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My parents are from mexico and i am the first born of them. My prom is coming up and i am scared that they won't let me go. I know they trust me and all but it's just that fact that i'll be home for about 1 in the morning. Plus all my friends are thinking about going to the clubs but i haven't gotten my ID yet because i am still 17 and i dont' want to go the clubs. I mean i want to go the prom and that is it. I guess they could wait in the car. Or let me take some guy that they already know who seems fun. boo-hoo-hoo. anybody has some suggestins?

-- Laura Houston TX

My parents don't really trust me for prom night. I have a curfew and everything. The thing is it's totally ironic because my friend's parents are letting them stay at hotels with their bf's because they trust them. All my friends are sleeping with their bfs but they're parents are totally oblivious. The funny thing is that I have really good morals. I'm 17 and have never drank and would never even THINK of doing drugs. Plus I'm Catholic and I really believe in the whole no sex before marriage thing. My parents think I'm just saying this stuff to gain their trust but it's the TOTAL truth!!!! My parents have almost the perfect child and they don't even know it.

-- Cassandra TX

my parents say that they know what all teenagers are up to the night of prom.They told me that they went through the same thing. They told me as long as i have fun but to be careful because there is going to be alot of drunk drivers.I said how do u know one of them isnt going to be me. but i told them i was just playing. Cause then They wouldnt let me go out after prom.

-- Bianca Edison High San Antonio TX

I never knew how important prom was to parents. My Mom in particular. Hahaha. we have totally bonded over getting me ready for prom. She isn't usually much of a shopper, and she usually doesn't like to spend lots of money if there's a way around it, but she dragged me around the mall, finding the perfect jewelry, bra, slip, etc... I guess it's mostly because my sister wasn't too into prom and didn't tell her she was going until 2 weeks before, and that didn't give them enough time to prepare. I'm the girly girl in my family, so naturally, I've been looking forward to prom for years! Anyways girls, if you think including your parents isn't important, think again. It's a really special time for not only you and your boyfriend (or date) but also for your Mom.(or even your dad)

-- Shelly

My parents give me an ealry curfew on nights on dances and it makes me mad cuz im 16 and should at least be able to have some fun on nights on special dance am i right?

-- Ally Coopersville MI

I've worked my butt off for most of my life getting my parents to trust me, and it's payed off pretty well. Last year, I had to introduce my date to them before the prom (I was 16, he was 19), but luckily, they really liked him. Now this year, I'm going with my boyfriend, whom they also like (luckily again - that's what you get for hanging around with geeks!). I'll actually be allowed to stay out after the prom this year - now I just need to think of what we could do! My parents are also extremely helpful with all the planning and stuff. Sometimes they bug me about it (last year, they invited my WHOLE family to come over and take pictures of me), but I'm usually glad that they do get involved.

-- Sarah Brokton High School

Actually, even though my parents can be really strict sometimes, when it comes to prom I really do think they trust me. I've gone both junior and and am going this year, to my surprise, and fortunately they have been really supportive about the whole prom thing. Really makes me think that if my parents can trust me and let me go, anybody's parents can.

-- Adole Vicksburg High School Vicksburg MS

My mom has absolutely no worries about what I will be doing grad night. After our dinner and dance banquet, the graduates and our dates are taken by bus to an unknown venue from midnight until 5am for a night of fun. It is a dry and chemical free aftergrad and parent supervised. It is a blast! I was an escort last year and had so much fun! My parents or any of my friends parents are not concerned about our grad night.

-- Alana Saskatchewan AB

Whats up?? Well i told my parents that i plan to stay at a hotel with my friends which are guys and girls. They were cool about it they said i could stay but before i go to prom my parents wants to meet the people that i''m gonna go with.

-- RHS Riverside CA

My parents are very nervous about me going to prom because they do not know what I am going to do there, so they are very scared. There is only 2 children in the family just me and my brother, I am the oldest be 2 years, 2 months, and 20 days. They are scared that I'm going to go as far as I can on prom night. Prom is the day after my 17th birthday!!

-- Anon Emporia High Emporia KS

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