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Well I was sitting on the couch with the kid I liked, and we were just talking and then all of a sudden we were just silent and he leaned over and kissed me and and then tilted his head on mine and goes "will you go out with me" and I was so nervous and said yes and then he goes " will you go to prom with me" and I said yes! And rhen he kissed me again it was soo romantic!

Brooke Falmouth High School E. Falmouth MA

omg i was sitting on the couch with my boyfriend and he like asked me to go to prom with him and i said yes IT WAS THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE OMG LOL!!!


It was my jr. year and i was not planning on going to prom as a jr. my best friend rob who was a senior had his heart set on going with his gf (now ex gf)of one year. Well they end up breaking up! so word gets around that he should ask me! so one night we our talking on the phone and i say hey lets play the question game...so we are asking eachother questions and it comes to his turn...it takes him forever to ask and than he goes will u go to prom with me! and i was like peeing in my p a nts i was so excited! I like ran and told my parents and told my sisters and everyone! i was so happy and excited! It was like the best prom ever cause i was with my best friend!

Ashly DG North DG IL

He asked me by putting little hershey's kisses all over my room, and confetti, then put a poster board on my bed that said, "now that i've kissed the ground you've walked on, will you go to prom with me?" It was way cute. Now i just need some how to answer him back!

Courtney Roy High Roy UT

Get a BIG monkey set it on his\her bed and around it put rose petals and get a bunch of banana's and say I would go banner's or u could say banana's if u went to PROM with me!

Angelena Green River High School Green River WY

Okay one of my guy friends and I were at a party Saturday night. We started talking about prom and I told him how i was waiting for a certain guy to ask me. And at one time in the night he said that he had something to tell me on Tuesday. By Sunday I had forgotten all about it. But come Tuesday, in my first hour class there was one red rose and a note that said 'Its Tuesday'. Then when I went to my locker there was a bouqet of suckers and another note that said, 'I hope you dont have p l ans on April 17'. For the rest of the day every time I went to my locker there was another note. the next one was the actual ticket to prom and a note,'Hope you have a dress because its prom. Then a card hand of a royal flush saying Im the right choice ( we were playing pocker Sat. night) A bag full of Rolos with a plane on it that said I fly first class NOT standby. One of the prom picture frames with a paper inside that said this is reserved for you and me. After my last class my locker shel v es were covered with hersheys kisses and another rose. THere was also a note that asked it I would go to prom with him. He later then came up to me with another rose. How could I possibly say No?

Mindy Johnstown CO

My boyfriend had told my best friend that he was going to ask me to prom. He(Byron) told her (Melanie) to NOT tell me, NO MATTER WHAT THE CIRCUMSTANCES WERE! Well, of course her being my best friend and everything, she told me. He came over that night, and handed me a rose. We just sat outside staring up at the stars and talking... We went inside, cuz we started getting eaten up by bugs, and we were laying on the couch, and my mom was on the recliner, so he types "Will you to prom with me" on his cellphone, and I smiled and kissed him and said "sure". Well, later that night, I asked why he typed it in his phone, and he said that he wasn't sure if my mom would approve. It was sooo cute.!

Brittany Airport West Cola SC

I got a card from a guy friend who I talk to at school sometimes and he delivered it to my class. It said that he hoped he could be the guy around my arm at prom. I almost cried when I read it. He's such a sweetheart so of course I said yes!

Blythe Crosby High Crosby TX

I was at lunch one day, and I had been flirting with this guy BIG time. They had just started selling prom tickets that day. It was really quite at my table today (which is all guys) highly unusual. One by one the guys at the table got up and walked to sides of the lunch room. Leaving me and my date sitting there. I was confused, he looked at me and held my hand for the first time, and asked, "Misty will you go to prom with me?" I couldn't breath I just sat there. When it hit me I look e d at him and said yes. All my friends around the room started clapping and saying "woowho" Everyone noticed, it was the best thing thats ever happened to me!

Misty Teays valley Ashville OH

well i had just got out of class and the announcements were on. then when i got to class the announcer came on again and said, "im sorry for the interuption but, erek **** wants to know if kelsey **** will go to the dance with him." i was so embarrased because i was one out of the two sophomores in the class full of senior and three juniors. but since he was pretty hot and way nice i decided to go for it!

Kelsey davis high Kaysville UT

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