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My boyfriend and I have been together for 1yr and 2months. We started the evening out to be late and we ate dinner at Ocean Bay and arrived at Prom around nine. He got all moody he wouldn't hold my hand, dance, or anything we ended up leaving early because he had to work the next day. I'm in 12th grade so I can't go to Prom again. It was the worst night ever.

-- Chrissy Dogspur VA

Last night was Prom night. My date was a Senior, and I'm a sophomore who attends a different school. It was all I'd imagined it would be. He looked so awesome in his white tux, and I felt like a million dollars. After my family took all the pictures they had time for, we went to his house so his family could get pictures. Then we went out to eat, and then the hotel where the Prom was being held. Someone with a filming camera was filming us as we arrived. We got our pictures taken as soon as we got there, so the line wouldn't be too long. I didn't know anyone there. I'd never met anyone there before, with the exception of my boyfriend and another friend from our church who also goes to that school. Yet it was so much fun. I met so many wonderful people. There were 3 other girls, I think, with the same dress that I had. It was so hilarious. One couple walked past when we were standing in line for the Senior Walk, and the girl had the same dress on as I did, and the guy had on a white tux, which happened to be the same color as the tuxedo my boyfriend was wearing. We all got a picture together to celebrate our "good taste". ;-) I really enjoyed myself. Dancing...the D.J. wasn't too great. Mostly he played the songs that we really didn't like to dance to. The "booty" songs, as we call them...lol. Yet there were some really fun ones. When we first arrived they were playing slow songs, and we were the first couple out on the dance floor. Then we danced to a few fast songs, before we took a break. My favorite one was "Jumpin' Jivin'". I've never had so much fun in my life as I had dancing to that one song. He kept spinning me around, which was a blast. After Prom we went to the Post- Prom, and they had all kinds of awesome stuff there. A mechanical surfing board you can surf on...one of those money machines where you try and grab the cash as it blows up around you (I didn't get any cash..but I did get seven Chick-Fil- A coupons..lol. My boyfriend got 3 bucks...but hey, gas money!) We got our caricatures done, which was really cool. I've always wanted to have that done. It was so much fun. It couldn't have been any better. I truly hope everyone else's Prom was awesome. I didn't even go to that school and I had a blast. I didn't know anyone, and I met some wonderful people. I'm just saddened now that it's over. But I have memories to last a lifetime.

-- Jennifer VA

well it was going pretty well. We didnt get a limo but anyway he has a real nice red toyota celica and we went in that. We were having a good time dancing and all and it was getting realy fun on the slow dances but i was realy embarrassed I kept on passing gas and they were realy loud smelly ones. and I accidently messed myself bad from all that farting and i felt realy sick like i was goign to throw up. so i jsut went to his car and fell asleep. and i was realy thinking about doin it with him because we both want to and it was going to be fun. ohh my god i realy was embarrassed. and yah i threw up luckily it was out of view from him. other than that i has on a nice black strappless dress that was realy plane

-- Melanee Rutland VT

Picture flat land for miles and miles. Red dirt, rows of cotton, patches of cows, and about 9 small buildings. You're looking at my hometown. Three of those buildings are churches that don't believe in dancing. So we don't have a prom. That's right. No prom. We have a banquet. A formal banquet. Most all of the teachers at my school double as sports or department coaches. Our math teacher is an assistant football coach. Football IS his LIFE. Not math. He hates math as much as we do. So when he has to teach it, he gets grumpy. So all we know of him is a grumpy coach. All he tells us is to sit down and shutup. If we ask how to work a problem, he answers "Correctly." So I found great triumph in the following moment. Last year for banquet, we hired a hypnotist for entertainment. He got the imfamous Coach Grump to kiss a mop he thought was Pamela Lee Anderson. It was great. I got pictures. Sweet revenge...

-- Von Oklahoma OK

I was asked to my junior prom by this guy I had been seeing for a little while before prom. I decided about a month before that I just wanted us to be friends. He didn't really like that, but he still asked me to prom. The day he came and picked me up we were at my friend Whitneys house. There were a bunch of us there. I had my dress made and my hair was done perfect I felt like a princess out of a fairy tale. Then he showed up. He came in and already was in a bad mood. I knew I was in for it from there on. We went to go and get our pictures taken and I paid for them. We went to dinner and he didn't touch an ounce of his food, so I ate his for him. He couldn't believe I ate so much cause I am a pretty small girl. Then we got to the dance it was gorgeous! Me and all my girlfriends were having a blast dancing. My date didn't like to dance so he just stood by with all his others non dancing friends and watched. he began to get upset that I was dancing and he went down to his car with one of his buddies and got drunk. he came back up and I could smell it on his breath I was so..upset. HE was the driver. Anyways I didn't talk to him untill the end of the night when we were all getting on the elevador to go to our cars. we got on seperate ones because there was such a crowd. Me and my friend ended up on the wrong floor and we finally got out onto the street and walked to my dates car. He had tons of people in it. I yelled at him to stop and he just drove off. Me and my friend were left downtown and 12:30 at night. Luckly a bunch of my friends walked out and I was going to one of there houses anyways to stay. Anyways girls if you have to say No then say it. Make sure you will have an awesome time with the guy!

-- April Nine Mile Falls WA

i was dating this guy chris for about 3 months, we went to homecoming together and afterwards he had an afterparty at his place. well i changed out of my dress into something more comfy for the party. i forgot about my dress being there and the next morning we had a really bad breakup. then prom rolls around and i see him with his new girlfriend at prom. and guess what! SHE WAS WEARING MY DRESS!!!!!! i walked up to her while they were getting some punch and said "nice dress" and she said " yeah, chris baught it for me" so i replied " sure he did hunny, ask him where he baught it... jessica's boutique?"

-- Jessica Ft. Lauderdale FL

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