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My boyfriend and I go to two different high schools, and so I just came up and asked him if he would like to go to my prom this year, and he replied "I'll be honored" So I was so happy. It should be great!

Brittany McHenry West Campus McHenry IL

y and i were in literature class. He was sitting behind me. He said "hey anna ya want to go to prom with me, you know since we're friends and all" i said "seriously?" (i didnt think he would ask me, it took me by surprise) "yeah" said billy i then said "yeah, itll be fun"

Anna Athens Bible School Athens AL

Last year I asked this kid Paul. I made a double layer cake and frosted it with white icing. Then I used the powder from blue pixie sticks to cover almost the entire thing blue. Then I placed gummy lifesavers on the cake and it was a bunt cake (cake with a hole in the middle) and in the middle I had this little bottle. In the bottle I put brown sugar to represent sand and I put a torn piece of paper inside. (message in a bottle typ e thing). The card read something about him being a lifesaver if he'd go with me to heart hop. He replied by throwing my a life preserver with some dort of rhyme.

Noelle Glenbard West HS Glen Ellyn IL

i was at lunch one day and i was eating with all my friends...it was a couple weeks before homecoming and i was getting worried i wasnt going to get a date. then one of my good friends said to me i forgot my lunch in my car come get it with me! and i was like okay why not. we got to his car and he handed me a card that said...."i'll just have the special...thats you in case you were wondering" and in the inside he had written good things happen to those who wait...will you go to home c oming with me? and when i looked up he had a rose for me! it was so cute!

Jessica LCHS Albuquerque NM

I was on my way home from school one day and a friend of mine, Jason, started to walk with me a ways. He then proceeded to ask if I wanted to go to his Junior Prom with him as friends, and it shocked me a little because I was only a sophomore. Of course I said yes, and I had a great time. The day after Jason graduated he died in his sleep. I miss him, but I am glad that I was asked too share with him his special night.

Vanessa Oakmont HS Roseville CA

My Boyfriend and I had been going out for eight months. I felt really bad because he had just gotten a concussion in football(He loves football and is very good). It was our school's biggest football game of the year, Battle of the Bay. Everyone was there(when i say everyone i mean thousands of people). They even had to stop selling tickets. I felt so bad becuase my boyfriend was in the emergency room that night, luckily he got there in the middle of the 2nd quarter, but i was on the f i eld cheerleading so i didn't see him. Then, at half time I heard him on the loudspeaker asking me to homecoming. Then he walked down and gace me 50 red and white roses and a stuffed animal. It was the sweetest thing ever. Thousands of people heard. We are still toghether today, it has been a year.

Kate Corona Del Mar HS Newport Beach CA

my boyfriend got down on one knee.. i was scared.. didnt know what was going on, and he asked me to prom!

Kaite park view education centre Halifax NS

My boyfriend and I were talking on the phone while I was looking at a calender with the upcoming school events. He's a senior and I am a junior and had only been dating for a few weeks so didn't expect him to ask me so early being it was only November. I saw which day prom was and said "Hey look prom is actually on a Saturday! That's better than usual, since its normally held on a Friday and forced to attend 4 classes that day." He just replied with, "So do you want to go with me?" I s a id yes and then our conversation went on as normal. Not exactly the most romantic or special ask out, but he did it and that's all that matters :P

Jenny Rancho Verde High Moreno Valley CA

well jr. prom was coming up and i wanted to ask my boyfriend to go with me. I took him to a fancy restaurant and had a special gift for him... I went to Panda Express earlier that day, ordered some fortune cookies (my boyfriend is asian) and carefully (without breaking open the cookies) i took out all the little "fortunes". Then i typed up my own little notes, then i bought one of those vacuum sealer things and re-sealed the fortune cookies in ther plastic bags. So no one would have e v er known my own notes were in there, it just looked like a box of normal fortune cookies!-some of my notes were memories and some told him how much i love him! then the last one said..."will you go to Jr. Prom with me!" Of course, he said YES!

Jocelyn CHS San Fran CA

It was the week before Homecoming, and I was with my group of friends at our football game (Our team was winning, naturally). We were just hangin' out, having fun, and before I knew it, it was halftime. I looked down at the field, and there was my friend standing there with a microphone in his hand. I was thinking "What is he doing?!" Especially since he was the shy type. He began singing "Can't help falling in love" acapella. As soon as he was done he added, "Amber, will you go to the homecoming dance with me?" I was so surprised and delighted, I naturally said yes.

Amber Granada Livermore CA

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