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okay i liked my best friend and i told like all my girl friends.well one of them slipt it out to him.i was like ohh my gosh!! then a couple of weeks before prom,he wrote me an e-mail saying meet me at the school 1/2 an hour before school starts. So i did. and then he asked me is i would go to the prom with him, but what was so sweet every word in " will you go to the prom with me? he gave me a small but sweet kiss! and i said yes and we have been daten from then on! mauhh

Shasta I.F. Idaho Falls ID

Well this guy that i really liked (and he liked me too) decided it was time to ask me to prom. he spent days asking all of my friends what they thought i would think was the most romantic. well in the end he talked with my choir teacher. when my teacher said that we where going to listen to a piece, he came in and sang a song. Painter by O- Town. which he said later described me to a T.

Hope Kent WA

For tolo (girls ask the guys) i had this guy that i have had my eye on for awhile now. So i wanted to do something totaly origional. So a week before tolo he was complaining about now having a date. So i decided why not give it a shot and ask him... So i went to his house when he wasnt there and put a stuffed animal and a baloon on his bed. The baloon inside had a note that said will you be my date to tolo but he had to pop the baloon to read it. So he called me later that night and sa i d he would go with me and that he has been keeping his eye on me too... i thought it was a really creative way of doing something so simple. :-)

Jane Ortig WA

I was joking around with one of my friends in class and I said take me to the prom. And he said Melissa will you got to the prom with me and I accepted.

Melissa Baccalieu Collegiate Lower Island Cove CA

There was this girl that i liked for a while and i have been trying to tell her how i feel, so i asked her to prom. My idea was getting 3 fish and putting them in a case in her room and lead a path of roses to her room and the note beside the fish bowl is " If fishes were wishes you would have 3 my 1 wish is to come to prom with me.

Kevin Villa Park Orange CA

This didn't happen to me...I heard it from a friend who helped this guy. So he wanted to do somethng really cool so he put a tub of ice cold water on her porch. He filled it with ice and rose petals and floating candals on top and then when she saw it she had to reach in and grab a note that was on the bottom that said, "It would melt my heart if you would go to homecoming with me." I thought that was the cutest thing!

Anon PHS Fort Collins CO

the start of track season my freshman year also started a huge crush on a senior. we both ran long distance so at practice we would run together and have a ton of fun! I had never talked to this guy before track started. I'm sure he thought that i thought we were just friends. everyone was starting to get worried about dates for prom and dresses and everything, and of course i wanted to go with my track buddy! All my friends knew how much i liked him and all the other ppl on my trac k team that ran distance knew how much i liked him and knew how much i wanted to go to prom with him, except for him. Somehow he found out that i liked him, and everyone was telling me for weeks that he was gonna ask me, but he never did! A couple of guys had asked me but I wanted to go with him so i always said no. week before prom we had a track meet. it was really cold, so me and my crush were kinda cuddling in some blankets in between our events. right before i started warming up for the mi l e, he said, "hey, i hope you win, because it would be awesome if i could go to Prom with the best mile runner in the league!" it sounds kinda corny but i was so happy! and to make it even better i did win! we went to prom a week later and had a great time! it was the first time we had ever hung out besides school and track. I was in heaven the whole time! after the dance he drove me home and i even got my first kiss!! It was beautiful!!

Jessa priest river lamanna high school Priest River ID

O my gosh...i was saked to the prom the other day in such a sweet way! last friday we had a dance, and i was danceing with a guy who i've liked for a while, but i didn't think he liked me at all. When we were dancing he picked me up (feet not on the ground ne more) and asked me if i wanted to go with him! and hey, i'm a sophomore, i'm totally psyched! and i get to go w/colin, and that makes me even more happy!

Meg GDRHS Groton MA

Well....let me tell you about me. I am short, fat, and ugly...well I am okay looking but I have a GREAT personality (appearently) and I have the hugest crush on this guy. He's tall, muscular, a basketball player and a baseall player and got "Most Attractive"....well we had one class together and we always goofed off and quoted movies....we are movie freaks....and I knew we were only friends but I couldn't help being attracted to him. Well the movie we most quote is "Billy Madison" and one day I was just sitting there in class and my phone rang....I went to pick it up and I saw him with his phone out. I answered it and he gave it to his friend.....to make a long story short we renacted the part where Billy is taking to his teacher and she says she would never go out with him......but then he goes..."ALl jokes aside though....ya wanna go to prom?" and I was like "Well I dunno....." and he hung up on me and walked over and goes "Please" and kissed me....so yeah we went LoL

Gina James A. Cawood KY

My friend works at a pizza place and i had her make a pizza spelling out PROM in pepperonis and outined in green peppers and i delivered the pizza to my dates house.

Emile SM South Overland Park KS

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Someone who loves you
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