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my parents know that i'm the kind of person that wouldn't give them any reason to distrust me or believe i would do something out of my character. they basically trust me just not my date

-- Nicole Lovejoy High Atlanta GA

My mom is the single mother of two. She had me out of wedlock and insists i'm going to make the same mistake. This year is my only prom year. plus, i am the student- president of the prom committee. I don't have Jr. prom since the school's in Canada don't do that thing. so anyways, i want to ask a boy that lives three hours away because his friendship means everything to me. my mom thinks that because he's a boy, all he wants as sex and that he's going to use me. she wants me to make up for her shortcomings. she doesn't realize that i'm actually responsible. parents. there's no getting around them.

-- Amanda Cardinal Carter High Kingsville ON

Hey! I noticed most of the comments here are kinda negative. So I just want to give a big thanks to my parents because they let me go to my 02 senior prom which is known for heavy partying, and let me stay out the night and only told me that they loved me and I should be careful. So I told them I would, and when things got bad that night I thought of them and their trust in me so while some of the guys in our group partied and got trashed I didn't, but still had a good time and felt good by respecting my parents trust in me.

-- Helen Rochester NY

Hey all! The first prom i went to was freshman year, and it was sooooo hard to convince my mom to let me go!!! But she finally caved after a few long hours and we went to pick out a dress. They told me to be home by 3 the next morning... right when post prom gets done. i didnt get home untill 5! when i walked into the house i was expecting my mom and dad to be waiting up for me, but they had gone to bed!!!! they said they trusted me.... way to make me feel guilty (not too much tho)

-- Sara GFC

I ask my mom if i could go to the junior prom, but she wont let me go because i'm a sophmore!!! first of all i should be a junior but thats another story. she gives me all these sorry excuses saying that all guys are the same and they have a one track mind. I just want to scream "why can't you trust me?????!!!!!

-- Seretha Kennedy High Sacramento CA

My parents trust me. They both tell my little sister(13yrs.) to be more like me (18yrs.). But my parents don't know that I do have a wild side too. I have slept around a couple of times, and other stuff but what they don't know won't hurt them.

-- Anon Dobie High School Houston TX

My first prom I was barely allowed to go! I had just come back from a 2 week trip to state with my school's drama club, and was getting ready for the big night when my dad told me I couldn't go. He had just found out that my bf (of 2 years) would be driving and didn't like the idea one bit! My mom convinced him to let me and he pouted the whole time. Never once told me I looked nice or anything. When I got back from prom I wanted to write about the night I found out that my diary was missing and my dad had read the whole thing while I was gone. He found out that I had had sex and got mad. So much for privacy.

-- Christine MHS Orange Park FL

well it first started off when i had found out about when prom dues were due. (keep in mind that im a junior!) I asked mom could i go and she said to me, "well how are u going?" i guess she was going to say "no" if i hadn't of told her that she was going to take me... so then she tells me that she will let me go on one condition...that she takes me and brings me back home. so i'm like "well what are u going to be doing while im inside at the prom?" she responded "im going to sit in the car and wait till it's over." talk about the average kid being on "lock down". So then i ask her can i stay at the after party and she tells me no. so i didnt argue with her and just told her okay. i think she's too strict on me. lets face it...im 17..getting ready to get out of high school...let me have a little freedom!!!!

-- Kia Wilcox High Arlington AL

i think in a way parents fears are justified, i for one know a LOT of ppl. do go crazy prom weekend. i think it helps if ur parents meet ur date in advance, i'm a sophomore and my parents are letting me go to a senior prom because they know the guy i'm going with is really sweet! give your parents a chance, they're just worried!! :)

-- Anon

My parents are definitely iffy on the whole prom idea. Last year was my first year (I was a sophmore...I went with a junior) and I barely convinced them to let me go! They are also concerned that this guy (lives three hours away) only wants sex and a night of "fun". But to convince them otherwise...practically impossible. Thankfully though, they are letting me go again this year with the same guy. So yeah, there isn't a way around your parents, you just have to prove to them that they can trust you with it all.

-- Beth PA

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