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I was so excited for my sophmore prom and I had had so much fun my freshman prom. This guy who I had liked for about 2 months and he liked me well he was going to go to prom and he had asked my brother if he should ask me and everything but about three days before he was like I'm not going I'm going camping instead I was so ticked off. Especially since camping means him and his friends go get drunk or stoned. He felt kinda bad but when I got mad he said I had no right to tell him what to do. So I just had the worse prom ever. Except it was sorta good because my best friend since we were like 5 had a new boyfriend who I didn't like very much and he came and talked to me about Nick (the camper guy) and made me feel so much better so I'm now friends with my best friends boyfriend. Nick and I have also made up and are basically together now.

-- Fawn Halfway OR

I was really nervous about getting a date for prom, so I asked a good friend of mine, Dan. I got my dress (it was white satin) and me and three of my friends and their dates got a limo. My friend Christy had asked this guy she had liked for three years, so everyone was looking forward to seeing them together! When we got to the prom, it was gorgeous! The food was fab and the music rocked the whole time! everyone looked so beautiful! and I was getting so many compliments on how me and my date looked so good together! I remember the prom song was "Wonderful Tonight" by Eric Clapton and the last song was "wonderful world" bye Lou Armstrong. We drove around in the limo for an hour or so and when we stopped at christy's house to get clothes, her date kissed her... i know it sounds like no big deal, but you have to understand that she has been thinking about that moment for so long, thinking it would never happen! We went to a few parties after and all came home to my house at around 4. We just chilled and talked until the sun came up. Me and dan became a lot better friends, i'm happy to say. So I hope everyone elses experience was as good as mine! Good luck

-- Lainey Delmar NY

Well the evening started off by heading to her hotel room to pick her up. She was from out of town and came 200 miles to go to the prom with me. She is my life-long friend. When we entered the limo, we realized the night was very young and we were going to have a great time. She wore a wedding gown dress which was required by our school policy. I had plenty of fun trying not to step on it. She looking absolutley drop-dead gorgeous in her dress. We found our table and put down our cameras and went to get our prom pics taken. After that, we sat down and had a wonderful dinner. I was presented as the Guard of Honor and she was presented as the Court of Honor. After that, we danced and got back into the limo and headed home. We were exhausted. After we changed clothes, I took her to where I work, which had a Pilot Lounge with plush chairs and sofas which anyone could fall asleep in. We sat down and watched a movie but before we knew it, we were waking up to the sound of 3 Warbird airplanes taking- off of the runway near the building. I took her back to the hotel and gave her a big hug and said goodbye and thanks. We had a great time and I wish she didnt have to go home. I'll miss her very much as I do now

-- Mike Geneva IL

Well my prom was the best. I went with my ex boyfriend Ryan but it didn't matter because I still had fun no matter how much he didn't want to be there. Well ok here it goes. I woke up at like 10 and my friend had spent the night to help me get ready. Well she was sleeping so I went downstairs and started freaking out. I mean, hey, how often does a girl go to her first Prom? Well I was so nervous the whole day. At 4:30 we went to the mall for my hair appointment. It took an hour and a half but it was worth it. I had my hair in an updo with curls, and a silver glitter head band in front of them. Well I got home and decided to call Ryan and see when he would be here. His brother answered the phone and said he had left ten minutes earlier. I freaked out because i didn't even have my makeup on yet. So I hung up with Ryan's brother and got into my dress so fast that my mother was laughing her head off. I was in the middle of doing my makeup when Ryan showed up. I took about 5-10 more minutes and was so nervous when I walked down stairs. Well I pinned on his boutineer and he put on my corsage and we were off. We had prom this year on a paddle boat so it was so cool. We had dinner there and after that we danced the night away. When I was dancing with Ryan I felt as though time had stood still. Even though he wouldn't dance to the last song with me because it was our song I still had a great time. I talked to Ryan a few days after and even he admitted to having a great time. I haven't seen him since that night but I will always remember how he held me in his arms and how that will probably be the best Prom I will ever go to.

