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Well, I havent asked this guy yet, but i just ran across this site so i thought ild fill in my two cents. i met this guy this year in one of my classes and we started talking and became friends. Morp is coming up(which is backwards of prom, girls ask guys), so i was debating on whether or not to ask him. today i decided im gonna do it. the plan is, on friday his mom will tell him to be home for dinner at 6:30. Since he golfs, im gonna have 2 golf flags from the holes in his front yard h olding up a giat sign reading, "We'd make a great par, and bogey all nite, will you go to Morp with me?" then ill leave my number with his mom and pray he says yes. wish me luck!

Veronica AZ

It was soo sweet, okay we'd been "talking" since mid October and i was giving up hope that he would ask me out..or ask me to prom well one day during 3rd period i wrote him a note bragging about how my friend was soo lucky to go to prom, well that night i was online and he said " I finally got the courage to ask you somthing i wanted to ask you but you wernt in 6th period" then he said "i noticed you said Michelle was so lucky to go to prom, and well i dance as well as a deaf mute sigh t reads (were in Choir) but well..i'd be happy to take you to prom " I said yes of course and now...im waiting on him to ask me out!! It was the sweetest way to ask me to prom!

Britt Hobart High Hobart OK

Me and this guy had known eachother for a long time, we got along really well and all but yah i was an 8th grader and he was a junior...he was like my brothers best friend...i was voted miss populatrity and he was the star of the football team, my bro and him were at my house and they were joking around and all and i was in my room up stairs and they were in my bros room right across from mine and my bro asked him who he was going wtih and he didnt really know he said he wanted to go w i th me but he didnt know how to ask me...my broher didnt find it very cool that his best friend liked his sister...they didnt know i was liseting and that night they both had a basketball game and at half time Tony took me out onto the court got on his hands a knees and asked if i would go to prom with him...i said of course and we started making plans to have a great prom!!!

Ashley Roosevelt

one of my best friends asked me. well my sister got me out of the house she came over and put an alarm clock under my bed and set my alarm clock and the one she put under both for 2:14 in the moring cause our dance was in febuary the 2 month hence the 2 in 2:14 and it was on the 14th. but there was a problem i got a all that night from this one girls twin sister that i had heard was asking me, she asked me how to get to our house. they were in the car and so i was giving the step by st e p directions so onc she told me that she was almost here and thanks i ran upstairs and told my mom that that i was about to get asked. at first i htought she would be happy but all of a sudden she yelled noo!! she can't. someone else is planing on asking you so my mom quickly called the girl and asked if she wanted to talk to me, so i got on the phone with her and she asked i said of course. than all of a sudden the doorbell rang it was the other girl i wet to the front door and there was ball o ons and a huge hersheys kiss with a note that said Ryan turnabout? and then her name. so i then had to call her and explain that i had already been asked. it was so hard to do i felt so bad. so i go to bed happy and everything then at 2:14 in the morning i wake up to my alarm and a second alarm going off. at first i couldnt even get my alarm off and i ddnt know where the second alarm was coming from after checking my cell phone my i-pod and various other electronics that might be going off i g ot on the ground and discovered that under the bed was a alarm clock with a big poster that said "i didnt mean to ALARM you but i think its TIME for me to ask you to turnabout, i hope you will say yes with a picture of the girl. so that was a very fun eventfull day!

Ryan Wheaton North High school Wheaton IL

My boyfriend and I had been going out over a year and had already gone to three dances together so when Prom came around I wanted something different, something new. He came over to my house one night to watch a movie and when we went outside he asked me to prom and i basically said no because there was nothing special about that. Since I was still pretty sure we were going I went dress shopping that weekend and when I came home my dad said that someone special had came to visit me and that he left something for me in my room...I walked up the stairs to my room and there was a trail of hershy kisses and rose petals leading to my bedroom. On my bed there was a note that said "Now that I have kissed the ground you walk on, will you go to prom with me" of course then it was a yes!!!


My boyfriend lit over 300 candles outside on the street in the shape of a heart with HC? in the middle for homecoming. It was so cute!! It took him over an hour to set up!

Ashley Quincy HS Los Angeles CA

I really wanted to ask my friend.. (that i had liked for a long time) to Turnabout... I kept thinking of a way to ask him.. but I couldnt think of n e thing.....He was a football player,.. soi thought i would do soemthign that had to do with that..... So I got about 50 little footballs(that were really cheap) and put them in his locker at school... and a note that said... "I didnt have enought BALLS to ask u to Turnabout in person... Will u go with me?!?!?" Of course he said yes...and e v eryone thought that it was a good idea!! :)

Mia Willowbrook High School Villa Park IL

Megan, it would rock if you went to Prom with me. (He put a huge rock on my steps to my front door)

Megan Bingham High School Sandy UT

The theme for our dance was "Sunset on the Savannah" So my date decorated my room with black and white streamers, confetti, etc. and but a big poster board on my bed that said "For a roaring good time come to homecoming with me!" And there was a stuffed animal zebra on my bed!


Well my bf and I had been going out about 3 months before the prom and I kinda knew he was going to ask me but I didn't know how. But one day, not suspecting a thing, I went to his house to SUPPOSEDLY help him with a hmwk assignment. But, when I got there he was, his mom said, "Gone to the bank but would be right back". So when he got back everything was normal and we went on about what we were doing. Then I finally had to go home around 9:45. So I finally got there and walked straight past my bedroom door at first and went in my parent's room to let them know I was in. But I noticed that my door was closed which I hadn't closed before I left. I walked up to it and there was a note on it that read, "Come in and start popin to find a surprise!" So I open the door, and my entire room is COVERED with Black and Red ballons. I mean the ENTIRE room. My bed and all. so I grabbed the scissors and started popin and I got the surprise on the second try (LOL- I totally ruined it lol) an d there was a note inside it that read, "look under your pillow for the surprise!" so i then looked under my pillow. There was another note that read, "Baby Will You Go To Prom With ME Love You Always YOur Baby >>>>>" I was so shocked I called him right away and said YES!! We have been together now for a year and 2 months almost. It's definitely love. !! lol (KOOL IDEA!)

Phylicia Waubonsie Valley HS Naperville IL

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