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It was about a month and a half away from prom, and I had no date! Well my friend Dan and I had been friends for about 4 months, and we were really close. My friend dated the guy back in December, but they had broken up. People told me it would be okay for me to ask him, but I felt weird about it, since my friend had dated him. I had really started to like the guy too, but I figured he'd feel weird too. On my birthday, which was about 4 weeks from prom, all my friends and I went to a club. So I'm acting crazy with my friends and dancing, and Dan's off with the other guys sorta standing off to the side since it takes some severe begging to get them to dance, and I finally decide that I needed to do something for myself for my birthday. A slow song came on and all the girls ran over and grabbed their guy, leaving me and Dan left. He smiled and came over to me, and we started to dance. He said something along the lines of, "This reminds me of my prom, only better, cuz you're here." (I don't completely remember b/c I was already on cloud nine with him dancing with me!) I think I said something like aw, and then I said, "Well what are you doing May 4th?" He pretended that he had something very important to do and then smiled and said nothing. Then I started to ask him, but my friend cut me off and started talking! Well I kinda just withdrew the whole thing, and Dan noticed. He took me over to the corner and said, "I think you were about to ask me something, but I could be wrong." I finally asked him if he'd like to go to prom with me. He said yes, THANK GOD, and prom rawked cuz it was with someone I really cared about!

Declan HHS VA

Well, my b/f and I weren't even going out at the time. We were talking online and I was talking to him about prom. He asked me who I was taking and I said, "Well, I was thinking about taking you." He said oh really? Then I asked him if he'd go to prom w/ me. He said, "OF COURSE I WILL!! YES!!!" I think he's more excited than I am! LOL!!!

Kim Rehobeth Dothan AL

Well, The person who asked me is my older brothers' best friend. I had a crush on him for a long time and was really surprised that he even noticed his friends' little sister. He was driving me home one day, and we were talking about school and stuff. He asked me if i had a date and i said no. Then he said i will honored if u let me have the privilege of taking u to ur prom. I said yes. Its sounds simple but im a simple girl:). As far as my brother he doesnt mind. He rather have his friend take me who he can trust then someone he doesnt even know.

Ignayra Cardinal Spellman High Bronx NY

My boyfriend just asked if he could take me to my prom. I don't usually get flowers and baloons, so he got 6 huge helium baloons in shape hearts and gave me half a dozen long stemmed blue roses ( my favourite colour) delivered to my house. There's 6 of everything because we've been together officially for 6 months. There was also a card, and it read "Babee, I love you and I'd love to take you to your prom" Ofcourse he didn't have to ask... but he did, cause he's a sweety...

Theresa Queen Elizabeth Secondary Surrey BC

I was sitting there in band and then the guy who had crushing on me for a while came up to me and asked if I wanted to go with him to the Prom. I was very flattered and said of course.

Nicole New York NY

Since everyone in school was scared to ask me and there really wasn't anyone to choose from, I had to look out for myself and ask someone. I didn't want anyone boring or "non-social" to be my date, so I thought of someone who is going to make me laugh and enjoy myself! The guy I wanted to ask graduated two years before me, I was really nervous at first and then I just took a deep breath and called him and just simply asked "Would you like to be my date for the prom?" It was that simple. It's not like I'm taking him as my boyfriend. We're just friends and that's the way that we're going to keep it.

Tiffany Bronx NY

Okay here it goes. I had a crush on this guy for a long time. I guess he liked me too, but I didn't know it at the time. So I decided to ask him out on a date and then work up to asking him to prom. See, in our school Prom in a VERY big deal and if you get asked by a guy or you ask him that usually means you really like him. So he says yes. We go to the movies and by the end of the movie I still hadn't worked up the courage to ask him. Well, it turns out I didn't have to. On the way home, he had told me that he had wanted to ask me out for a long time but didn't have to opportunity so when I asked him out to the movies, he jumped at the chance to ask me. well, we went to prom and had a great time! :o)

Butterfly Cornell Jr./Sr. High Cornell WI

My friends and I sit at luch together all the time and i always sit in front of my crush. 3 Guys and 3 Girls we sit one in front of the other. Ok so Brittny says Josh your going to Prom with me and Josh smiles and say yes.... Amanda says Chalres your going with me and Charles laughs with his deep voice and says ok... Well me i was so scared i looked at up at Ruben i was really red and i said in a low vioce wanna go with me? And Ruben kinda smiles and laughs at the same time and says i was hoping youd say something. I was sooo happy

Chelsea Seagoville High Seagoville TX

Well, it wasn't all romantic or anything. lol But hey..we were at rehearsal for our spring musical and he goes.."So hey, do you think you could have a dress in time for prom?" lol..and I was like.."yeah..probably..."...and then this other guy piped in and said, "Are you trying to ask her to prom????" and then he got mad, LOL, and goes.."Well I was trying!!!!!!"..anyways that led up to, "So you wanna go with me," and he grinned. I couldn't say no. lol :) lol

Montez Woodland High School Carterville GA

I had always been a pretty nerdy guy and never got a date. I had always liked this girl called Britney. She was pretty and popular and never would look at a guy like me. When everyone started to talk about prom I was sure I wouldn't get a date, but then Britney started paying me a lot of attention, I was sure it was a bet or something. But a couple of weeks later in study hall I picked up this book and a note was stuck to it ' be my prom date' I looked up and there was Britney and her friends holding up a banner saying 'Please'. It was great, we have been dating ever since.

Brad NJ

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