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I would like to start out by saying that prom last year SUCKED! Well,I went with my ex, who was still a "friend" of mine if that is what you want to call it. I asked him because I wouldn't have had a date otherwise. He never was really that fun, yet I thought maybe this time would be different. I couldn't have been more wrong. The night was terrible, from me thinking I liked him again, to him being a jerk, and then finally, my whole group of friends leaving early. It's PROM! Why would you leave early? Oh well. Then if this wasn't bad enough, the guys wanted to cruise the strip in Ottawa, normally fun, not in dresses while it is raining. Then, we go back to my friend's house and we all spent the night there.And then I spent the night watching a boting movie, then my date passed out on the floor, and then we all woke up and went to Pizza Hut and then the driving range. Then my date thought it would be funny to aim the golf ball at my friend Laura, and narrowly missed her. After this we went home. Thank god.

-- Tare Newark IL

I've never actually been to "prom", but I did go to homecoming this year... and it was a dream date come true. I went with my neighbor, Olivier, and 6 other people. We had everything planned out like a month in advanced, from hair, to nails, to dining. It was great. I told the boys to pick out the restaurant, so tehy picked out the most expensive one in town. Between my date and I, our bill was $130. After we ate dinner on the water, we went to starbucks wich was our traditional meeting spot, or hang out spot, so we thought that i'd be cute to go there on homecoming night. It happened however that as we were waiting for the coffee people to make our coffee, my friend Sarah noticed something on my dress, and it was chocolate from the chocolate covered strawberries that we had eaten for dessert in the limo! Of course I panicked because the dress I was wearing was my best friends sisters prom dress that their mom had made. I felt horrible, but luckiy I had found an ice cube and a napkin and got it out that way. Our limo driver who we had named "jeeves" took us to the highschool to go to the dance... it was great, we danced and had a blast; ending the night hanging out at one of the guys house until 4:00 in the morning. I hope that every homecoming will be like this, just hopefully with not the chocolate!

-- Lindsay Monroe WA

hey guys unlike all of u my prom is known as my 'debs' !!!! now it was a nite to rem !!!!!!!!! after waitin for ages and ages and ages it finally came round! my hair wos booked my makeup up was booked and my dress well whoah !!!!!!!!!!! gorgeous ! i had it irish handmade and it wos just fab!!!!!!!! also i had the most gorg date ,my bf of 2 years !! just a babe!!!!!!! anyway after months of prepartion and everything went great till we actually got the prom where my bf and my friens got their drinks spiked !!!!!!!!!! and well a good nite to start with but ended on a chair with my hair a mess my makeup a nightmarein in a cold ugly hospital!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but im gonna make up for it dis year !!!!!!!!!!! lots of love

-- Sarah Ireland

My prom was so awesome last year. My date(Steven) was someone whom i was friends with for 3 years before. We had the love/hate friendship...(We would tell each other we didn't like the other but we really knew we had something there. About 2 months before the prom Steven asked me to go. Of course I said yes and was so excited because I had the biggest crush on him. Well the day of prom i got my nails and my hair done (which took 2 hours!) and got home just in time to slip on my pretty pink dress and put my make-up on. I called Steven to tell him I was ready so he and his parents came over. I was waiting inside my house when he rung the doorbell. I was sooo nervous since this was our real official date. He was so cute in his tux...and he was shaking as he put my wrist corsage on! After that my friend came over...(she was riding with us because she didn't have a date!) Big mistake. So we went to my dad's studio (since he's a photographer) and took a bunch of pictures. After that we went out to eat. We were supposed to eat at this really nice restaurant but nooo, my friend said she wanted to eat at some mexican restaurant. Well the food was good but what a crappy atmosphere! Everyone was wearing jeans and we felt totally out of place. To be sweet Steven payed for all of our dinners..which really wasn't much because our total bill wasn't even 20 dollars! Steven felt so bad b/c he wanted to take me somewhere fancy. Well we still had a couple of hours before the prom started and Amber's necklace broke so we went to the mall to get her and new one. It was actually kind of cool the people complimenting Steven and I as we walked around. We still had some more time after that so we went to Starbucks...Okay so this isn't magical..but what can you do with your best friend in the back seat? We finally went to the place where the prom was held and it was sooo pretty but really crowded ..It was some kind of hawaiian theme so all the girls that came in got their own lei. We stayed at the prom for about 45 minutes and we couldn't take it anymore..it was sufficating in that hot room...So we went to this putt putt place called Adventure landing..Steven and I just had to get away from my friend so we let them all go play golf while Steven and I sat on a park bench nearby. We cuddled and he had his arm around me and we had the nicest kisses..turned around and realized there was a sign on the wall that said...You're being watched by a survailance camera...hehe but nobody said anything...then we finally went home ( i wasn't really old enough to do the all night party thing ) Steven kissed me goodnight for like 30 minutes...and that night i realized i was in love with him. We've been together now for a year! I love him with all of my heart!

-- Erin NC

Ok, so my prom was probably the most dramatizing ever. I had no intentions on going to prom, but my friends ended up convincing me. The reason for that was because this one girl ( a former friend to all of us) was continully acting like a " PROM NAZI" ( that is what we call her now) and my friends were obeying everything she was telling them and since I was the only one who actually didn't take crap from her, they begged me to go. PROBLEM!! I had no date though. So I ended up asking an ex to go as friends. About one week before prom I get a phone call from him. He claimed he had Mono and didn't feel like going. Ok, I was a little dramtic, but I told him if he didn't go that I would sue him for all my expences plus emotional damage( i really did tell him this) so he went. Prom came and the group was still taking orders from the Prom Nazi. I was making alternate plans for me. But what happend was that she was telling me I had to be at her house with my date for pics at a certain time. Then her plan was that we would all go to the Grand March together, then dinner... Ok by this time I was very anmoyed. Dinner went good, but when we got to prom that was when things got out of hand. Prom Nazi started to telling me how to dance and who to dance with. OK THAT IS IT... I told her off in a huge fight that actually got on tape. Then my date... I was dancing with a good friend and then all of a sudden he approaches him and tells him that he is going to kick his a** if he tries anything. Then he was ranting about what he was like in high school... All in all I felt like i was in an eppisode of General Hospital.. And it wasn't all that.. This year I'm going without the prom nazi or my date from last year and hopefully this one is better...

-- Vanessa MN

It was my junior prom and the theme was "A night to remember", and I will always remember it. My date and I have been dating for about 1.5 years already. I had a beautiful periwinkle- lavender dress with perfectly matching shoes and he matched his tux exactly. (Black with deep purple cummberbun) That night my mom and grandma came to 'help'me( which is a tradition) As I was getting my glitter on he came over, I opened the door and he had a corsage made specialy for me, he took some extra pieces off my dress when I brought them home to match shoes, from when I hemmed it and he had the dress piece in the corsage. We will be going to my senior prom together also, he said he will make the next prom night more memorable then the last.

-- Megan Lincoln NE

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