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We had been dating for a while and then we broke up, but it was totally his decision, i was heart broken, but still loved him. We were very very close friends, then i heard that some guy in his grade was talking to him about asking me to the prom, and what could he say, we werent dating. But i thought he knew that i still cared about him so much, but i guess he didn't. Then like at the end of the week he was all set on kicking the crap out of any guy that even talked to me, this confused me, i didnt think he still cared, but then one of his close friends told me he did!! We were laying on my bed and i was like will you carry me to your car i don't want to walk, then he was like was that a question?, well i have one for you too, Will you go to the prom with me?! I almost died!! I love my Matthew so much i would do anything for him, the prom is going to be great!

Lindsey Queensbury High School Queensbury NY

Our school was being let out of our Winterfest pep rally and my friend Lauren came up to me and told me not to move. I was kind of confused until I saw my friend Eric. She mouthed the words "Talk to him!" I thought it was kind of funny. Eric is totally shy, but a totally sweet guy. He walked with me to my locker and said,"You know, with how things went Saturday night (our Sweetheart's dance, which we went to togeather) I was wondering if you would maybe want to go to Prom with me..." I looked at him for a second and smiled. It was February. Our Prom is in May. I told him,"Eric, do you know when Prom is?" he said he knew and I mentioned that prom was about two or three months away. He was kind of like," Oh yeah, I guess it is kind of far away." Being that he is pretty shy, I knew it took a lot of guts for him to ask me. I told him,"Yeah, it is kind of far off, but I would love to go with you." I'm really glad that he asked me because I know we'll have a great time. He's a great guy.

Meg Deforest Area High Deforest WI

my long time friend way back from grade 1 (the cute little boy who had JUST moved to canada from poland, who didnt know a word of english) hehe.....well anyways we have always been close throughout the 11 years weve known eachother (we were also eachothers first kiss) so anyways one day when the bell rang i walked past him and said goodbye to him and he called me back and got on his knee and i already kinda knew he was going to ask me sooo flat out i said yes, then i said eh nevermind i want you to do this right.so he said "michelle, we have known eachother for such a long time and i would love for you to be my prom date, will you go with me?" and i said yes and gave him a big hug and this has made our friendship stronger now.i get told alomost everyday now that i have the perfect prom date and that we will have soo much fun together.....i'm happy :)

Michelle Canada

I had this really good guy friend who was a senior last year and didn't have a date for his senior prom. A mutual friend tried for a long time to get him to ask me to go, because he was really shy and quiet. On my way to class on Valentine's Day (my birthday), he stopped me in the hall and waited until it was empty. He looked at me and said "Well, if you don't have any plans yet and ya wanna go to prom I guess I could take ya." I told him "Yeah, ok" and he started laughing 'cause he was so relieved, and then the friend that set us up started yelling and screaming 'cause SHE was so happy since she set it up.

Charlotte Paris High School Chrisman IL

okay....I had been walking to first block and I was already a little late when my friend ran up to me saying "Oh my gosh EVERYONE is waiting for you!!" I was like what are you talking about?? she said "you'll see hehe!!" Oh goodness I thought...So when i walked into class there were hershey kissies in the shape of a heart on my desk and in the middle he cut out letters from a magazine asking if I would go to the dance with him, and 3 roses and a teddy bear in my chair....theres more...He left a note on my desk quoting one of my favorite songs and a little poem saying "a special someone wants just one night with you, look under your desk to find out who?.." IT WAS SO SWEET!! but we're just going as friends

Margaret Roseville CA

My birthday is right before our prom. So after I was done opening my presents, my boyfriend, who had come over to give me the presents, had to leave. As he left, he said, "Go look on your bed". So of course I ran upstairs and looked on my bed. On it was a frog made at build-a-bear. It had a little birth certificate and everything. I then saw a little note that said squeeze me.. so I did. and there was a recording of his voice saying, "I love you baby, will you go to prom with me?"

Christine PHS Chicago IL

I wanted to ask my friend to this formal for a long time, but I didn't know how to or even if he would go because he's really popular and I'm, well, not. So I wrote him a big long email telling him how I thought I'd have an awesome time with him and how I thought he was a great person. It took me forever just to click "send"! So about an hour later I check my email and he wrote back and said "first of all, you need to be more self confident. And second of all, of course I'll go with you!!" I was so happy!

Pam Oakmont Catholic Oakmont PA

i have had this girlfriend for about 2 months. my uncle is the school cop and i asked him to help me out with this one. durring school i went out to her car and had a couple of my buddies tie me up and put a peice of tape over my mouth and then they put me in her trunk... i had my uncle get her out of class and arrested. then he took her out to her car and started searching it. then he cuffed her and made her stand by the side of the car while he opened the trunk, he acted like there was something really bad in it. then he told her "come over here and explain this" she came over and saw me and on the tape on my mouth i wrote "will you go to prom with me?" it was quite funny seeing her in cuffs. but she was happy and said yes.

Casey Bear River High School Tremonton UT

well...i liked this guy for a long time and the prom is near my birthday but before and on my birthday i wuz watching a movie and suddenly the doorbell rings and suddenly he showed up with baloons and a cute lil singing bear that says "I Love You..Will you go to the prom with me?" it wass tha sweetestttttt...i had a wonderful time and since then we have been going out and we still do...just let me tell u that u shouldnt feel intimidated to ask someone out becuz they feel the same way so ask him/her!! its for the best of you and none of you will regret it TRUST ME!! gOoD LuCk!

Missy John F. Kennedy Utica NY

My best guy friend and I had been "together" for a while, but he had ended it on good friends terms about a month before the dance. After that, I had realized that I would be dateless. We had been talking about the dance on the phone one night and he was complaining about how everyone was asking people too early. I told him that it's never too early. So we were talking about who's going with who and stuff, then I asked him who he wanted to go with. He casually said "actually Kel, I was thinking about askin you..." I was like "is that so?..." and he said "yep, so, will you go with me?" "and i was like "of course!" Well, it may not be romantic, but it was sweet and meant alot to me...


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