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It was my junior year and I had just broken up with my boyfriend of two years. A few weeks before prom this really cute guy from the track team told me to be on the look out on my way to school. I was driving to school the next morning and there were signs up along the highway that said, "Tia will you go to prom with me?" It was a big deal because guy's at our school never really do anything like that. Everyone was talking about it all week!

Tia Summit High School Frisco CO

I had gone out with this guy for a year. During that year, it was discussed that we would be attending the prom together... we broke up in the fall. We stayed friends for about a month but eventually just stopped talking. We stopped calling on the phone, stopped chatting online, stopped speaking when we saw the other in public, we had no contact with each other. On Christmas, he called and said "I just wanted to tell you, I hope you're having a Merry Christmas." I didn't hear from him again for a few weeks so I eventually called him. We talked for a few hours that day -- and everyday after that. Not only did we start talking but we started hanging out. The prom was never discussed -- till... he called and said "I'm going to get fitted for my tux; what color do you want your dress to be?"


I was chatting online to a few female friends one day and we were talking about prom. Some of my friends were already lined up for dates some already had dresses , some like me have not touched any of that yet. So I was thinking about who I would ask. I tend to ask guys I really dont care about the gender role when it comes to that because they can be shy to and the only way to guerantee that you will be going with the person you would most like to go with is asking ! So I was starting to think of different people in my head. I was debating whether to aim more for a guy I liked and crushed on or just a guy I was close friends with. So a few days passed and I at least decided I was going to ask a guy I liked. I went into lunch and there was Paul. Paul and I have known eachother since the 8th grade and I even liked him when I first met him and here I was liking him again my Junior year in high school. So I sat down and we tend to joke around with eachother a lot. We jokingly write these romantic sexual notes to eachother in the middle of the cafeteria table just to be silly and have a good laugh. I remember how a few days ago him and I were talking about 3rd grade crushes. How boys and girls would echange notes saying things like "Do you like me? Circle yes or no......yes....no....if you circle yes i like you too" and we always kid around about that and I had decided he would make the perfect prom date. He is a really sweet and funny guy and I know i would have a good time with him. So in the middle of lunch i passed him a note that said "Be my prom date.....circle yes or no......yes....no....maybe..." and he replied and gave it back to me. I looked at it and all there was was this big hugh question mark. I kind of looked at him in confusion and asked him what that meant....he kept writing more question marks but then he saw i was getting sad that he wasnt answering me so then he said "It means i want to think about it" so about once every week i asked him if he thought about it and he would tell me hes still thinking. I was starting to have serious doubts because ill think about it or maybe in a guys language is usually no. But he proved me wrong! The third week we were writing notes again and i said "oh yeah that reminds me....have you thought about it enough?" and he said he would go with me. So now im incredibly happy and cant really stop smililng.

Cornelius Arlington High School Poughkeepsie NY

It was basically a stubborn war between my best guy friend and I. We've been on and off romantically, and regardless of what we were, we had always assumed that we would go to grad together, but never would mention it to the other one because we didn't know for sure, and were having a stubborn war. I wasn't goign to ask him, he had to ask me! So one day, finally one of our mutual friends brought up the topic of grad as the three of us had coffee. The guy I wanted to go with finally said "Are you going to ask someone, or are you waiting for them to ask you?" and I said I was waiting. That night he came over to watch a movie. Seconds before he left he said "Right, the reason I came over - will you go to prom with me?" I said yes. Not only did I get to go to prom with my best friend but I won the stubborn war that had been going on for months.

Kaitrin Canada

OK, so there was this incredibly HOTT girl that i wanted to ask to prom, but i didnt know how to do it, and i admit that i was nervous to ask her.. i didnt wanna be rejected by such beauty. So one day, i was walking down the stairs and i saw her. But while i was staring at her, i tripped and fell down the stairs. Total mortification! Everyone was laughing at me,but she walked over and helped me pick up my discarded books. She even got me a paper towel, because i spilled my Yoo-hoo when i fell (and that wouldn't be safe to leave on the stairs!lol) After that, we became good friends and since i was too nervous to ask her still (i got asthma attacks every time i tried) SHE asked ME!! It was soo rad! Now we're dating steadily and she always holds my hand when we walk down the stairs!

