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The morning of prom we had a state band competition about two hours away. By the time I got home I only had two an half hours to get ready and I wanted to rest because I had gotten up early that morning. Around 5:15 my date shows up and he looks pretty good. Since I was running out of time my mom did my hair and she did a really good job. We took pictures at my house and then we went to his house and took more pictures. Then we headed to downtown Portland for dinner. We were meeting three other couples at the Atwarts. Which is where we had dinner. It was great. The food was good and the view was cool. Atwarts is on the 30 floor of the US bank tower so, it was pretty nice. After dinner we headed to dance which was being held at the Portland Art Muesem. We were late to dance because dinner had taken around 2 and half hours. The line for pictures was for ever long. It took us like forty-five minutes just to get pictures taken. So, we missed the crowning of the king and queen, but that's okay. The dance really wasn't that much fun. The only music that was played almost the whole night was rap. The best part was seeing all of my friends dressed up and looking great. After the dance my date and I went cosmic bowling. Which was a ton of fun because I met up with some other friends who hadn't gone to the dance. After that we went to my friends house and we spent the night. We played a game and then we watched a movie. It was a ton of fun. The dance was kind of lame, but other then that the night was great.

-- Andrea Beaverton OR

Prom night was one of the best nights of my life. My bf picked me up at around 5:00pm. Prom didn't start till 7:00pm but we had to go around & see family members & get our pictures taken. When we arrived at prom we talked to peole & got our seats & everything. No one was dancing at this time. We arrived there at around 7:15pm. At around 7:45pm or so we ate. We were served wonderful food. Is was so great. After we ate, thats when the fun began. People started dancing & having a good time. Me & my bf danced to like every single song. When prom was over we went to the after prom. It was at the Strongsville Rec. That was pretty cool cuz there was like a casino there, pool tables, a pool, music, b-ball, & everything. That was fun too. The after prom lasted till 4:00am. After that my bf took me home. In front of my house in his car before we got out we just started kissing. One thing led to another & ....Well, I didn't want my parents comming outside & seeing all this so we went and parked on a side street & finished. We ...... for a while in his mom's car & then before we knew it, it was getting light outside & it was 7:00am. We both knew we were going to get in trouble when we got home so while he was taking me home we were thinkin of stuff to tell our parents. We decided on just saying we got lost & didn't know where we were. When I got home my dad was already up because he gets up early every day to go work out. All I did was just walk in & go to my room. He wasnt mad or anything & I didn't have to explain anything so I was relieved. My mom didn't care either. As soon as I got into my room I like totally collapsed on my bed & went to sleep. We were suppose to go to Cedar Point that Saturday too so I had to get rested up. I woke up at about 12:00 & called my bf. I woke him up & we got ready & stuff & we left for Cedar Piont at like 1-1:30. While we were there at around 3:30, we went to the parking lot to just lay down in the car. One thing led to another again & ...then we decided to just leave. We had fun that night too. =)

-- Kristal Brooklyn OH

The day started with me going to the mall, and getting my make-up and hair done. When the lady got finished with my make-up, I looked like Peg Bundy! My lipstick was bright red, Angel Red to be exact, and she had drawn my eyebrows to be the size of catepillars. Naturally, I don't have hardly any eyebrows, so I was quite disturbed to see them in the mirrow. It took 2 hours to get my hair done, but it looked abosolutly awsome. I had corn rows, and in the back, it was all curly, and pinned up. I went home, and got my dress on, just in time for my date. I made him wait an extra 20 minutes so I could redo my make-up. When we got to prom, I knew nothing else could possibly go wrong. I got many compiments on my hair and dress. Even my boyfriend's friends were like "Man how in the world did YOU get HER!! I was soo happy! When they announced prom King and Queen, guess who got it... yeah you guessed it! We did. And during our dance together in front of everyone, he told me in a voice that everyone heard, "I love you, and I wouldn't want to be anybody's king but yours!" Can you believe that? HE said that in front of all of his jock friends, and everything. It really made my heart melt. After it was over, we went to Wildwood Inn, where there was a huge party, and we had a blast. I will never forget that night as long as I live!!!

-- Ashley Dry Ridge KY

Hello all! My prom night was excellent!! We had it at the West Lake Inn in Patchogue, Long Island. We had an early prom, but despite the cool weather it was great! No one had my dress, which was a concern for me...Spending the night with my best friends was awesome, everyone looked beautiful. My limo went out to Montauk for the night, but it was so cold that only the guys got out. They played frisbee, or something, while the girls sat in the limo and watched Half Baked for the 100th time, but it was fun. Hope all of your prom nights was as memorable and fun as mine!!

-- Danielle Long Island NY

This year was my senior prom and by the time it rolled around I wasn't exactly looking forward to it! I had been to the prom my sophomore and junior years and had a terrible time. Then a month before the prom me and my boyfriend broke up. We decided to still go cuz we were doing the "friend" thing at the time, but I was unsure if we would have fun. The big day rolled around and everything was not going well...My hair appt lasted longer than I thought and I had to go to my cousin's house so she could do my makeup. By the time I got to my house my date was leaving! My dad had come to pick my sister up (my sister and I had driven together and I left my cousin's before she did) and my mom was at work and so no one was home when he came to pick me up!! So he turned around and came back and sat and waited on me to get dressed. Believe me it isn't easy to get a prom dress on by yourself sometimes! I was afraid I was going to rip the zipper. Finally though, things were under control. We went to his house for pics and then he took me to eat. It was cold while we were outside the prom waiting to go in, so he let me wear his tux jacket and his mom came to take more pics. Inside the dance we didn't do much along the lines of fast dancing but we danced every slow song. And then an hour into the prom--before the senior march--they announced prom royalty and I was named Prom Queen!! I was so excited. Anyway we left an hour early and spent most of the night/morning at his house watching movies. My evening had been a blast after all! And to beat it all...A few weeks later we started dating again and things couldn't be better- -he said he realized at the prom how much he realy did like me... My prom was the best!

-- Mary Virginia Beach VA

Well, my prom was pretty cool, I went with this guy I knew, Jared, that I'd been crushing on seriously for like the whole year. I was so petrified to make a fool out of myself, I almost asked somebody I didn't like to go with me! All I had to do was ask him, if I had known that it would have saved me a lot of worry. I spent a lot of time trying to decide whether to ask him or not, and finally some buddies of mine convinced me to just suck it up and ask. The dance was so romantic, we danced to almost every song. He kissed me! Anyway, after the prom we all went to the grocery store at around 3 in the morning, to get supplies for a camping trip we were going on for the weekend. It was almost as fun as the prom itself, we danced in the aisles, in our formal wear. The few employees around pumped up the music for us. A piece of advice to everybody: if you want to go with somebody, just ask, it can't hurt. Really. I wasted my whole senior year without making any kind of move, when we could have been together. Oh, and make sure you do something after the prom, camping was almost as great as the prom was.

-- Caroline Bridgeport CT

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