-- Chrissy Woodlands TX

My prom was ok, it could have been much better. The theme was "An Affair to Remember". The dinner was Salad, Loin of Beef, Mashed Potatoes, Broccoli, and strawberry swirl cheescake. For one I am a vegertarian. I didn't eat the beef but I ate everything else. The service that we had was horrible. They took our plates before we were done eating and never came to help us. We have a thing called the senior showcase where all the seniors put together pictures. The teacher that usually does it was out of town so the seniors got to do it all by themselves. Most of the seniors in our class are big partiers. They had pictures of them drinking and partying and they mostly had pictures of the big group and nothing else. I don't think that was fair. I left right after they started dancing. My mom was going to come and pick me up but I talked her into going with my best friend. We went to IHOP with the kickers and then we all went to a hotel room and watched three amigos. That was funner than the actual prom. My graduation night was the bomb. Graduation started at 5pm in the middle of rush hour traffic downtown. It started raining at 3:30pm. By the time we got to the place it was pouring. I got there and we all had to meet in this big room. I had to check in and then find someone to put my collar on. None of the teachers could do it. I finally had to get an assisant principal to do it. When we were walking in my shoes kept on coming off. I was so afraid that I was going to trip, but I didn't. After graduation I went to eat with my best friend and her family. After we were done eating we were going to get her some sheets because she was leaving for camp the next day. We went to Walmart and I came up the idea to get some baloons and drive to our principal's house and tie them in her front yard. We did and then we took pictures of it. I still don't know if she ever figured out who did it. I had a great senior year and in closing all I can say is SENIORS 1999 ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Emily Austin TX

Well, I go to a boarding school in the middle of nowhere, so everyone basically was one their own for the senior prom, the only prom our school has. It happened in May this year, I was a sophmore and went with my senior boyfriend of one and a half years. I remember going in the fall thinking, I wonder if we'll last until spring, and there we were, beginning to plan for one of the most anticipated weekends of high school. I got a white, strapless gown over break, something I had always wanted, and Chris finally decided to buy a tux. Since our school doesn't get to party too much together off campus, the after party in NYC was what everyone was looking foward to. Anyways, the day came and I felt tired and cranky-- well get back to that. My friend (who had actually gotten the same dress in blue, after me) and I, prepared two hours before, knowing we'd just end up waiting around if we started any earlier (which we did anyway). Finally my boyfriend arrived outside my dorm, and we headed off to the coach buses which would bring us to the country club which was hosting the prom. Walking across the lawn with people hanging out their windows watching was a dream, cameras flashed, the campus transformed into an Oscar night, and my boyfriend and I, the traditional long- term couple (one of only two actually) in our traditional attire felt like we were on center stage, if only for the night. The prom itself was a blast, the old- fashioned ballroom was great for dancing and the food was excellent. Yet for the first time in a while I snapped at my boyfriend, uncharacteristically, so I wondered what was going on, and why I couldnt just enjoy the moment. Guys got rid of their jackets and some stripped down to bowties (and pants). The girls threw off their shoes and boogied until 10, when everyone became eager to get back. Back on campus, we agreed to meet in a bit for our limo, and ran to change into more "city" clothes. What a night! I grabbed my bag for the night (never forget protection, girls too) and joined the steady crowd filtering down to meet their cars. It is a tradition at Kent to head to the city for afterprom, but this year would be especially good because a senior girl had rented out a club for only us-open bar, dancing, the works. As about 30 others squished into a super long limo, boyfriend and I and two other couples enjoyed our private, delux limo and relaxed. When we got to the hotel things went downhill. Our "suite" for us six was only two rooms, two of us would have to go. My boyfriend, who unfortunately lives in the city, was the kind one and decided we could stay at his place, where his dad would be :( . I got pissed, I would have rather found another bed somewhere, just to be with everyone else, it didnt matter as much if I got a good night of sleep. The club was crazy, everyone drank, even those who I'd never seen leave their rooms. There were high cages to dance in and leather couches, and again I snapped at my boyfriend, this time for pulling up my skirt as we were dancing, and when I complained, saying, "let them enjoy the show". There was a cop scare and people had to be let out in groups, my boyfriend and I found our way back to his place, a few blocks away, and I crashed on the couch. What a night!

-- Amanda Kent CT

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