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(Please note, this story is also posted on my homepage: http://prom.akit.org) I did this for my college english class. It's called a "stream of consciousness" where you just write out anything that comes into your mind (just like freewriting). Please excuse the spelling errors and grammatical errors in this. Akit (Censored instructor's name) ENGL 92 Stream of Consciousness Let My Mind Run Ok, I watched Titanic on NBC for two nights and learned about the story. It made me cry and just sad. There’s something I want so much and I just can’t stand it anymore. I want to find love. I want to find someone I can care about, share my feelings, and let her be my best friend. I live a lonely life, I don’t have any sisters or brothers. I just wished I was with someone right now. Maybe I should make that my only Christmas wish. Just to be with someone I care about. Not my grandmother, not my parents, just a friend I love. That brings me back to my prom in May. I did not have a date and just went “stag”. I had a tux on and was dropped off at the luxurious Sir Francis Drake Hotel. I noticed that I came too early because there was only about 15 people there, then it started growing larger. Since I was alone, I had to ask some of my friends. I was afraid at first and did not know what to expect. But once they said yes, it made me feel relieved that I was dancing with someone. I mostly danced during the slow songs, but I also danced during some of the faster songs. Sometimes I realized that people I thought did not like me or just wanted to ignore me, did not matter when I asked them to dance with me that night. They happily said yes and I acted like a gentleman and we would dance. There were some funny situations like when I was just sitting down nearby the dance floor and one person I never met talked to me for a little while and asked me to dance because she wanted to seek revenge on her date. I just danced and it became one crazy rumor all around campus. Also after the prom, I danced with so many girls that night, I became known as the campus “pimp”. An awful word indeed. There were plenty of memorable moments that night, but there was one extra special one I will always remember. It was the last song of the night and I was looking for someone to dance with. Everyone was taken, I walked around for about a minute asking some. They said that they had to leave or they just did not want to. Then I find this person I never met before was sitting down all alone and without a date. I noticed her earlier because she was not out there. I asked her to dance with me, she was happy and said yes. As a courtesy, I took out my left hand as a gesture to walk with her. She actually took my hand and leaded me to the floor where we found a small spot. We danced to one beautiful song. She wore a black dress, was short in height and had one beautiful face. My ears were ringing from the loud music earlier and I asked her name. Her name was Anna. Such a wonderful name. After the song was finished, I thanked her and she thanked me back. She was the only person who thanked me back that night. I soon later had to see if she was a student of our school. I found out she was and I kept in contact with her via the internet. I asked her on a date a couple of times without luck. But we are just friends now. We help each other from time to time and I hope to see her sometime before the week is over. (Censored instructor's name), I apologize for going over the 600 word maximum limit. I just wanted to get this off my back. END Some extra notes: (5/19/02) I haven't seen her for a year. I haven't talked to her (via AIM) in over 6 months, she did not show up on my "buddy list" on my computer. I missed talking to her. But I was lucky; a week before the one year anniversary of meeting her, she pops up in my AIM box. I'm delighted that she came back to talk to me. Sometimes I ask myself, "will I ever see her again." That's a question I just can't answer. The one thing I can always ask for is a good friend. Having Anna as a good friend is something I can always wish for. She is nice, respectful, and someone I could always talk to. Although I haven't seen her in a year, the only keepsake memory of the way she looks, is her photo in my yearbook. There is an empty space in my desktop frame I received as a gift from the school, and I hope I can fill in that gap soon with a real photo than a blank memory of that night. There's a missing gap in my life, and I want to fill that in.

-- Aaron San Francisco CA

I think that I have the worst prom story ever. I was supposed to go with a guy that I really liked. A few weeks after he said yes, he told me he couldn't go. I asked a friend. He and I had a pact: if neither of us had a date, we'd go together. By the time I asked him, he had already asked someone else. Then I asked another guy (this one was sort of a joke) and he said no. Then I asked another friend of mine. He said yes. That was good. We started hanging out a bit more and I started to like him, so, I waited for a great night. Well, two nights before the prom, he told me that he hadn't been able to afford a tux. Okay, fine. Who's gonna notice the difference between a tux and a black suit? Well, it gets worse. I called him the night before the prom to give him directions to my house, what time to be there, etc. Well, he told me that he had died his hair bright red. I laughed. So I was going to have a funny prom. I like odd things. Well, he was supposed to be at my house between 3 and 3:15. At 3:30 he wasn't there. I called him and he said that he had been at his dad's house and that on the way home his car had broken down. Fine, a little late is no problem. We were supposed to leave at 4:00 to get to the prom at 5:00. Well, my date showed up at 4:30. Remember the black suit? Well, it was blue. And his tie? It had neon guitars on it! Luckily, my friend's date is a slob and had a black tie in the back of his car. We showed up at the prom an hour late. When we got there, my date decided to hide in the bathroom pretty much all night. We danced all night...rather close, I might add. He held my hand and I kissed him. After that night, we stayed pretty close. Then, about a week later, he told me that he was dating another girl. He then told me that he didn't know that I liked him. How? Yes, that was an odd night.

