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I went to prom with my best friend for my junior prom, and it was the awesomest nite of my life. We had a group of 25, so it was great to have dinner at a special restaraunt with a special room, and dancing all nite long with my closest friends. Going with so many friends made it great because we could dance with all the boys we could handle! My date treated me awesome, and Its a nite we'll be talking about forever!

-- Allison Charlotte NC

The month before my prom was probably exactly like everyone else's, frantic, crazy and exciting! I didn't have a steady boyfriend or anything, and everyone I knew already had a date. So, I went with this random guy in my friend's history class, MC, it was no big deal or anything. We went in a limo with three other couples, and we had a blast singing on the way there and all that kinda stuff. So we get to prom, and it's all fine and everyone's dancing, and then, before I even knew it, they announced it was time for the last dance! I looked around to find my date and he was no where to be seen! Then someone tapped me on the shoulder. One of the guys' in our limo, DR, couldn't find HIS date either! We kinda shrugged and looked at each other and just danced the last dance together. So we were waiting for our dates by the door and no one had seen them for a REALLY long time. Finally, after about 25 minuets, they came out from under a TABLE and had been making out the entire time!! DR and I were sooooo furious, it was just so horribly embarassing and hurtful, I mean, couldn't they have waited until AFTER prom or were they THAT needy!? We both stated that we would never again associate with people so rude as them. Well, after that we couldn't help but become friends. One thing lead to another and DR and I have now been dating for over nine months, and he's the love of my life! Neither of us can believe we were so lucky to BOTH go to prom with two total losers, who happened to make out with each and bring us together. Cheesy, yes, but amazing lucky for us at the same time! :)

-- Alix Victoria BC

my stories kinda embarassing, see when i was freshmen, my brother had no1 to go with, and he asked me, and so i went coz i dint want to get in trouble for makinghim go stag (my rents are messed up)anywayhe bought me this amazing dress, it was white and strapless and heavly embroiderd on the top but fades as it went down.it was gorgeous.so anyway,it turns out his best friendwas the one that bought the dress and rented a limo and everything, brandon (his best friend) couldnt get up the nerve to ask me to the prom so him and my brother made this plan,andi went with him and had a great time, andended upgoing out with brandon for 2 years, i loved my first prom, and my next one is coming up and i cant wait though im having trouble finding a dress. im so glad prom was good.

-- Lauren Macomb IL

Last Year, My class, (juniors) like every other year, had to decorate for the prom. We set up the night before prom, which took almost all night, and had to get up the next day and go to the prom. My boyfriend picked me up and when we got to the prom everyone sat down and the senior class read the wills. After the wills were read everyone got up and we got our food. The DJ decided that while we were eating, that he would go uptown and get something to eat, so we had no music to listen too while we ate. After everyone was finished eating, the DJ was still gone, so a few guys got up and put on some music. About 4 songs into prom, our superintendent reported to us that there was a tornado headed our way, and that we needed to seek shelter. Well, no one wanted to stay at the school, so everyone went home. Once we got home it was clear outside... you could see the stars and moon. So, we spent all that money for a 30 min prom. It sucked badly. I really hope our prom this year goes alot better. Our class spent money that could have sent us on a senior trip, now we dont have much money to even go.

-- Ashley OK

All of my girl friends and I were choosing dates. When we had them picked out, we smiled and hinted that we needed dates until they asked us. It was all great for a few weeks. I had asked my frined and when we got in a fight we decided we ddin't want to go together. So I asked another friend of mine from a different city. WE had everythign ready to go, but then, less than a week before hand, he told me that he couldn't go because of a prior arangment with his family. I understood becasue I think its great when guys are tight wiht their families. So I was dateless adn you can't go without a date. So I was spreading the word everywhere. Meanwhile, my friend's date had to go to Alaska with his family, so she needed a date. We asked everyone we could think of. Finally a guy called me so I hooked her up wiht him being as angelic as I am to give him to her. I ended up asking my friend who said he refused to go. He must have changed his mind becasue we had a great dance! The story is that you should never give up hope just because your dates don't work out.

-- Chris MO

All I can say about the weeks leading up to my senior prom is that they were a total nightmare! I had agreed to go to prom with a guy friend of mine since I wasn't dating anyone at the time, and I really thought that this would make the evening enjoyable, because I wouldn't have to go dateless. Actually, I couldn't have been more WRONG! See, after I told him I'd go with him, I started to realize that he had a huge crush on me, but I didn't feel that way at all about him. He was getting more and more obsessed with me, and I was freaked out. He wouldn't listen when I tried to tell him that I saw him as just a friend, and I was frustrated and upset with him. Rather than miss my senior prom or show up dateless, I decided to grin and bear it for an evening and I went with him. I was totally miserable by the time I got there, though, because he was so possessive of me, acting like we were a couple or something. So finally I got so fed up that I just walked onto the dance floor without him, and luckily, he just slithered away and found a table to sit at. Once I was on the dance floor, my whole evening was changed because that was where I met a really amazing guy. He had a great sense of humor and he was so cute, and he turned my whole evening around. He and I started talking, and before I knew it, he had ditched his date like I had done to mine, and we danced practically every song together. We went to the after prom party together too, and that was where he kissed me for the first time! It was so awesome the way we connected; it was like nothing I have ever felt before. Today, almost a year later, we are still a couple. Even though our relationship is long distance (he lives 64 miles away from me so it's hard for us to see each other often) our feelings for each other haven't changed. I will never forget how wonderful my prom was because of him!! My advice: Girls, don't let anything stop you from going to your prom! It doesn't matter if you're dateless or if you're stuck with some creepy stalker as your date, just go, because you never know when something magical is going to happen to you!!!

-- Justine Hampstead MD

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