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Well, after a crazy prom date search, I ended up taking the person everyone is convinced I will marry, my best friend, Rich. the family of my other best friend, Lauren, owns a camper...as in a motor home...so we decided that instead of the more traditional limo, we would take that. We all had dates and dresses and transportation! woo hoo! the day before prom laur and i and her bf, nick, got together and washed and decorated the camper. laur's mom stocked the fridge and even made us chocolate covered strawberries! The day of prom we had all planned out...the girls would meet at my house, and the guys were meeting at laur's house. they would get the camper and come pick us up...well, laur's dad was playing chaufeur for the night, but anyway...Well, everything went pretty smoothly...one person was a little late, but we had left a nice window for ourselves, so it ws ok. I live in a big historic house, and we have intricate landscaping, so we did pics at my house, and then we were off. The prom was held at a big country club, and it was great! the music rocked, the food was great, pictures were a blast...even the *bathrooms* were nice. dancing with Rich was a trip...he's a foot taller than me, but i had four inch heels, so it wasnt quite as awkward as jr. prom. with him. afterwards, there was a parent sponsored after- prom back at our school, which most people went to. there were games and food and more music...everyone got a door prize and my friend even won a mini-fridge! but the best part of the night was the ride home...snuggled up in Richie's arms in the back of the camper. I didnt want the moment to end. laur and nick and i and another friend jen went to the beach for the rest of the weekend, but no one else could make it down with us. prom weekend was the most fun i'd had all year! (well, until sr. week)

-- Laurie Wilmington DE

We got drunk-- did we ever. We had already planned it. In Montreal, where I'm from, you're already legal to drink at 18-- none of this waiting until you're 21 stuff. And, if you don't shave for a couple days, and maybe let your hair look bushy, you can get away with looking 18. So three of us did exactly that. First we went to the prom (at the Carlton, nice place but we were in a basement room) in our tuxes, but clean looking, although unshaven-- and no, we didn't rent a limo. After a while that got boring (and booze, stupidly enough, wasn't allowed there), so around 10:30 we left and went down to St. Catharines. St. Catharines is the central street in Montreal. There's a bar, brasserie, tavern every couple of feet in the downtown area for approximately two kilometers. We started at one end (out of our tuxes now) and stopped at every watering hole and had a single beer. And that beer is strong, ay? We never made it down the whole street. Actually, I don't think we made it even halfway. One of my friends got sick and we were kicked out of the bar, and the rest of us were seeing double and staggering all around. We were lucky though because at some point someone else from our class came by. He had a pick up, yep. The cab was already full so we jumped (staggered?) into the back and we all took off. I don't know how they did it, but they had managed to get at least five or six 24s and everybody was drinking (yeah, I know, don't drink and drive). We went up to the Cote de Neiges cemetery where we kept drinking and drinking and drinking until the sun came up. There's a place there, where if you stand between two mausoleums that are god knows how old, you can see the sun just break over the horizon. It's really beautiful, and by morning I wasn't seeing double anymore. I was seeing four or five suns, all swimming lazily around at the bottom of the sky. Most of the guys with us were passed out or asleep against the tombstones, some of them lying in the little pockets the earth makes right over where the coffins are buried. Not me, though. I stayed up, finished the beer, and waited for that damn sun. It was only much later, when I was telling this story around school, that someone asked me why I spent prom night with a bunch of guys. Hey, I thought, didn't everybody? At least, except for one or two guys, that's what I'd seen at the dance-- and I actually had a girlfriend at the time! No, it wasn't like the movies, not at all.