-- Anne Lancaster PA

My story is about prom. Well I was real nervous about prom because well he was a junior and I was a freshman. I knew there would be alot of upperclassmen there. Well it all started he asked me out on Val Day of 2001. We had been going out for a while then he asked me to prom. I found the perfect 2 piece dress which was an purple blue colered dress. On the night of the prom we came and picked me up and we wnet to eat at the nicest place in the world we went with a bunch of friends. His mom and my mom took huindres of pictures. We went to prom and we danced the whole night and at prom was the first time he told me he loved me face to face and he told me he wanted to be with me forever and always. After prom we went to my couins house which is his best friend with a bunch of people. We had the best time ever. THe best part baout this is that it is over ayear later and we are still togetther.

-- Jordan Louisville KY

Prom 2002. My prom was on May 10, 2002. It was the most wonderful day of my life. I went with my boyfriend Anthony. I wore a royal blue and silver gown that had 2002 all over it. (i got the idea from the Millenium Barbie) He wore a white tux and royal blue vest and shoes. We looked real good together. We both dressed at my house, took pictures there. We went to his house then just riding around. When we finally got to prom it was one of the most beautiful places I had ever seen before. We danced all night he was suprised because I never dance. We had dinner then took pictures. It was nice to see everyone dressed up and getting along with one another. I was prom coordinator and I didn't want to win Prom Queen because I had won Homecoming Queen in November. I won it anyways by votes from my peers. My boyfriend's best friend won, who is also my best friend's boyfriend won King. We had to dance together which was funny because neither one of us can dance. Then we got to dance with our dates and just have fun.

-- Latrice Cleveland OH

My boyfriend and I are both freshman, so when he asked me to prom at his school in December, I was really surprised. Their high school is so small that they let all grades 9-12 go to prom. Since I wasn't sure if we would still be together, I didn't answer him. As it turns out, we broke up in January. At the end of February, I realized my life was a disaster without him, so we got back together. His prom was last night, and my best friend's mom made my dress for me. My boyfriend had a friend that wanted to meet my friend and so we set them up, and they went to prom together too. We all looked great, and had the best time. The whole night, they were whispering secrets to each other, and it was beginning to upset me. When our song came on, we got up to dance, and halfway through the song, he stopped dancing and pulled something out of the pocket of his tuxedo and told me to close my eyes. When he told me to open them and look down, I saw a beautiful 24- karat gold necklace around my neck. I started crying, and since the school was so small, everyone was watching us the whole time and they clapped for us. Then he lifted my chin and kissed me and told me he loved me. Prom was definitely a magical night for me.

-- Alicia MO

Prom 2002 was the best! At first I was so happy and couldn't wait to go, I even bought my dress a couple of months early. At the time, all I had to do was find a date. By mid march, no one had asked me and I was really depressed because the one guy i wanted to ask had a girlfriend he was planning to take. My friends all had no problem getting one and I seriously thought about returning my dress and I knew I would probably have a better time at home for free on prom night. That all changed when my best friend told me that her date's family had rented a 6 person limo and that he had told her to find 2 more people to go(4 people had already decided to go). I bought one ticket and put my name on the senior date list (hopeing maybe to have a date). When no boys signed up, I came to my senses(and my friends helped me decide)and decided I didn't need a date and could have a good time by myself (besides, a couple of my friends were going stag too). To make a long story short, I ended up riding with my friends and their dates in a white 6 person limo(only 5 people, though) and had the best time at Senior Prom '02! The after- prom party was pretty cool too. Afterwards, me and my friends all went to breakfast. The best part of the whole night? My uncle did my hair for free and my friend's hair and everyone complimented saying my hair looked cute and I looked really pretty. I will never forget my prom night on April 19th!!

-- JEn TX

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