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hi yall...well ok to start it offf,ok me nad my boyfriend were going out for our whole high school years,and it was now our senior prom,and of course we went ot prom together.we wanted it to be very special,so we rented our own limo,and went all out on the dress and tux.well b4 prom he came get me nad we went eat at the fanciest resteraunt there was in town.after that we showed up at prom,we started dancing nad hanging with our friends and i dont even have to mention us drinking casue we were all sooo DRUNK.well about 2 hours during prom they announced the prom king nad queen and prince nad princess.well with no doubt it was me nad my boyfriend and my best friend and hers.so we were all happy,so we decided to leave the prom nad celebrate,so we all left and went to the kareokee club.so we were all cutting up{and yes we were still in our tuxs nad dresses} and my boyfriend decided ot try nad sign the song on the kareoke in frotn of everyone.so he got up and he was tryign to sing it,when all of a sudden he went quiet,then he got every1's attention.he started sayign this bi lecture and telling everyone how much he loved me.well i thought it was the alcohal talking,well all of a sudden he gets on one knee nad pulls out an engagement ribg in front of the whole bar.and he asked the big question.do u know what i said?????........................... ... well of course i said yes sillly.that was the best day of my life.now i am out of school and me nad him are living together and iwe are about to be parents!!we are soo happy.my life couldnt be better. well email me if u like this story! bye bye

-- Lacey Iberia LA

Ok. My prom night SUCKED!! I was a freshman in highschool and I was going with my boyfriend Daniel who was a Senior. I thought i loved him. I thought he loved me. We had been going out for 6 months. And i had the perfect dress. It was black (black looks good on me) and sleeveless and he had his tux and he looked so cute. Well the prom ws fine i guess.. we danced all night long and he was kissing my neck all night and junk. Then after the prom... Our friends were all going back to a hotel. I didnt wanna give up my virginity that night. I was only 15. So i told Daniel. And he just said it will be ok. That he loved me and blah blah blah. Then the next thing i knew he was all over me in the hotel room and we were alone. I didnt know what to do. I told him to get off me and he stopped and looked at me. He said that if i really loved him that i would do this with him. And i said flat out that i must not have loved him then b/c i didnt wanna do it. So he got all mad at me and grabbed me arm and dragged me out of the room and drove me home. The reason i say that my prom night sucked was b/c i couldnt trust Daniel after that. And our relationship went down hill from there. We broke up 1 month after prom. And i hope that the next prom i go to doesnt end up like that one. Girls make sure that u set down the rules with ur b/f or ur prom date. Dont let him do anything u dont feel comfortable doing b/c u will regret it ur whole life.

-- Kyrbylyn

My prom night was the best EVER!! I will never forget it. See i was a Junior. And the guy i liked was in college. He was my brothers friend. I had had a crush on him forever. And i had never told him but i kinda figured he knew. Everyone called him Stanley. He was on the football team in highschool and he was tall and handsome and he had muscels. He was like my dream guy. We used to hang out alot i guess. He would come over to visit my bro and we would end up talking for hours. We got along really well. He was the one and only guy i wanted to go to prom with. But silly me i was too scared to ask him. So one day... Me and Stanley and a bunch of my friends were all hanging out. And me and Stanley were playing around and flirting. And the subject of junior prom came up. And all of my friends had a date. It was about a month before the prom. And so i told all my friends i still didnt have a date and they knew i liked Stanley... so they said... "Hey Stanley... why dont u take Stacey to her Prom... you guys could go just as friends". And he looked down at me (i was laying on his legs) and he said if she wants me to i will. And of course i said YES!!! So we made all these plans for all of us to meet at the school and everything. And i got the PERFECT prom dress. And he got his tux. He even rented a limo for me. And the night of the prom i was so nervous i thought i was gonna throw up all over him. I kinda didnt wanna go anymore... just b/c i was going with him. But i had to. He had done all of this for me. So i heard the doorbell ring and my brother went to get it. And i heard them all talking downstairs and it was just like in the movies... i walked down the stairs and my mom was takeing pictures... and Stanley looked great. And off we went. We ate at a fancey place and we went to the prom. We danced all night long. I loved to slow songs b/c i seemed to fit in his arms perfectly (even though i'm only 5'2 and hes around 6') And on the VERY last song of the night... we were danceing to the song All or nothing by Otown... Stanley pulled away alittle bit b/c i had my head on his chest... and he looked down at me with those adorable blue eyes... and he kissed me. It was like fire works went off in my head. And i dont think anyone will ever kiss me the way he did. Thats why i will never forget my prom night.

-- Stacey Grand Rapids MI

Well, I went to prom with my long time boyfriend. We'd already been to my prom a few months earlier, he went to a different school though so we 'got' to go to two. I wore the same dress, hairstyle, all the same, just for time's sake. It was a fun night, not because of my date though, he ditched me to hang out with his drunk guy friends. I spent the night dancing with some of my group of friends and meeting new people. The next day was my school's graduation and I had to play in the band for that, so I had to be home early on prom night. My boyfriend and I broke up the next day. Still a fun night though... better to go without a date! :)

-- CJ Hayes KS

Last year's prom for me pretty much sucked. The morning of prom I woke up with a huge pimple. When we went to go get our nails done, our car broke down. But a friend drove by, saw us, and took us home. We almost missed the bus to the prom and I spilled water and got ink on my dress. When I got there I realized there were no guys there that I would actually be brave enough to ask to dance so I didn't get to dance with anyone the whole night. On the way home we got stopped by a cop and when I came home I found a worm on my dress. It was such a nightmare. A waste of money. But for some odd reason, I'm going again this year. Oh well. Hope everyone else's prom is better than mine was. Oh yea! I forgot to mention that the corsage that matched my dress exactly that my grandmom bought me would NOT stay on. It fell off before I left, in the parking lot of the school, and on the bus. I finally just stuck it in my purse and took it out for photos.

-- Kristy Salem NJ

From Carlos, Falls Church, VA I wrote a story allready about my Prom 2000 experience. This time its about my 2001 senior prom, the big one. It turned out so much better than my last one. During spring break of this year i asked my friend Amanda if she would accompany me to prom, she happily said yes and i in return was happy also. We made the usual plans for prom, the flowers, the tux or the dress, but we didn't want to go in a limo, cause we had a huge group of people, like 24 or so. My friend Greta said she could get us a huge BUS to take to prom. At first it didn't seem like a cool idea, but the surprise came to us on prom night. The bus we had gotten was actually owned by Willie Nelson and was used by Dave Matthews to tour! We were so excited about that and that got us extremely psyched about the night ahead. We went to dinner at some fancy restuarant, and then got on the bus to the hotel. By the time we got to prom, we were allready dancing like crazy on the bus (since it had a sweet sound system). The prom itself wasn't too bad, it could have been better. I didn't like the choice of songs they had too much, but oh well i had the greatest time with amanda, she's just the greatest girl. Afterwards we rode on our Dave Matthews bus back to Greta's house, in which we all went to some after prom parties and we stayed up all night to watch the sunrise. It was definitely the most memorable night of my senior year and im gonna remember it forever!

-- Carlos Falls Church VA

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