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My prom night was the best night ever. It was one of the most magical nights that i will ever have in my entire life. My prom night was on May 1, 1999. I was so excited when my boyfriend , who is a Junior, asked me, who is a freshman, to attend his prom. I immediately said yes. I was soooo stoked! I bought the most awesome dress by Zum Zum. I felt like i looked like Drew Barrymore in " Ever After. " He looked like the prince. First, we went to his parents house and took pictures. Then, we speeded over to the school to get our official prom picture taken. The backdrop for the picture was the eiffel tower surrounded by clouds. It was wonderful. Then, we went to a restaurant to eat. I didn't know any of his friends, so i was introduced to all of them. Then, at 8:00, we drove to his school. I will never forget the moment we walked in. The song, " These Are The Times " by Dru Hill was being played in the background. The theme was " Midnight In Paris." The decorations were gorgeous. When we walked into the gym where the main event was being held, I felt like i was in a dream. We walked in, hand in hand. The dance floor had a black canopy over it, so it felt like it was majorly dark. The floor was done in black and white checkered paper. But, you couldn't even see the floor, because it was covered in black and white balloons. The main decoration was the eiffel tower, done in white christmas lights. It was so beautiful. We danced all night. Even though my boyfriend was asked by several girls to dance, he never danced with any other girl but me. How sweet!! It was truely the greatest night of my life. And to everyone who is reading this, i hope your prom night is as magical and wonderful as mine was.

-- Paige Kannapolis NC

I went to my second prom this year. My only complaint the first time around was that I went home unkissed. This time I went with my best chick friend. I canceled other plans and drove all the 400 miles from my house to hers. I suggested she wear red Converse shoes to clash with a white Audrey Hepburn- ish dress and then she told everyone it was her idea. She spent the whole night dancing with her other friends (don't get me started on the crappy music) and looking for a guy she liked. At the party after, I found myself alone eating strawberries and watching TV while she ran around the hotel with her pals acting like morons.

-- Margaret Los Angeles CA

My prom nite was awesome! Definitely one of the most memorable nights of my life. I mean I had a few traumas (everyone does) like the hairdresser being an hour off-schedule, but when I got home and started on my make-up, my stomach was gettin to mimic Mexican jumping beans. My date picked me up perfectly on time and when I walked out, his expression was worth the three hours to get ready. As I put his boutoniere on he told me I was beautiful and that just began the whole evening of smiles! :-) We went to a really quaint Italian restaurant on the beach called Emilio's. The food was absolutely delish! After dinner we went to kick it up at a friend of mines apartment where when her roomate hugged me, my dress strap broke. But, with a little blue thread and a safety pin, i was as good as new. We showed up at prom fashionably late just as everyone was strolling in. Everyone looked amazing! I couldn't believe how handsome the guys I see everyday could be and how pretty the girls were. The dance was cool. Our theme was "Save the Best For Last" and we did just that. The decorations we really nice and we all got photo albums and mugs to take home. But that was just the beginning. After the dance was the after prom party. I brought a short black dress to change into because I didnt want to walk around all night in my big Cinderella dress. Our after party theme was Mardi Gras and we had gambling and bingo and even a hypnosis show that I was in. I dont remember much of that except I was a Backstreet Boy and sang Lauryn Hill's song "Ex- Factor" to the whole senior class. So after millions of smiles, millions of hugs and cries, and even more laughs, my date brought me home at about 7 or so. The whole evening was enchanting and went by way too fast! But, like they say, all good things must come to an end. At least mine was going to be a night to remember!

-- Samantha Santa Barbara CA

My senior prom was amazing!!! I had the perfect dress along with a really cute and sweet date. My prom was held at the Coconut Grove in Santa Cruz. My date came to pick me up and we took pictures at my house and everything and then we went to take our prom pictures at a local resturant. After that, we went to visit my best friend so she could see us all dressed up because she wasn't going. It was finally time to leave. Buses took us to Santa Cruz. When we got there, the sun was just setting. It was really pretty. They served us dinner and then we danced. Later on in the night, the arcade was open and we went to play games. We even got to play laser tag. If was fun even if we were all dressed up. About an hour before we were to leave, we were allowed to go to the beach. I had to take off my shoes to walk on the beach. My date carried them which I though was soooo sweet. We sat on the beach and just talked for almost an hour. It was very pretty. The moon, the stars, the beach, the ocean and a really nice, cute, and sweet guy made my senior prom unforgetable and very special.

-- Mary Merced CA

My prom night was so incredibly wonderful. From the day that I woke up that morning I was just excited (May 7). I got out of school at 12:35 and my mom picked me up to take me to my hair appointment at 1:00. I spent 6 hours at my hairdresser's place. Even though it was a long time my hair came out nice. Anyway I was supposed to meet at my friend's house so we could take pictures with our dates at her house. That did not happen because I spent too long of a time getting my hair done. My prom was on a boat that took us across the San Francisco Bay. The view at night with all the lights was really nice. When I first got on the boat I went straight upstairs on the boat to take my pictures before my hair got messed up. After I took my pictures my friends and our dates went around introducing eachother, talking about how our moms and relatives were fussing over us, and eating food from the buffet that was on board. People took so many pictures of me and my date that night I thought I was going to go blind from all the camera flashes. That lasted for about an hour and then BAM! the fun began when I stepped onto the dance floor. When I first got downstairs I was observing and seeing where I should take my spot on the dance floor. I found my spot and was shaking my groove thang, doing the electric slide, dancing in circles around my date, and all other sorts of dances. The boat rocked a couple of times and people lost their balance. The d.j. was really good. He was from one of my favorite radio stations KMEL. My junoir prom was sooo much fun and so memorable that I hope my senior year prom will be just as fun and be able to top my junior year prom.

-- Yetunde Oakland CA

My prom started quite well. The only problem the was that limo driver tried to charge us over what we were to pay. That day seemed to swim by like the wind. I was out of the hairdresser by 3:00 p.m. The prom wasn't to start until 7:30. I figured I had plenty of time. Once I arrived home there was so much to do. I was in charge of everything. I had to call everyone to make sure they were ready in time etc. Finally It's 6:30 I didn't have a corsage, a camera or time to give myself nice beauty makeover. Everything pulled together at the last minute and we were off to the prom. the prom turned out to be just another school dance only highly rated. At 10:00 pm we left for downtown chicago. We were pretty much on time except we had to pick up another person before getting down there. When her mom got through taking pictures and grilling the limo driver, we were late for everything. All the restaurants were closed, so we spent all night looking for a place to eat. We ended up at a breakfast shop that was open 24 hrs. We came home early at 2:00 pm. Even with the disaster the night was truly fun. Prom is all what you put into it. Don't ever expect a perfect night or you'll just be disappointed. Go with one mission: to have fun. My last bit of wisdom is this: make sure you know where your going after prom ahead of time + make good arrangements and allow time for mishaps because they will happen.

-- Katrina Dolton IL

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