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My ex boyfriend asked me if i had a date for my prom and i didnt so he said you do now then i asked him if he would go with me and he said i wouldnt have it any other way

Erica Grayson County High Trout Dale VA

my friend nick and i were planning on going to winter formal together, but i had no idea how to ask him. i didn't want to just be like "hey, will you go to w/f with me?" (w/f=winter formal) cause that is really lame. so i had to think of a really good idea. on new years my friend brittany was having a new years party, so i thought maybe i could ask him then. at liek 10 the talk about w/f came up. somebody asked nick if he was going and he said "no i dont think so because nobody has asked me yet" and he looked right at me. so i thought to myself, maybe i shoudl ask him at midnight. so we were counting down...but right when it was time, i just said "hey nick...umm, happy new year" Damn i thought, now how am i gunna ask him. it was like 1 when we started to play charades. finally it was my turn. my friend travis had put on the card he handed me "nick will you go to winter formal with me". so i was like, this is gunna be so much easier! so i went up there and did it. hey, if you wnat an idea for asking a guy...charades is a pretty good way, it turned out to work very well!

Shelley DHHS Laguna CA

My guy came by my house while I was still at softball practice and covered my bed in different colored rose petals and put one single red rose on my pillow with a note asking me.


I had the longest crush with this boy in my school, but he was also the smallest guy. I think he barely measures over 5 ". Anyway, we got talking about prom and suddenly he asked me if I wanted to go! I was so smitten, but nervous at the same time. Still, he has got to be the cutest boy (not to mention te sweetest) i've ever known. Height suddenly didn't matter, you know? I said yes. Now I'm wondering when he'll ask me to be his girlfriend!

Cathleen San Diego Institution San Diego CA

I was kinda asked.... but i kinda asked too. It was a weird sistuation. HAHA. See i had this crush on a guy for a while. He was a few years older than me and his prom was comeing up. And he was always hinting to me about it. We always joked around about going out and junk b/c we were friends. Then one day we were talking and he was jokeing around and said HEY why dont we go to prom together. And i said sure... that'd be great. And we laughed a bit... and then i looked up at him and said.... could we really go together... and he said HELL YEA!!! Ive been wanting to ask u but ive been too scared. So we ended up going and haveing a great time.


Last year I was a sophmore. so one day I was in P.E. streching with my class, and this guy named Adam ( who by the way has terits and is not very popular. Not a lot of girls in my school would say yes to him.) so When he yelled in front of the whole class will you go to Prom with me. IT took me a very long time to say yes, because you see I knew that the Forgien exchange student Ian from Austrlia was going to ask me. So whne Ian who is by the way a HOTTIE came up to me and said "I know Adam asked you to prom so I would like to go with him because you would make his day and mime too. You see I was going to ask you Katie to the dance but We will see each other there and you can save me a dance. I can find another date I don't think Adam can." So to end the story I said yesto Adam and still danceed with Ian.

Katie VHS Gladstone IL

Homecomming was comming up and i really wanted to go, but i knew the guy i liked wasnt going to ask me. My friend decided to take things into her own hands and find me another date. Her boyfriend had a friend who wasnt going either so they wrote "will you go to homecomming with me" on a pumpkin, set it on my porch, rang the doorbell, and hid. At first I didnt realize what it said, but in the end i said yes. Even though i didnt like him like him i still had a lot of fun and i am glad i said yes.

Erika Washington

My best guy friend of like 8 years and I had decided that if neither one of us had a date three weeks before prom, we would go together. That three weeks finally came around, and still no date for me. All I could do was cry for some reason.I felt like a total loser, all my friends had dates, and there I was...datless. One night, exactly three weeks before the big night, there was a knock on my door. I opened it to see Shaun standing there, with a dozen yellow roses (my fav), he handed them too me, kissed me on the forehead, and left. I didn't know what to think, until I opened the card, and in it was our prom ticket, and a necklace he bought to match my dress perfectly. On the note it said, "You are my rose, and roses are depressing when they weep. No more tears, May 13 is our night. It belongs to no one but us. Love, Shaun" We've been dating ever since, it's been almost 2 years now.

Emily Grand View Heights Grand View OH

It was about time for the Senior Prom and my b/f asked me if i could go over to his house to study. So about five i went over to his house and as i walked up the stairs i saw chocalate kisses on the satairs that led to the bathroom and in the shower was 2 dozen roses and in the shower i found a note that said :I have kissed the ground you walk on and I have showered you with roses so will you please go to the prom with me?"

Aimee Jenks High Tulsa OK

i'm a freshman. and after any high school event he go to the parking lot. (DON'T ASK) and this guy came up to me. (this was a guy that i never talk to) anyways he came up to me and asked me to prom. all i said was are you serious. and he said yeah. so i said yes and it was happily ever after.

Amanda Ashland-Greenwood High Ashland NE

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