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i was asked in a letter by this sweet guy in the football aquad and he said he would love me to be his date and that i was a angel sent from above oh that night was great

Natalie Beverly Hills High School Beverly Hills CA

okay, so I really liked this guy and was hoping he would ask me to Prom, because to me it's a really big deal. Anyways, it's like 2 weeks before the Prom and everyone else, I mean EVERYONE, has a date already, except for me, and luckly, Bobby, the guy I like. One night I was sitting in my bedroom doing my homework, I had my window open because we don't have a/c and it gets really hot. All of a sudden I heard a car drive by and 10 minutes later the phone rang. I picked it up and it was my best friend Christy. She said that she had just driven by and there was something in my front yard and that I should take a look at it. I hung up with her and walked over to the window and sitting in my front yard was Bobby, he was playing my favorite song on a boom box and shyly asked if I wanted to go to Prom with him. I smiled and slammed the window shut, ran downstairs, and out to meet him in the front yard. I immediately said yes and gave him a huge hug. That night he asked me out and we shared our first kiss as a couple, we've been going out since then, and no one has ever made me as happy as he did that day!

Alyssa Beth NJ

Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I came to this site looking for ways to ask a girl to prom. At the time I was having major second thoughts. The girl I had in mind is popular, gorgeous, and all that, so I was a bit (a lot!) intimidated. But after reading some of your advice I was inspired to JUST DO IT! So I carried out this plan as follows: 1)I briefed her fourth period teacher who I know pretty well. 2)I sent her a message from the office that said to go to another teacher's classroom. There she recieved some brownies and a note that with a short poem that said to go to Library. 3)At the Library a friend of mine who is an aid gave her another note with an Almonds Joy candy attached to it and another short poem that said to go to another spot, etc. 4)Eventually the notes led back to her locker. 5)Because I am cool with the security guard and he knew that what I was doing was a positive thing, he opened her locker for me and I put A LOT of Almond Joys in it, I mean a lot. Also I put a rose in with a card that had one final poem. 6)The end of the poem read "I would OVERFLOW with JOY to go to prom with the hottest girl in school". I also put three ballons in her locker (red, yellow, and white) and asked her to bring the one that corresponded with her answer to the cafeteria (red-yes, yellow-maybe, and white-no). Well, it all went well and she brought the red balloon. I was so happy. I couldn't stop smiling for a couple days. I guess she really liked it. So, even thought it took a lot of guts I'm very glad I did it. I would like tell everyone who wants to ask someone but is afraid to JUST DO IT! If she says no you'll likely be the only one who remembers about it in a week. Anyway, thanks for helping inspire me to do this.

Jake Washington

There was this guy who was my best friend and I liked him alot but I never did anything about it because I didn't think I was his type. He had previously graduated the year before. Well during the summer I was talking to him and he said out of no where that if I'd decided to go to the formal (like a prom but during the winter) and my prom that he wanted to go with me. I was all shocked and weirded out and whatnot, and I didn't want to be a bothersom to him so I told him he didn't have to he already spent money on his own prom he didn't have to spend money on mine. But he said that he really wanted to go and he didn't care about the money. So I reluctantly agreed but I was secretly very happy. About a month later we were hanging out and I found out that the entire time he liked me I'd liked him and that he wanted to ask me to HIS prom but he thought I'd say no! So now we've been going out for 4 great months and he's my date for my prom and my winter formal and I can't wait! :)

Mischel Tamaqua PA

I was a sophmore and at my school only juniors and seniors can go unless you get asked by an upperclasman. Well, for about a month I was kinda with a junior, Kona, all my friends kept telling me that he was going to ask me to his prom and what not but i didnt think he was since i was only a sophmore. Well, about a month before Prom, I was at my soccer practice at school and all the girls started looking to the top of our stadium and there was a guy standing there at the top wih a dozen roses and a sign saying.."Gia, it would make my life complete if I could take you to the prom." I almost started to cry, i ran up to the top of the bleachers and told him yes. we have been together ever since, 1 year and 2 months.

Gia Chicago IL

One of my friends had asked me to prom our Junior year, but with 3 weeks until Prom, he canceled so he could go the RRHS's prom with some (insert dirty word here). I was totally upset and totally bummin'. I stopped by my work to pick up a paycheck (which DID go towards prom). One of the managers (and my best guy friend) noticed I wasn't quite happy. I told him the story and he offered to take me. I was really happy but then I remembered his GF. (She didn't like me before the whole prom thing) When I asked if she'd have a problem with that, he said she might, and if she does, she can go to hell. "You're one of my best friends,even though you're a chick, bro's before ho's still applies." WOW he's great!!!!!

Jane Austin TX

At our school we have 2 formals. PROM and MORP. MORP is Prom spelled backwards~ the girls take on the role of the guys. We ask the guys, pay, all that good stuff. Last year a group of girls got togethor with our Resource officer at the High School. We filled out police reports and the officer went to each class individually and pulled the guys out. He asked them a few questions and then the final question was "will you go to mrop with ****". We really got them good!

Melodie McKinney High School McKinney TX

One of really good guy friends constantly dropped ideas to me over the internet. I didnt know what to say about it, so I kept on playing dumb guessing every girl I could think of except me. After a while he got sick of it, since i was getting the idea (bad move on my behalf) So i just casually asked if it was me. Long story short, In the end he asked me over the internet, and It took me a month to say yes (finally). :)

Christina Bass High Sydney

I'm a Sophmore and esterday I was asked to the prom by a Junior guy I'm friends with.His name's Brian. He was in the band with me this season and we spent a lot of time together. I was walking up the stairs to English class and I saw him with my friend Katie. Brian was like...Leah I gotta talk to you. So he was like..."Hey wanna go to the Prom with me?" and i was like "Are you Kidding?" (because we're both really sarcastic) and he's like "No" but i still didnt believe him! So I told him to SHUT UP and STOP BEING MEAN. Then he's like...Leah I am really serious! and Then i realized it was true and Of COURSE i said YES! It was funny but he made my day! I'm sooo excited now! It's MY FIRST PROM!

Leah MHS

I went with a really mean guy and I felt really bad. Well, later on, the subject come on with a friend named dustin. He said he doesn't dance and I was really bummed. I was really embarassed and avoided him for a while. Finally he caught up with me (this was all at the dance) and he asked me to dance! We even slow danced! And when we did, derek tried to push him outta the way, but dustin kept with me!!

Laura Olympia WA

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