanted to go with Ryan (my bf at the time), but I didn't want to brush steve off. My friend solved the problem for me though, since My friend, Crystal was Ryan's best friend, and the one who introduced us (and also in need of a date for prom), she asked him to prom. There, problem solved :), I asked Crystal if i would be able to dance with him during prom, and she said of course!! hehe I was soo happy! So now I was ready for the big night. I couldn't wait to go! We went as a group, Me & Steve, Ryan & Crystal, and our friends, Walter & Naomi. No limo for us cheapskates though, hehe.. we "vanned" it. Prom was absolutely awesome, it started at 6:30...we had dinner first, then dancing til midnight at the Wyndham Hotel. And being the goofy people we were, we had many instances during the night, such as guys trying on our lipstick and shoes! And during a partner change (me & steve, to crystal & ryan) the guys decided to dance with each other for a song... very interesting!! We had a blast!! After the dance was over, we had an after prom party at the high school. games, food, and prizes! but by 3:30am, we were tired and ready to crash, which was at my house. The night was over.... but It was a night I would never forget! The moral of this story is, GO TO PROM!! YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS IT!! **even if you don't have a bf/gf... grab a friend and go.. It's worth it!**

-- Julie Sylvania OH

My Senior Prom was a mixture of good and bad things. First of all, since I went to an all-girls school, I had to ask a guy to go with me. I asked an old friend but he couldn't go that night. I asked a co-worker but he didn't have any money, so finally I asked another friend who said yes. But it just so happened that he was my date to last year's prom. My mother was making my dress, one I had designed almost a year before. One of the last days before Prom, she realized that there was not enough of a certain thing to make the dress right, so I had to start over on a new design. The dress turned out to be really unique and everyone loved it! I had really been looking forward to getting a limo and going to dinner before prom, but none of my friends were willing to spring for something that expensive. So at the last minute, I was calling around and reserving a 12-passenger van, which my mother would drive. Dinner was served on the cruise boat so we didn't dine out. And instead of heading to a beach for a campout after prom, we went to an all-night bowling alley. It was so much fun watching the expressions on our classmates faces when 12 of us all fancied up crawled out of a big green van, and having everyone at the bowling alley stare at us like we were lost. By the end of the night, I was not disappointed anymore that I had a date that I was not romantically attracted to, since one of my friend's dates asked for my number!

-- Barbie Oakland CA

My senior prom was my first prom ever. I didn't have a dress or date. I had been looking for a dress two months in advance because I'm very picky. My mom and I went looking for a dress or pattern, whichever came first. We went to a fabric store and found some material the color of ice blue. She got the first pattern I showed interest in. I called a guy that was attending college to let him know that I was in town. He asked me why was I here and I told him that I was looking for a prom dress but I didn't have a date. He asked me out to my prom and I accepted. We had never met each other until prom night. We arrived at the prom and everyone wanted to know who was the guy Renalta was with. Alex is a great dancer so we danced the whole night. I was told a few days after the prom that there was a crowd around us while we were dancing and we didn't even notice. Alex and I still keep in touch and will be attending school together in the fall. Prom was my most memorable night of my entire senior year and I thank Alex for it.

-- Renalta Natchez MS

My prom night was the prom night i've dreamed about since i was in the 9th grade first my very cute guy came to my house and gave me flowers and this really nice necklace Next we went out to eat at a very expensive restaurant it was very romantic Then we went to the prom oh and by the way we went in a limo anyways we had the best time at the prom we danced to almost every song including the slow dances! Next we went to the what we call after prom party and had a blast Finally he took me home and kissed me a long kiss goodnight we decided that we would wait until we get married to you know! Oh i almost forgot my dress was a red silk backless dress

-- Amber Martinez GA

I was preparing myself for the worst prom night ever. I had even considered not going as the big day approached. My boyfriend and I had broken up just a few weeks before prom and I know that neither of us were excited about going with each other. Well the day finally came and I didn't care that I wasn't looking my best, because technically, I had no one to impress. My date and I went to a friends house for pictures, and conversation was limited. Then we went to dinner, where it was obvious to my friends that we were getting on each other's nerves. Once we got in the limo, we sat on seperate sides. Then we finally arrived at prom and socialized with everyone. After a while we all went outside to karaoke and everyone was loosening up and having a good time. Then somehow my ex and I got to dancing, talking a little more, dancing a little more, and having such a blast at the dance itself! Later on 20 of my friends and I went back to the presidential suite that we had booked for that night and my date and I were getting along like we had never broken up. We had so much fun that night, and even his friends let me know that he was having such a great time. The night that the two of us had been dreading turned out to be one of the most fun and memorable nights ever! And even though we're still broken up, we are still in touch!

-- Kristen San Antonio TX

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