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My friend and i were doing a project in front of our intire school! We had to sing a song that we had made up. i was so nervous already and during our last proformace when i thought we were over, he busted out another verse asking me! it was the cutest way ever!

Andie Boise ID

so i really liked this guy for the longest time. we hadnt really talked like about getting together. i would drop hints in conversations that i liked him but he would just disregard it & change the subject. his dad owns a local pizza place.i had never actually eaten there. we always joked how his pizza was the best....so i was stayin over at a freinds house & she ordered a pizza, the doorbell rang, but no one was there just the pizza on the doorstep. when i opened it up inside written w / olives was "erika will u go to prom with me". i was sooo suprised & excited.

Erika Clovis West Clovis CA

I was asked to homecoming by this guy that is kinda shy i liked him so it was ok. He asked by he rang my doorbell and ran away. I answered the door and there was a jar with honey and pistaccio nuts in it. There was a note that said i'd go nuts if you'd go to homecoming with me. i had to open every pistaccio nut to find his name in it. i got honey all over me. it was crazy.of course i said yes.I than found out at the dance that i was his first date. It was so much fun.

Missy MHS Murray UT

Okay, I was really sad because I didnt think I was going to get asked to prom and I had already bought a dress and everything. Then like the week of I was sitting in guitar and a got aa dozen roses and a bucket field with Ice then it had like, hott tamales, red hott gum, hott cheetos, and all kinda hott flavored stuff. Then there was a note attaches that said it would be COOL to have a HOTT date like you for prom!

Cassy ATHS Tucson AZ

There was this guy that i have known for a long time who i really wanted to take to my winter formal. He had already graduated and he didnt think that i wanteed to go with him, event though i have been dropping hints. Then i got this idea to fill this little bag with blue jello and stick gold fish in the jello and tie up the bag. On the ribbon that i used to tie up the baggy with, i left a note that said " Out of all the fish in the sea, i choose you to go to winter ball with me". He r e ally liked it.

Hanna mckinney north high school McKinney TX

Actually, I asked him. His pet name for me is Blue, from Blue's Clues. We were on the phone and he said he wanted to play Blue's Clues. I told him Clue #1 was April 24(date of the prom.) Clue #2 was a Red Dress and Silver Tux. Clue #3 was Jamon and Daci. Then he thought about it. He said YES I would love to go to prom with you.

Daci Oak Grove High School Little Rock AR

This guy named John and I had been flirting since the beggining of the year. Me an my friend were at the movies and she was with her boyfriend Chad. Chad had brought his friend John and me and him immiedietly hit it off. Later that night he ask if i would be his girlfriend. I of course said yes. Then I told him that i did not have a date for prom and he invited me.

Katie Vero Beach High School Vero Beach FL

My prom is this year in April and I didn't know who I would ask to my prom at 1st. I thought about it and asked my friend Lynn who i have liked forever to go with me about a month ago (very early, I know.) I talked about it with my mom, his brother and his mom and they all said to go ahead and do it already. i went up to him after our church dinner while he was messing with the drums and asked him if he would go with me to my senior prom (no junior prom :( ) He turned really red and al m ost dropped the drumsticks he was holding and said he would. He was so cute. And then he told me a mutual friend had told him about me wanting to ask him a couple weeks before. I could have hurt him so much after I found out. It was really sweet anyways. Wish me good fortune on prom night.;)

Nicole Cumberland County High School Crossville TN

I got asked during Homcoming. It was really funny because me and my best friend got asked that night by two guys who were best friends. The next day They reserved the Limo. It was pretty crazy.

Alie Smoky Hill High School Aurora CO

I had been best friends with this girl i met in grade school and her friend Travis and I met @ her b-day party. We were friends for a long time even though we went to different schools. When he was a junior (i was a freshman) we started hanging out a lot. i was cheering at a football game for my school and he stood on the very top of the stands with this really big sign that said TEGAN, WILL YOU GO TO PROM WITH ME. It was so cool! And of course i said YES!!!! we've been going out ever s ince.

Tegan ACC North Aurora IL

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