-- John Westmount High Montreal QC

"Buy Your Dress Early" For last years prom, I went to a department store to look for a dress. After looking around for awhile, I didn't see anything I liked. At this time, the saleslady offered a catalog. I looked through it and found a gorgeous blue dress by Roberta. The saleslady told me that they didn't have it in stock, but she could order one from the company. I said that was great. She said that it would take 2-4 weeks for it to arrive. This was at the beginning of March and our prom wasn't until May 20th. I figured I was safe. WRONG!! After four weeks, they had not sent my dress. After I called the store, they were worried and decided to track my dress down. They learned that it hadn't even been sent yet. I'm from PA and my dress was in CA. The company apologized and said they would " send it immediately". Not the case. Two weeks later, my dress arrived at the store. It was the beginning of May already, so, not too much damage was done. I arrived anxiously at the store and tried my dress on, only to learn that the company had sent the wrong size!!! My dress was too small!!! I was two weeks away from the prom and out of luck. The store called the company and told them, they replied, " We aren't cutting anymore dresses of that style." I spent the next two days in my room feeling sorry for myself and crying because I thought I wouldn't get to go to my high school prom. The company ended up sending a dress for me three days before the prom. The dress they sent was the one I wanted, but three sizes too big. I spent the day before the prom at a tailors for my dress to be altered. The moral of the story, Please, if you are going to order a dress, order it as soon as possible. I wouldn't wish anyone in the world to have the same problems I did, and with so little time to do it in.

-- Freida Birmingham AL

Out of all the proms I have been to, my prom my sophomore year has been the best. Coming from a small town, prom is usually a big night on the town-usually 2 hours away. My freshman prom was a disaster: the limo had a huge hole in the floor, everything was broken, and my date (my boyfriend of 8 months and a senior) was so annoying it ruined my night. Then there was my junior prom last year where I was stuck with a date I never wanted (a nice guy, but he practically stalked me afterwards and followed me like a dog when I was dancing with my friends), when we got back home my friend and I escaped to Whataburger till 5 in the morning just to get away from our dates from hell... The reason my sophomore prom was the best was my boyfriend was amazing...When I was stressed about getting everything finalized, he calmed me down. We rode up alone, went to a great restaurant, and had a laid-back time when we got there. He had everything organized so the night went smoothly...except for getting lost for 2 hours on the way home! But that gave us some time to laugh and relax. When we arrived back into town, I was hungry so we spent the night making homemade pizza out of bisquits and having amazing "alone time".

-- Amber Mabank TX

I know that I'm a guy but hey i have prom stories also. i wore a kilt to prom last year. i was just sitting back and enjoying the night. i was voted most original tux. and when i got up to go out to the dance floor to dance with me gorgeous date. i hadnt known that the boys had played a bit of a prank on me. they had taken off my brooch pin and untied my belt. being odd on my own i wasnt wearing anything underneath. they had tied my kilt to the back of my chair also. so if you are of any intellegence you know what happened next. i got up. and i was moving pretty fast. i kind of made it clear out to the dance floor before i knew what happened. the people watching us didnt listen when i said it wasnt my fault so i got kicked out of my own prom. i loved every minute of it. but hey i didnt drive, i had to wait for my best friend to come out. he didnt know that i got kicked out since he was way too enthused by his date's dress. so i waited outside until midnight when prom ended. on top of everything. i lost my date to my worst enemy. she said i was too weird. so i just went home that night. looking back on it. it was my best prom ever.

-- Derek Meadville PA

Okay it's the big night (I got invited to an upper classmen's senior prom). I was a 10th grader and he was a senior and we went to different schools. So 7:00 rolls around, 7:30, 8:00 guess who shows up an hour late! Of course I had been ready for like 3 hours. We go to walk out the door, its raining (hard). We got drenched. Then we can't find the restaurant where we are going to meet his friends. We finally find it, he parks way away from it and way too close to the other car next to us. Needless to say my long puffy dress cleans the water/mud off the other car. When we go to leave he decides to be a man and go and get the car and bring it around. That's all good until he goes around to open my door for me and locks us out of the car, with the car still on! Okay then him and his friends pick the lock to his rented car and we finally get to prom. At the door everyone has to take an alcohol test to make sure we haven't been having too much fun. We pass, thank God! So we get out on the dance floor (: And he decides that we are going to swing dance, not a good idea with a long dress on. Then Mr. Wonderful says that were going to get our picture taken, why did he not think of this before we danced? Not only was my hair a mess, I got stuck paying for the pictures that I never got any of. Well all I have to say is thank God he payed for the tickets and dinner(:

-- Cheri Eugene OR

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