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My parents told me I could do whatever I wanted for prom. ME and my friends and our boyfriends are renting a beach house and getting trashed! I told my parents and they were cool with it.

-- Julie Loma Linda CA

I actually have guardians that I live with. They are my cousins. But they treat me as though I am thier daughter. Anyway, the guy I really want to go with to my junior prom is 21 so they really don't like the fact that I even associate with him, so that isn't going to happen. So I told them I would take my best friend from another school, who is a girl, just so we can bug out and make prom fun! So they said that was cool. Then after prom we want to get a hotel room in Wildwood, NJ, a nd they almost had a heart-attack! I mean really what are a bunch of girls going to do in a hotel? The only boys there would be the ones that went with my friends, so it's not like I would be doing anything wrong, right?

-- Bridgette CHS Clayton NJ

My parents told me that I had to stay somewhere that they know the parents will separate boys and girls when they go to sleep. Ok, we all know that NO parents ever do that when having parties. And I asked my mom, "Mom.. this doesn't make sense.. I'm a good kid.. I don't smoke, drink, have sex, ..why can't you just trust me?" Then I realized.. it's not all about trust. The rules are like that because she cares for me and doesn't want to allow me to be in that kind of position. Not to mention, sleeping with boys ..even if just friends.. is inapporpriate, anyways. We'll all be together till the wee hrs of the morning it makes no sense why we can't just split up to go to sleep. So I'm a little upset with my mom, but deep down I understand. Everyone, remember to stand your ground on prom night..and all nights. Set a good example for others. Allow God to be a part of your prom night. Take a stand and don't drink, smoke, and have sex.. or even sleep with guys. Respect your paren t s' wishes and just "go with the flow". Fighting will do no good. It'll only make you look immature. Please be cautious, especially on prom night. I wish you all the best of luck.. have fun!

-- Alexis

it was my junior prom last year, and i knew this would be a testing time in my parents' life. You see, they are honestly one of the most strict out of all my friends' parents. I wasn't even allowed to go to a sleepover, for the fear of being raped. Anyway, being such a good girl (i don't EVER drink or smoke and NEVER intend to!) my parents wanted me straight home and wouldn't allow me to go to my friends' house to sleepover (yes sounds sort of like an excuse but it wasn't. my frien d was a total goody-good )and so after much disagreement and fights , i lost and my dad picked me up at the prom at 12:00pm. I just wish my parents would trust me more, and respect me as a young adult, well hopefully this year won't be as bad.. i'm thinking of suggesting having the after-prom at my house. at least they would sleep more easy knowing their only daughter will be at home with her friends after-prom!

-- Lisa

My parents r really cool about the whole prom thing. Im a sophmore, going to a senior prom. At first knowing that i was "talkin" to a senior i had a feeling we would get closer (which is good) and had a feeling he would ask me to prom! knowin this i was like 'omg what will my mom say' then he asked, i said yes, we told my mom, and she was kool about it! Usually my mom is like not strict but doesnt let me do whatever i want, and im pretty sure its because i have 3 younger sisters and a younger brother n they want to do everything i do. but im just trying to tell you all.. show your parents how mature u can be, and i can tell u they will let u do alot more!! ((good luck everyone))

-- Alex Baltimore MD

ehh..well im going to my 1st prom this year..yay..though my parents arent very thrilled cuz im just 16 and sophmore and my boyfriend is a senior and hes 18 w/ facial hair so its makes him look older even though he has lil boys face..but my parents have been w/ me all my all my life and they have come to trust me..even though their not quite sure how long the'll let me stay out..hopefully at least until it ends..but im thankful that they trust me enough to be independent.

-- Denise CA

My parents are totally cool with me going to the prom. My sister went every year in high school except her junior year...so they already know the drill. My parents really trust me, as they should.... afterall I'm not a wild child and I've never broken their trust before. So the concept of me going to prom and staying out of trouble isn't hard to grasp. So needless to say I'm totally psyched about my first prom and really love my parents for trusting me to do what they've taught me!

-- Vera GA

they dont want to let me go to prom because their scared that ill lose my virginity, what they dont know is that i lost it already. how would i tell them?

-- Stacey pacific high San Bernardino CA

My parents are very excited for me to go prom, i think they are also a bit scared because of the accidents that are dealing with drinking. but i told them that i will not drink and also let anyong drive if they are drinking. but they are excited because im a senior and its my last time to have a good ol time.

-- Cindy Saginaw MI

23:36:56 2004-5-28

-- Giselle Smithers Prom is a pretty tame night in my school. All grades attend (8-12) and it is a generally fun, safe night so my parents have always let me go. This is the first year (sophomore) that i am going with a date! I told my mom about the guy, and she really likes him so she's cool with it...I can't wait. However, my parents will be away that weekend so we have to get my friend's dad to drive me and my friend to prom. They did not want my friend who has her license to drive for some reason. M y date and I can't drive because we don't have our licences yet. BC Smithers Secondary School

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