Truett Orlando FL

My guy knows that i love attention, so when he asked me to prom, he made sure that i got it. He made a video for our school's morning news program (he was able to get it on the air because he is on the television crew). On the video, my boy sang our song "God Must Have Spent(a little more time on you)" by NSYNC.(Because I LOVE NSYNC.... shoot i'd go to prom with Lance Bass if he were to ask me! haha.) He even did the motions to the song,like NSYNC does in the concert!! After the song, he declared his love for me in front of the whole school and then asked me to prom!How could i say no to that!! :-)

Judith Boone

I was in 3rd period and the bell rang. I was forced to escort one of my freinds to the bathroom even though i ididnt havee to go. I was walking down the hall and their were all these people staring at me so i felt awkward. Evidently i wasnt looking up so someone out of the multitude of people yells at me to look up.So i look up and there was this sign hanging from the ceiling that read as follows: Amanda, Prom? Mark Then i saw mark standing underneath th esign with a rose. Then i said yes ,of course.

Amanda Christian Academy of Knoxville Knoxville TX

Well i woke up for school one day, and the phone suddenly rang...It was my friend Joe (he likes me). He told me to check my front porch right now, and to bring a towel because id get really wet. i was so scared cause hes just a bag of tricks, i didnt know what to expect. so i looked outside, and there it was...a huge melting cube of ice. there inside was a card he made, and my favorite drink, frozen (i love my drinks cold). i cracked it open, and read the card. it said "My heart would melt, if you'd go to prom with me" i was soooo flattered, i was in awe. it was the sweetest thing hes ever done. and inside the card were just a bunch of our inside jokes, he cut up shapes and hearts and COLORED IT. well when i got to school, first period there was single red rose and a cd attached to a red balloon...it was on my desk waiting for me. it said "And you should have a flower too" the cd had the song "you are so beautiful to me" on it. it was really sweet. I havent answered him yet, im thinking of a cool way to say YES. and i just happened to find this site. well i hope all your proms turned out or turn out great. have fun, and dont be afraid to ask...the girl will be flattered, well i was! MERCED HGIH GIRLS' TENNIS ROCKS!

Donna Merced High Merced CA

Well, at my high school, the prom is only for juniors and seniors, but sophmores can go if they're asked by an older date- no freshmen. Ne ways, I'm a sophmore and during the 1st week of school, my extremly great guy friend (who i luv to death, we dated b4) asked me if i'd like to go to prom with him (he's a junior). For awhile it was a big joke and we'd laugh about it. Well, a few months later, he asked me again, and i just thought it was another joke, so i just shrugged it off. But he kept asking me, until i realized it wasn't a joke, and said yes! I'm sooo excited, its my 1st prom! lol, we're always telling each other that if u get a bf, or a gf, u can go with them...and my friend told me the other day that even if he gets a g/f, he's still gonna take me(of course i'll do the same). I was sooo happy! He's the biggest sweetit i kno!!

Dannie LMS Louisville OH

When i woke up one mourning i walked out of my room and there was a huge trail of those orange fish crackers so curiously i followed them up the stairs and into my bath room there was a note on the door that read "out of all the fish in the sea, your the one for me." so i walked in and there was blue confettie every were and more of those crackers in the sink there were real live feeder fishes and in the toilet and in the bath tub! and in the middle of the floor was a fish bowl with a giant gold fish in it and a note that said "will you go to homecomeing with me? (to find who i am look at all of the fish and find the one with my name)" so it took me all day but i finally found it and it was the cutest thing!

Brittney Fremont High Ogden UT

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